• API and Macro enthusiasts @ 3DExperience World

    Hi All,   Are there any SOLIDWORKS API and Macro enthusiasts who are coming to 3DExperience World 2020 in Nashville?   It would be nice to catch up and share the experience. I will be presenting the&#...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • Referencing the model used for custom properties in a drawing

    Hi All,   I would like to run a macro on a SW drawing to extract custom properties from the model that is used by the drawing to fill in the Title Block - in other words the model in the view that you choose in ...
    Steven Ritter
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  • Get first Bend-Line sketch name (vba)

    Hello, I want to get the name of the 1st sketch (here Bend-lines2) in a drawing in the 1st view in the flat-pattern state of my 1st piece. (already in first sheet, 1rst view and 1rst sheet-metal flat-pattern) I t...
    Sébastien Denis
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  • How Do I Use a UserForm To Showing Part Properties

    Hey has anyone used a UserForm to just show a large report after a macro has been run? All I need it to do is pop up and show the part properties that I have marked in red.  and if they don't exist for them to be...
    Luke Langreck
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  • Batch Remove Leading Zero in Revision Custom Property

    A little back ground,  we have a library of components (10000+)  that use a custom property "revision" in the .sldprt/.sldasm file to drive the revision note of the related drawing.  This library u...
    Chris Alcala
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  • Accessing Solidwork interface using third party application.

    Hello EveryOne,   I'm a integration developer, I'm planning to get the Solidwork Interface data . Can any one suggest me how can i get the of Solidwork data , how can i access the Solidwork API using third part...
    Satish Bandi
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  • Select all suppressed components in Assembly API

    Trying to select all components in Assembly tree that are suppressed.  I can't get it to recognize the suppression.  My suppressed variable always shows false regardless if the component is suppressed or not...
    Eric Schwieterman
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  • How can I add shapes on the UserForm?

    My aim is to create a preview of the sketch, dimensions for which will be entered by the user on the VBA form.   What I am trying to achieve is that when the user enters the dimensions, there is a preview of the...
    Indu Naidu
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  • Change Path on save to PDF VBA Macro

    Hello,   I am trying to use a pre-made macro created by Deepak Gupta  to save my multi sheet drawing as individual pdf files.  The macro is working great except that I need to customize the path where ...
    Michael Ortíz
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  • Transversing A Part Within An Assembly & Exporting for Each Assembly Configuration

    Hi, I am struggling to write a macro (little to no Visual Basic experience) to help export a few hundred assembly files with a part file configuration changed for each assembly configuration.   I have recorded t...
    Eric Anderson
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  • Batch Custom Properties Program

    Here is a stand-alone application to display and edit the custom properties and configuration custom properties of a list of files. As of version 0.25, it can run in 2 modes: Fast and Slow   The Fast mode uses ...
    Fifi Riri
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  • Keep something selected in SolidWorks while being able to select something else and GetSelectedObject6

    I have a textbox which the user clicks on in a form. This triggers the MouseUp event which runs a Do Loop, waiting for a users selection. The selection is any object in SolidWorks. After the object is selected, I have...
    Harold Black
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  • Solidworks Batch Render Macro Sometimes Renders Empty Screens

    Hi! I'm by no means an expert, but I've cobbled together a rendering macro. When run, it exports .bmps of all configurations and named views of a part or assembly to a chosen folder.   The issue is, when I ...
    Maggie Serra
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  • Determine mouse status to increase or decrease a value

    I have a userform with a 2 labels showing arrows; this replaces the spinner object one would typically use to increase/decrease a value. The reason why I'm using labels is because I'm changing how the up and down arro...
    Harold Black
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  • A macro to split all components(“line”, “arc”, “spline” into small equal pieces

    I want A macro to split  all components(“line”, “arc”, “spline” into small equal pieces How can I do that or what are the possoible steps ?
    Eslam Elesh
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  • Minimize and maximize custom pop up form with SW window.

    I have a progress indicator pop up form in my SW addin app (C#).  Currently when the SW window minimizes then the progress indicator is not getting minimize. I am trying to minimize and maximize pop up with the S...
    Laxman Warpe
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  • How to Fix 'Runtime Error 91' in Component-Insertion Macro?

    Hello Community,   I am tweaking a recorded macro that opens an assembly file and adds a component into it (for this post, the macro's capabilities are simplified/censored), setting it at the assembly's origin. ...
    Byron Chiu
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  • Orphaned Items in Flag Note Bank - Can They Be Deleted?

    Normally, in a Solidworks drawing, when you delete a note that contains one or more list-numbers that has been designated as a flag note target [see footnote 1], Solidworks simultaneously deletes the corresponding ent...
    Neil Jackson
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  • get actual path of component (applying swx search)

    There is this method IComponent2.GetPathName() which gives the path of the component file. It works well for unsuppressed components. But I have trouble using it (successfully) for suppressed components, because it w...
    Jana Stahn
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  • How can I detect if part is/has sheet metal

    Hello,   I before I export to dxf or step I want to know if the part is sheet-metal. (If sheet metal then export to dxf and step else only export step)   I found this code that gives met statistics and t...
    Hans Vindevoghel
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