• Template issue

    Hi every one . I have install the SOLIDWORKS API SDK.msi (swvbaddin template) but i can't see it on Visual Studio 2019 template list.Can any one tell me how can i fix the problem .Thank you for your time Kostas ....
    Kostas Stergiopoulos
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  • VBA to merge DWG

    Hi, is it possible to make VBA program for excel that would merge listed DWG files (only model space) and stack contents. I need this to automate laser cutting where our technologists need to collect dwg files. I w...
    Damir Galic
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  • Macro generate STEP-files

    Hello All,   I'm trying to make a Macro where which is generating STEP-files from a Solidworks part or Assembly including different configurations (configure dimensions). I normaly use two different Macro's; 1 g...
    Matthijs van Daalen
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  • Getting Animation Values Using API

    How to get animation values like input, output, interpolation etc using Solidworks API? Is there a way to get these values by Motion Studies API?
    Paritosh Singh
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  • Can Excel and Solidworks communicate by calling in each others Macros?

    If I call in an Excel workbook into my Solidworks API and that workbook has an Excel Macro attached to it. Can I run the Excel Macro through using Solidworks VBA API?   To be more specific, I currently have a lo...
    Kyle Thomson
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  • Debugging???

    I am extremely new to Solidworks and VBA communication. So far, I pretty much have the skeleton of my code all set, but through various error codes and issues with writing certain sections the progress has been slow. ...
    Kyle Thomson
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  • How do I input these Variables?

    Currently, I have a study called "thermal 1". I am trying to load in the final temperatures from this study and input them into a study called thermal 2.    The skeleton code: Dim instance As ICWThermalStud...
    Kyle Thomson
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  • SolidWorks VBA Get First Item Only In Assembly Tree

    Can anybody help?   I need a VBA macro to display (in a msgbox for testing) the name of the first item "ONLY" in an assembly (sldasm), without doing a "for Next" loop.   Does anybody have an example VBA ma...
    Darren Smith
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  • Error: Broken Link (inline GD&T) when inserting block using Macro

    When inserting a block using macro, the inline GD&T feature is broken    The code are as follows:  '==================== Preamble ====================' Option Explicit Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldW...
    Zhen Wei Tee
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  • Write value into existing Excel workbook

    I have an existing Excel workbook called "Book 1" in certain path . How to use Solidworks macro to write a value into this workbook ? any sheet any cell any value will do .@Deepak
    Jason Harren
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  • I need to export parameters from title block like drawn, date, revision, description from solidworks drawing into excel or spreadsheet. Any macro is available to do such a task? or any help how to create such a macro?

    Need parameters from solidworks drawing into excel with the help of macro. Macro can be run on specific folder which contain solidworks drawing.
    Rahul Gaikwad
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  • I am trying to set a total time for my transient study (which option works best)

    Hi all,        I am trying to set the total time and time steps for my transient thermal study using macros. I have been able to switch it to be transient from steady state but the two possible so...
    Kyle Thomson
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  • Example Codes

    For those of you who have written Simulation API's have you ever had to use this snip of code and if so do you have an example of it being used in a VBA macro. Please help!   https://help.solidworks.com/2020/eng...
    Kyle Thomson
    created by Kyle Thomson
  • How to get which button size is selected in SolidWorks?

    Hi all, Is there API(C#) to get button size selected in SolidWorks? I have tried GetImageSize() but it is returning the same value for all three buttons size (small, medium, large) selected.  Thanks
    Laxman Warpe
    created by Laxman Warpe
  • About API, how to use 'IBody2.Display3' to display the temporary body in drawing?

    About API, how to use 'IBody2.Display3' to display the temporary body in drawing? Where to display , document, sheet, view?   private int button_StartPicking_MouseMBtnDownNotify(int X, int Y, int WPar...
    Xihu Yellow
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  • Macro to insert note with inline GD&T callout

    Is there any way to insert a note with inline GD&T callout using macro?    I am currently exploring the use of macro to create the following note    I did run a quick recording of...
    Zhen Wei Tee
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  • Recover from SolidWorks Crash

    I have a standalone app that loops through a selection of files. Each SLDDRW file and its corresponding SLDPRT file are each opened, rebuilt, saved, and closed in SolidWorks. I have identified certain files that will ...
    Eric Drake
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  • Model Cleanup Macro

    *****I have re-posted this as a question Model Cleanup Macro Question  since I accidentally made it a discussion***   I know this has been asked before in several different combinations and permutations over...
    Nick Tzallas
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  • Pulling dimension from a part in SolidWorks Macro

    Hi Everyone, I am very new at VB and with macro in SolidWorks. As I have stated in the title, I am trying to find a way to pull the radius of the bottle base that is in contact with the ground/bottom plane and populat...
    Phyo Sone
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  • Model Cleanup Macro Question

    *****Re-posted this topic as a question from original post Model Cleanup Macro . mistakenly made it a discussion at the time*****   I know this has been asked before in several different combinations and per...
    Nick Tzallas
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