• SolidWorks Desktop vs 3DExperience: Macro/Add-In/Standalone

    We are evaluating the benefits and sacrifices of migrating from SolidWorks Desktop to 3DExperience SolidWorks as it pertains to the API. We have a library of VBA Macros and C# (EXE) Standalones that we use to aut...
    Casey Balderson
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  • I wish to create a macro to replace a value with a formula and vice versa

    Hi All, I wish to create a macro to replace a value with a formula and vice versa in the sheetmetal feature-- Bend Radius. I have a macro that will change the K-Factor because we are using a specific value, namely 0....
    Mitch Parlette
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  • Remove all annotations by macro

    Hi everybody I'm working on a macro that assigns 3 QR  codes to the drawing. Look the attached pictures. At the same time, it assigns a note code to each QR. The problem occurs when I ne...
    Kovac Peter
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  • Drw Macro: Set all Cosmetic threads to "Per standard" layer

    After going through quite a bit of work and with most of the help coming from the community, we were able to scrape together a multistage macro for cleaning up some legacy drawings. Please refer to Drawing Migra...
    Nick Tzallas
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  • How to update mirrored part ?

    This code crash systematically SolidWorks: Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks Sub main()     Set swApp = Application.SldWorks         Dim swRootModel     ...
    Fabio Turrini
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  • VBA editor fundamental questions swp files and projects

    I don't understand the tree of projects and stuff works in the top left of the VBA editor window. It appears that I am accidentally linking my macros in some way... and I don't understand how or why it does this, and...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Macro to Add Revision

    Hey all,   I've been trying to create a macro which will automatically add a Rev Table with a predetermined revision into an already open drawing file. After recording what I'd like accomplished and cleaning up ...
    Dennis McCann
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  • Macro Question - Batch Save PDFs

    The macro is to open all drawings for the active assembly (sub-assemblies and parts) and save them as individual PDFs.  However, the macro doesn't work.  Here is the code (which needs to run on a SW 2014, 64...
    Mike Libbey
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  • Macro to insert parts to an assembly - help with origin matching?

    Hi all, I am working on a macro to inserting multiple parts into an assembly from a single folder location. It assumes the assembly is already open.   It loops through fine, however only the first part is coinci...
    John Shaw
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  • Get Leader Side of DisplayDimension API

    Hi, I want the co-ordinates of the center of the text of a display dimension with the API. (Show in the green circle below).   Annotaion.GetPosition() works for most cases, however if the DisplayDimension is ver...
    Jedd Gilmour
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  • get config part inserted into a part

    Hallo! I have e particular question. I didn't find help on the web. I have a part with some configurations (Part_01). Now I insert this part into a new part (Part_02). I need the VBA code to extract the name of active...
    Marco Bolzon
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  • face export dxf with hiden lines

    Hi, does enyone know how to get hiden lines in dxf file while export with this macro? In att is macro for #dxf export from face.#
    Damir Rubinic
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  • Concentric Mate Lock Rotation

    Can someone tell me why the code to block the rotation of the mate Concentric doesn't work, but for the profile center it works very well. Are there any problems in the api?   This code does not work (Mate Conc...
    Mário Nunes
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  • How to insert QR Code to SOLIDWORKS drawings

    Hi,   In this YouTube video, I demonstrate a new feature that is coming to CAD+ toolset Community Edition which allows to generate and insert QR code into the drawing document   The following information c...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • C++ Add-in example to Create a Macro Feature

    This is a Vikrant Udawant add-in example which illustrates creation of a macro feature using IFeatureManager::InsertMacroFeature3  API. It shows how to create a multibody macro feature.   Key details: The ...
    Michael Kozikowski
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  • Edit equations for all assembly components

    I'm trying to put together a macro that will loop through all components in an assembly, including all subassemblies and the top level assembly. I need to edit the equation manager for each one and then rebuild it. I ...
    Nate Moorman
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  • Batch Custom Properties Program

    Here is a stand-alone application to display and edit the custom properties and configuration custom properties of a list of files. As of version 0.25, it can run in 2 modes: Fast and Slow   The Fast mode uses ...
    Fifi Riri
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  • Printing macro

    Hey Everone,   Im looking for a macro to use in task scheduler. 1. open drawing 2. add watermark to specific location (bottom middle) a plus would be if you could change the watermark "name" first time running...
    Kim Eriksson
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  • Macro To link all views to BOM on Sheet 1

    Anyone have a macro to link all drawing views back to a BOM that has been replaced on sheet 1.  My guys like to swap out BOM, but sometime they don't re-link the BOM after they load a new one.  I have some a...
    Cad Admin
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  • Linking Matlab and SolidWorks

    Hi everyone,    I have made a VBA code to create a new part in Solidworks and select the Front Plane for sketching, as below:   Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks Dim Part As SldWorks.ModelDoc2 Dim bool...
    Son Trinh-Van
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