• Measuring CAD team productivity

    Hi, I will shortly be starting a new job as a Senior Solidworks Technician, and manager of the CAD department.  I'll be coming from a small manufacturer and beginning with a larger, more corporate-cultured busin...
    Oli Sparrow
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  • SolidWorks with VDI on a Nvidia M60 vs P40

    Hi,     I'm in the process to invest in a VDI solution and want some advise which NVidia card to buy. The M60 or the P40. At the moment I have two suppliers and one is telling me the M60 is better for Soli...
    Maurice Lucas
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  • Installation error 1722 on DraftSight 2018 SP0

    I for a long time had DraftSight free version installed on a laptop. I have lost the use of the laptop and wanted to install DS on my desktop Windows 8.1 Pro system. I accepted the version offered on the web page whi...
    Kalle Mikael
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  • Installing Drafight and Solidworks on the same Network license

    We currently have have draftisght enterpise , which came with a Network License   I currently have a 2 solidworks license's but now looking to add a solidworks floating license just for the guys in our producti...
    Tristan Tullett
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  • Your favorite Solidworks error messages

    I wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to ...
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  • When using the Admin Image Tool, my status is not updating. 

    When using the Admin Image Tool and using the Deploy Automatically function, my status is not updating.  On the client computer, it is creating a log entry at the end of the install which reads, "This client does...
    Shan Lentine
    created by Shan Lentine
  • Problem while installing solidworks 2016-2017

    before the installing stage, solidworks shows me this message. what should i do?
    Bushar Al-Zaibaq
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  • PDM PDF Task is prompting to "Do you want to save changes you made to..."

    All Solidworks 2017 products on clients and server. Add-in: SWPDFTaskAddIn - 2017040084   When a user initiates the workflow action containing the activity to create a PDF of a MS Office document (MS Word) via ...
    Robert Pickeral
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  • Quadro vs GTX today?

    Hi, i am planing to buy a new Laptop. But i am not sure if i should buy a second hand Workstation or a normal Laptop. Is it better to buy a new Laptop with a GTX1060 6GB or a second hand Workstation with a K2100m (f...
    Hans Peter
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  • Problem Force Returning Borrowed License

    Hi guys, mind helping me out a bit   A user in my company borrowed a SW premium license, but he deleted his user account before the license got returned. I found a way to force return a license using the comman...
    Alvinder Singh
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  • Problem with NVIDIA 920M installing solidworks 2015

    Good night,   I have a compatibility problem between the NVIDIA GEFORCE 920M and Solidworks 2015 (student version). The message that appears to me is the following:     What recommend to do to solve...
    Ricardo Martins
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  • Hey, I want to uninstall the program but i get this massage: Could not create HTML file (C:\Users\SOLIDWORKS\Installation Manager Data\2017\lang\english\HTML\NavPane.html) Cause: [5] Notify your local support representative

    Lilach Rafailov
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  • Release license on every shutdown automatically.

    Is it a possibility to release a  SOLIDWORKS standalone license with command prompt ? If that is the case then it should be a way to release it on every shutdown automatically e.g. with a .bat file ? That´s...
    Ingvar Magnusson
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  • How can I download SolidWorks Explorer?

    How can I successfully install Solidworks Explorer? I try to click the link to download it and the website pushes me to a different page to login. I login and maneuver to click the download and and the website again p...
    Matt Baker
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  • What is the release date for SolidWorks 2017 SP5.0?

    I would greatly help my organization (I would guess many others as well).  If SolidWorks could provide at least a tentative release date for SolidWorks SP 5.0.  Company CAD Admin do a lot of planning, right?...
    Shawn Murphy
    created by Shawn Murphy
  • what are the best 24-27" flat screen monitors for SolidWorks?

    I am currently using a ViewSonic VX2250WM-led (22.5") and it is pretty good. I am not very expert in this area. However, to go a bit bigger there are several questions.  Are the IPS panels markedly better than th...
    Richard Weiss
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  • 2018 transferring licences

    With regard to releasing licences and activating licences - I'm told there is some better functionality in 2018 - some sort of half way to network licencing - this will make our office situation easier currently shari...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Can't uninstall or repair SW2017

    I can't uninstall or repair SW2017 on my win10 desktop. When I double click setup.exe to active installation window, no response. When I try to uninstall/change from control panel, it popup a window(as attached) ab...
    Raymond Luo
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  • Solidworks rescinded the ability to have a two machines activated at the same time?

    Did you know that Solidworks rescinded the ability to activate your license on two separate machines?  This was super handy when you had a portable laptop and an office computer setup. Or, some call it a "home" l...
    Cody Zorn
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  • Update/Merge Old user profile to New appointment

    I’ve an old user profile (since 2007) and with my new fulltime appointment in another company, I had to create a new login to gain full access to SWx Customer Portal with new company credentials. Is it possible...
    Michael Fernando
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