• Macro that turns off Floor Shadow & Floor Reflection & Save it

    Hi, I am posting first time on this Forum. I need help like i want macro that turns off Floor Shadow & Floor Reflection & Save it i have to do on every model when i try to render it via Photoview 360. S...
    Ravi Chandra Verma
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  • Renumber Section and View Lables with Page Number w/ Macro

    Hello! I am new to this forum, but have been using Solidworks 2016 for a few years detailing for a company in Seattle. We are trying to streamline some of our work flow, and I have been struggling with Macros.  ...
    Gregg Essex
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  • How to get view matrix using .net/c# api ?

    I want to get view matrix but  View3D^ capture = swModelDocExt->Capture3DView(); capture->Activate(true); MathTransform^ rot = capture->Rotation; rot is giving z value as 0 due to which my model is c...
    Sarab Jot
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  • Macro to save a drawing sheet(s) as a .PDF

    Hello all,   I understand this topic has been beat to death, but I haven't quite found what I'm looking for, and have not familiarized myself with VBA enough to start this from scratch.  My apologies in adv...
    Brent Schelske
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  • Rename Cut-List Folder Macro

    Hi All,   I have started to write a macro to rename the Cut-List folder. The folder to be renamed by prefix defined as an Input followed by numbers 001,002 and so on.. The code is below. At the moment, I cannot...
    Salman Faiz
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  • How to get view matrix using .net api?

    Hi,  i want view matrix using .nt api. I am able to get model view matrix using modelview->orientation3 but i need view matrix, kindly help
    Sarab Jot
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  • Rotating component in iterations about center using macro

    I am trying to write a for loop that rotates a component in steps of 20 degrees about an axis with it's center as the center of rotation.  I've managed to write the following macro:   Dim swApp As Object D...
    Dheeraj Peddireddy
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  • Turn a SolidWorks macro into an online application

    I have a macro that works with SolidWorks and Excel and am want to make it more accessible to customers. I am looking for a computer program professional or company to help me turn it into an online application.&...
    Piper Plastics
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  • How to Dissolve Feature in a Macro

    SW Professional 2018. I want to create a macro that will Dissolve Feature then save it then close it. The Record Macro did not capture those few steps.   Not sure how to proceed.   Please advise   ...
    Patrick Malone
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  • Macro: Batch Reload-Replace Drawing Sheet Format (sub folders as well)

    Sharing a macro for batch reloading of drawing sheet format. Here are some main points of the macro:   It works for all drawing files in the selected folder. It works on all sheet and not just active or single ...
    Deepak Gupta
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  • How to convert System Object to Array in .net api?

    I am using .net api to retrieve camera position. I am getting values as system object but how to convert it into array of doubles? Here is the code snippet below :-   Object^ obj = camera->GetPosition()->A...
    Sarab Jot
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  • How to use a string variable to drive an annotation?

    I've provided a snippet of my code below. Is there a way I can use a string variable for driving a drawing note's displayed text in line 16? I haven't seen anything helpful in the documentation - maybe I missed it. &#...
    Keaton Warn
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  • Unable to cast COM object of type "Solidworks.Interop.sldworks.sldworksclass" to interface type "Solidworks.Interop.sldworks.Isldworksclass".

    Hi, I am using Solidworks .net API to traverse a model's parts. But i'm getting  "Unable to cast COM object of type "Solidworks.Interop.sldworks.sldworksclass" to interface type "Solidworks.Interop.sldworks.Isl...
    Sarab Jot
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  • Deploying SOLIDWORKS add-ins (installer)

    Hi,   I have put together several detailed articles which explain the options of deploying and upgrading the applications for SOLIDWORKS (add-ins and stand-alones) to the clients. Take a look at this article her...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • Unfreeze parts by PDM task

    Hi Folks   I need some help to develop a macro that must unfreeze all selected parts using a PDM task.   I tried this scrip from this link bellow   https://forum.solidworks.com/message/908348   ...
  • 'Save As' to initiate a macro

    Hello All,    I'm attempting to have a macro be initiated by saving a drawing. I've done some research and found a forum of how to do it in excel but with my extremely limited macro knowledge, I am una...
    John Riggs
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  • export the drawing to detach drawing in the new location, affecting current drawing

    I've used below API call to save Drawing file as Detach Drawing in a new location, without disturbing the current Drawing.   swModel.Extension.SaveAs( DetachDrwFileName + ".SLDDRW", (int)swSaveAsVersion_e.swSave...
    Yuvaraj S.
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  • [MACRO] Need Assistance Saving .STL to Desktop

    Hello, I am having trouble figuring out how to create a macro that saves the current SOLIDWORKS Part file as an .STL file ONTO the Desktop. This was not my code. I found it online and tried to reverse engineer it to s...
    Xavior Bryth
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  • Workgroup PDM File Exporter [Macro]

    I am sharing a macro I developed that exports NON-SolidWorks files from the WORKGROUP PDM Vault... Let me reiterate this is for Workgroup PDM (obsolete, no longer supported, end-of-life, etc.)   Others have crea...
    Daen Hendrickson
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  • Batch Replace Components In Assembly Based on Configuration Name

    Brief Background:   At my company we are no longer using configurations for parts or assemblies due to how our manufacturing software pulls information from our parts. I think this will drastically slow down how...
    Ryan Gaudreau
    created by Ryan Gaudreau