• PDMpro (EPDM) Notification Fields?

    Is there a source of fields that may be used in the PDMpro notifications tool? I would like to add the file description to the email. I would also be excited if I could add a thumbnail to the email too! I've read E...
    Derek Eldridge
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  • Task add-in unsupported when using current copy from install...how do I fix this?

    Hi all, I am trying to customize the standard convert task from PDM professional 2018, the problem is I get this error anytime I try to use it, even when going through the steps of reloading task add-in from the PDM d...
    Josh Hixon
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  • SW2019 takes up multiple licenses using Windows File Explorer to open files

    I just changed from SW2016 to SW2019. Now every time I open a part by double-clicking in Windows File Explorer, SW takes up a new license. If I use SW's own browse function, then it uses the same license as the previo...
    Theis Krarup
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  • Solidworks Premium 2019 SP2.0 Suddenly started Crashing at "Save"

    Suddenly, with nothing having changed since yesterday, my Solidworks Premium 2019 SP2.0 is completely crashing when I click "save" on drawings. Yesterday it was not doing this. PC Specs: Windows 10 Pro Build 1809 64...
    Matthew Turner
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  • Nvidia P2000 driver issues

    SYSTEM: -DELL PRECISION TOWER 3630 -NVIDIA QUADRO P2000 -WINDOWS 10 X 64 (BUILD 17763) -INTEL (R) CORE I7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHZ (12CPUS) -32G RAM -DIRECTX 12 -Solidworks 2019     The Solidworks recomme...
    Andrew Stashefski
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  • What does the "@" symbol represent on data cards?

      We notice that there is always an @ tab. Any configurations like "Default" appear to the right.   What does the "@" tab represent? Under what conditions does it get data?   My purpose is to pull va...
    Eric Snyder
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  • SolidWorks Back up and recovery options not removing backs older than ......

    SolidWorks Back up and recovery options not removing backs older than ......   Any ideas why?
    Adam Holmes
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  • Solid Works Einstellungen sichern

    Wie kann ich meine jetzigen Einstellungen von Solid Works 2016 sichern? Damit ich Sie nach Installation von 2019 aufspielen kann.   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to the Adminstration space. Place post to the appro...
    Daniel Schmidt
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  • SW 2018 SP05 Student Edition Splash Screen Failure

    Hello,   I got my 1-year licence key for Solidworks yesterday. I downloaded and installed SW 2018 SP03, when i tried to open it, splash screen came and says "Loading registry, Verifying Licence" and disappeared....
    Adem Sancar
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  • Not able to access the online trial

    How could I get access to the online trial?
    Yara Atef
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  • Web License

    I travel often and switch on a daily basis from a desktop to a laptop .Since we are not able to use two installs now they forced me into the web license. Great concept, poorly executed.   Most of the time it wor...
    Wil Lambert
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  • SW MBD license addin issue

    Hello Everyone,   I am having SW standalone + SW MBD SNL license. I couldn't addin MBD license. Hence, I am not able to use it.   Does Anyone know the solution for this?   please advise.   Tha...
    Dinesh Kumar
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  • I am curious why so many SW users are still running Windows 7 software.

    Why are people still using Windows 7? It's end of life is rapidly approaching . . .
    Jeff Wygum
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  • where to save macros in 2019

    I have a macro that I downloaded and last used in 2017, "Springapi.swp" it doesn't show in the 2019 menu. Where should I save it so I can use it in 2019.
    Gerald Watts
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  • Not able to uncheck use software OpenGL

    For some reason Solidworks thinks the computer is using the onboard graphics card, even though there is an Nvidia Quadro FX1800 card installed.  The driver is installed and working properly.  When I run Soli...
    Neil Markham
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  • Problem with HardDisk / Problème avec Disque Dur

    EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to Administration space. Please use the appropriate space when one exists. The About the Forum space is specifically for posts about the SOLIDWORKS forum itself.   Hello, First, sorry...
  • SEK 2019-20 release date?

    Hello Everyone,   Does Anyone knows the release date of SEK 2019-20 license?   Thanks in advance.   Best Regards, Dinesh Kumar
    Dinesh Kumar
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  • Download error

    When Installing Solisworks updates / service packs I get the following error..   Installation files could not be downloaded because: Internal Error: CoCreateInstance({652E77B7-69AA-491B-8C64-25B79239863F}) FAILE...
    Charles Downs
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  • Set revision, Update Variable not available for users

    I found a similar post here:Set revision not available for users   From that Post I applied: Set Revision in State Set Revision in Folders Check Out File in State   I've got the ability to now to update...
    Derek Eldridge
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  • 2018 online deactivation via mysolidworks portal?

    I have been told that SW-2018 can be deactivated through mysolidworks.com portal.  How do I access this feature? (I hate to run the risk of leaving forgetting to deactivate the office seat before I leave for home!)
    Paul Cross
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