• Macro to add Front, Top and Right Mate between 2 preselected components?

    I haven't learned to write these yet...I was just thinking, a macro that adds front-to-front, top-to-top and right-to-right mates of two pre-selected components would be a handy dandy tool to have.  Anyone k...
    Jason Warnke
    created by Jason Warnke
  • Macro that turns off Floor Shadow & Floor Reflection & Save it

    Hi, I am posting first time on this Forum. I need help like i want macro that turns off Floor Shadow & Floor Reflection & Save it i have to do on every model when i try to render it via Photoview 360. S...
    Ravi Chandra Verma
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  • Batch Custom Properties Program

    Here is a stand-alone application to display and edit the custom properties and configuration custom properties of a list of files. As of version 0.25, it can run in 2 modes: Fast and Slow   The Fast mode uses ...
    Fifi Riri
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  • Deploying SOLIDWORKS add-ins (installer)

    Hi,   I have put together several detailed articles which explain the options of deploying and upgrading the applications for SOLIDWORKS (add-ins and stand-alones) to the clients. Take a look at this article her...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • API: How to get the latest installed version (RevisionNumber) of SolidWorks (C#)

    I wanted a way to get the latest version of SolidWorks installed (if SolidWorks wasn't already open) on a machine to automate with a Standalone. I thought this might be useful for anyone working on machines where the ...
    Casey Balderson
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  • SelectbyID2 is not selecting part

    The SelectbyID2 is not selecting the part. What is truly strange is that it will work on a co-workers PC but Not on my PC.  We have the exact same PC build (even ordered at same time) I looked at reference libra...
    Arlene Garfield
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  • How to fix this basic API code to run and create cylinder

    Trying to get this code to work so I can quickly create cylinders just by having macro ask me for length and radius; please help.   I want to create the cylinder in both directions using the mid plane. I have sup...
    Isaiah Chester
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  • Is there a way to Export a BOM and auto fill RFQ sheets based on Suppliers?

    I am looking for someone to hire someone to help us to do the following:   1. Export a BOM to Excel (I think ?   Maybe its better to do completely within Solidworks?)   2. Traverse the BOM change...
    Mark Bradford
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  • Macro for changing sheet format

    Dear Users,   i checked the macros from Axel Hedman But the macro's aint doing what i like to see.   I get lots of drawings from our client a we have to put on our own sheet formats for the right data for...
    Gordon Smithjes
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  • Adjust ordinate jog bend length

    I have been trying to find an answer to this, and I cant seem to even find where anyone has asked about it before, except here, with no real answer, Ordinate Dimensions - leader lengths  So I'm going to ask in ...
    Andy Clark
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  • layer

    I am looking for a macro that can delete specific named layers.  For example I moved some things to a few layers to be deleted later.  They are named "Delete1" "Delete2" etc.   Thanks
    Greg Champoux
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  • Solidwork Macro and [ALT] keyboard shortcut?

    Hi,   I created a macro that added tolerance to a dimension selected by user.  The workflow is as follow:     1) Select a dimension    2) Run the macro   The macr...
    Zhen Wei Tee
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  • Reverse traverse Assembly array

    Hello,    I am reading allong for a while but now I can't seem to find an anwser.    I've made a macro that can be used in an assembly. (Stil rough concept)  It traverses through the assemb...
    Joris Vis
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  • How to extract CAD documents from SolidWorks?

    Hi We are planning to extract CAD documents from SolidWorks, can you please help me with steps how to extract the Assembly, Part and Document (file) information using APIs? Also, help me with what are the prerequisites.
    V. Pandey
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  • Export the created and selected Assembly (.sldas) BOM to Excel using .SaveAsExcelFile

    I have compiled a Macro that (requires and open Assembly file) creates a BOM in the assembly using a specific BOM Template, and places it in the assembly file. It next selects the BOM table, but from there I can not s...
    Jeff Woodall
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  • Getting Weldment "Mitres" Using VBA

    Can anybody help? Using a SolidWorks VBA Macro, is it possible to list the weldment lengths along with if a particular group is mitred (cut at 45 degrees)? I have a macro that gets all the lengths if each group of m...
    Darren Smith
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  • is it possible to have a custom material in solidworks driveworks solo

    Deepak Gupta
    Vinoth Kanna
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  • How to add custom string data to annotation?

    Hello, Is there any way to store a string (example "This annotation is generated using custom code.") to annotation(IAnnotation) so that I can retrieve, change and delete it. Also, the string should not be visible to...
    Mahadev Dharme
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  • Macro Used to Save a file .IGES with Coordinate System

    Hi guys! I hope someone can help me! I have this code below, that is used to save a part as .IGES file with cordinate system. My problem at the moment is that when i get the IGES file, the macro can't return the part ...
    Andre Faria
    created by Andre Faria
  • Macro to replace configuration Components in assembly

    I've looked through some 'replace-component' macros...but all do things slightly different.    Desired outcome: -I would open assembly and run the macro.   -Existing and replacement SLDPRT file ...
    Zack Polovin
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