• Your favorite Solidworks error messages

    I wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to ...
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  • Performance Issues Upgrading from SW2017 to SW2018

    I just got a new computer that should be faster than my old one and also upgrading from SW2017 to SW2018.   I ran the SW benchmark test on my old computer with SW2017 SP5.0 and on my new computer with SW2017 SP...
    Jody Wilkerson
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  • No Program Associated for View File...

    When trying to view files in the document History, it appears the filetypes are not associated with the appropriate application. I see how to fix it, either by Group or User:   In the Admin tool: 1) Right-Click...
    Robert Pickeral
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  • Solidworks crashing on start up. Fault Module: ig9icd64:00021621

    Hi all, From last week, anytime I start up Solidworks, it crashes after about 20 s regardless of any action you take. The error message I keep getting is Fault Module:  ig9icd64:00021621 Anyone experiencing th...
    Ebenezer Owusu-Ansah
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  • Installation error

    At my new employer IT is trying to install SW2012 SP3.0 on my brand new workstation. For last two days he is not having sucess.   I looked at the log file and I could see following   12:28:27 Error Status ...
    Malay Desai
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  • What accounting packages that do purchase orders work well copying from excel based BOM?

    New Zealand (Australia) based design company that issues and orders everything from other suppliers
    Eddy Van Oosten
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  • Installation error 1722 on DraftSight 2018 SP0

    I for a long time had DraftSight free version installed on a laptop. I have lost the use of the laptop and wanted to install DS on my desktop Windows 8.1 Pro system. I accepted the version offered on the web page whi...
    Kalle Mikael
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  • Windows 10 update completely killed my 2017 installation

    Have 2017 SP3 installed, updated windows with the creators update, and now I can open parts in SW, but the moment I try and create or open a drawing, it crashes SW. Also the Crash reporter crashes, and Solidworks RX c...
    Brad Stewart
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  • Crusty Old Template File Gotcha

    While working on a thorny problem with EPDM and SW BOMs, I discovered the following in the Knowledge Base:   ================================================================== Solution Id:S-071805 Product:SOLI...
    Jim Sculley
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  • What are the top tools for CAD Administration in SW?

    One of the things I've noticed after being away for a few years is the seeming elevation in the maturity of the product from the CAD Admin point of view. It used to be that the average sale of SW was in the 1-3 seat r...
    Matt Lombard
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  • hello

    ---------------Détecter la langueAfrikaansAlbanaisAllemandAmhariqueAnglaisArabeArménienAzériBasqueBengaliBiélorusseBirmanBosniaqueBulgareCatalanCebuanoChinois (simplifié)Chinois (tra...
    Victor Leroi
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  • install failed with code 1603 solidworks 2017

    Crash in 23%
    Mike J.
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  • Problem with solidworks licenses

    I didn't deactivate my solidworks licenses before I delete the software that I had and now I can't activate this licenses on this new software. How can I do to reactivate my licenses?
    Gianluca Milesi
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  • changing mouse wheel zoom speed

    Hello,   I was wondering if there is an "unofficial" way of changing the mouse wheel zoom speed in solidworks. Apparently, there is no such option in the menus. But I was googling and I found that some geeks fou...
    Ben D.
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  • Driver for intel UHD 620?

    Hi, I have bought a new laptop: HP Spectre x360 with intel UHD 620 graphics card and cannot find a suitable driver to install. I feel that this is the cause for the 'glitchyness' in the software as all other specs a...
    Chris Greenly
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  • "Install scheduled" status in Administrative Image Option Editor

    I have a strange problem when trying to Deploy Automatically solidworks products via Administrative Image Option Editor ("Deploy automatically tab"). The problem is that status of installations never reaches status li...
    Olga Nemchenko
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  • Uninstall SW2018

    My installation of SW2017 and 2018 started showing problems. It started with errors in stardard components of the toolbox, nuts would look odd. Somehow there would be changes to the part files of the stardard compone...
    Marc Plensou
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  • re:  Activation...beyond frustrated!

    OK, have been paying for updates for the past 10 years.   Being a small business owner/engineer, I have always had the need to utilize Solidworks at my office at the day and many times at home at night in order ...
    Mike Kalavitz
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  • SolidWorks 2018 Won't start up

    Installed SW 2018 on 3 machines.  It was working OK on all of them and then boom it stopped.  Stopped meaning when you click the SW icon on the desktop nothing happens.  No error, no startup, nothing. &...
    Rob Rodríguez
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  • Solidworks Background Downloader not currently downloading

    Hi guys,   We currently have Solidworks Background Downloader installed on a Windows 2012 R2 server and I would just like to understand more about it as when I read about it, it says it picks it's updates up fro...
    Martin Godfrey
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