• Alternative to #TASK for simple batch converting of .sldprt part files to .dxf?

    Good morning All, Let me start off by saying that I know this topic has been visited numerous times.  I've been using #TASK for years for the simple tasks of batch converting either standard part .sldprt files t...
    Dave Krum
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  • Add in help feature?

    I am trying to add the 'Help Feature' in the add-in (C#). This feature will contain the help document and user guideline. Any suggestions how could be it is done as per the SOLIDWORKS guidelines. Is there any API or d...
    Laxman Warpe
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  • Save as .slddrw .dxf and .pdf with one button click

    Hi I currently use a macro to save my drawings as dxf's and pdf's, this has caused issues if I forgot to update the dxf's and pdf's after updating my drawing (slddrw). What would be really useful is a macro that re...
    Will Moody
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  • How to select Cutlist Item and create a 3D Bounding Box

    Hi All,   I've been programming a macro that would select the first feature in my Cut-list folder and then create a 3D Bounding Box for the selected item.   From what I've gathered from online resources, h...
    Raymond Yau
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  • Output all digits of a double in VBA macro

    I am trying to check values of dimensions with a VBA macro. I already have a Dimension object (let's call it "d") and I can output the value via   Debug.Print d.Value   but this only outputs the first 15 ...
    Jana Stahn
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  • Macro to Change color of dimension for checking

    I need a macro that would change the color of the dimension if the value is not equal to the callout text, that would cycle to all of my dimension in the drawing.    <DIM> 20.40   if <DIM>...
    Arjep Perin Barroga
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  • CodeStack library with hundreds of macros is now open-source

    Hi,   Library of hundreds of SOLIDWORKS macros, SOLIDWORKS API, and programming tutorials at www.codestack.net is now open-source and hosted on GitHub. If you want to contribute by modifying existing articl...
    Artem Taturevych
    created by Artem Taturevych
  • Trying hard to create curve driven pattern in api 2020, it is not selecting edge to specify the direction I guess.

    So basically, Trying to create this type of design using API from Visual Basic, Following are the steps: Create geometrically lines A, B sketch intersecting at origin create bi-directional offset extrude the offset...
    Najeeb Zaidi
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  • Create single Extrude from multiple sketches using Custom Macro Feature

    Hi, I have published video which shows how to extend the functionality of SOLIDWORKS by implementing a custom parametric macro feature to create extrude from multiple sketches in a single feature. This feature c...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • CreatePDF2 API is not generating the same PDF as the drawing

    This link is the recommended logic for saving PDF files:  http://help.solidworks.com/2019/english/api/sldworksapi/Save_File_as_PDF_Example_VBNET.htm?verRedirect=1   The frustration is that it just is not c...
    Steve Anderson
    created by Steve Anderson
  • How to automatically add radius to assembly in a 3d model?

    Hi I am trying to automatically add radius/radii (more than one edge) to an assembly model with furniture. (all linear pieces/rectangular) 
    Gerald De Silva
    created by Gerald De Silva
  • I made a neat macro to reduce image quality

    (This is not a question but I couldn't find the option to change that-- must have moved?.)   I made a macro about a year ago to reduce the graphical detail in models. I think the QC period is over. Let me know w...
    Jesse Powers
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  • Why does this error???

    Do you know why this would generate an error saying "argument not optional". I created a 2x2x2 cube in simulation and applied thermal loads to it. Then I ran the simulation and then tried to run the code to read the v...
    Kyle Thomson
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  • Debugging???

    I am extremely new to Solidworks and VBA communication. So far, I pretty much have the skeleton of my code all set, but through various error codes and issues with writing certain sections the progress has been slow. ...
    Kyle Thomson
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  • Thermal Analysis of Underground Pipe

    Assume answered, Thanks!
    Kyle Thomson
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  • Solidworks API References

    Hi all,         Last week my macros were running perfectly fine. However, this morning I went to run the exact same one and now am getting a compile error. It opens up the Solidworks references to...
    Kyle Thomson
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  • Applying image quality macro to all components in the assembly

    Evening! So we are all familiar with the troubled mechanism of working with the image quality (aka model detail) setting in SolidWorks and how you often need to set it manually for each part & assembly in a large ...
    Yuri Tretyakov
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  • check for overlapping dimensions

    Hi all, I would like to ask if there is a way to detect the overlapping dimension lines. There is no need to auto arrange,It's OK to just make it highlight. Sometimes overlapping dimensions are difficult to detect,...
    Chen Hua
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  • I can't find the UserControl1.Designer.vb

    Hi everyone . I have copy the  Add .NET Controls to SOLIDWORKS using an Add-in Example (VB.NET) code but i can't find the "UserControl1.Designer.vb." and "Form1.Designer.vb"  can anyone tell where i can foun...
    Kostas Stergiopoulos
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  • Is it possible to rename/delete views in Drawing View Palette via API

    Hello,  in SolidWorks, is it possible to rename or delete views in the Drawing View Pallette via API?     thanks for any info. Best Regards MM
    Gianfranco Turchetto
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