• Your favorite Solidworks error messages

    I wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to ...
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  • What is my PC's bottleneck?

    Starting to get into larger assemblies and the PC is having some issues keeping up. What is weird is that I can rotate the entire model just fine, but then some times, it just freezes up for 1-2 seconds, then gets ba...
    Boris Ostrovskiy
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  • Is is possible to add an Active Directory Group to the Option Editor instead of individual machines to deploy software?

    I am using the option editor to deploy Solidworks and PDM.  I have groups setup in the option editor and add machines to the appropriate group but have to do this in the option editor.  Instead of adding ind...
    Dwight Mickley
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  • I logged into eCOURSE "PIPING AND ROUTING" but am unable to proceed past the course introduction. What do i need to do?

    I have an account with SOLIDWORKS, but am unable to proceed past the Introduction. It seems some of the coworkers are able to take the eCOURSES and some of us cannot get past the introduction and there is some type of...
    Ethan Lewis
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  • My file description have been changed!!!

    my solidworks file type have changed to sldprt from solidworks part document. How to fix this issue???
    Hemanth Velusamy
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  • Dear all having a problem login to my account in tangix virtual test the msg was account is disabled, have no idea why, and how can i get it back

    Salaheddine Laalmi
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  • Pay to deactivate SW on broken pc?

    Hi all, Recently my faithful old workstation died and I find myself needing to arrange for SW to deactivate my license because I can't get the machine to boot. I just want to install SW on another pc so I can finish ...
    Neil Larsen
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  • Sprache ändern

    Wie kann ich die Sprache in SW auf Deutsch ändern?
    Andreas Daetwyler
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  • Does Solidworks support VDI Type Workstations

    Our IT guys informed me that they are testing solildworks on a VDI setup.  Has anyone doing this and does solidworks support such a setup?
    Wayne Schafer
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  • Anyone storing their files on Company managed Google Drive?

    Any way to tell when someone is working on a file you want to open?  I want SolidWorks to notify me when someone else is working on a file as it does when files are stored on the network.  We do not have PDM...
    Tim Brumm
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  • Offsite IT guys

    Hi all. Ok we're trying to get away from our offsite IT consulting company from loading or anything with SWx. However we let him upgrade our 2017 SP0 to SP5. So far he's only done one machine. We would like to load th...
    Daniel R. Melendez
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  • does anyone have recommendations for amount of RAM on graphics card when running large assemblies in sw?

    I have quadro M2000M graphics kort with 8 gB ram but it seems that my computer is running slow in opening large assemblies and when rotating - section view.... so is this card good enough for SW2018?
    Kenneth Nielsen
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  • Failed to initialize Visual Basic for Apps, equations and macros will not work. W10 2016 SP02

    Cannot install. Occurs when first opening SW after download and initial install. Terminates SW before opening.
    Alvin Voigt
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  • I have lost my hard copy of SolidWorks 2015 and need to download an installation file

    Technical problems have left me with a laptop which no longer has SolidWorks installed on it. I have the license key and all the information I think I need, but can't seem to find a download link anywhere. Can someone...
    Rob Wilson
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  • Moving parts or creating mates in my semi-large assembly is very laggy and slow

    My computer is an HP Z book with an intel core I7 Vpro motherboard and 32 GB of RAM. My video card is an NVIDIA QUADRO M3000M this laptop is a month old. When i go to move a part or rotate it at all i have to wait abo...
    Eric Bergstresser
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  • VAR Support:  If you're not satisfied with yours then say something

    I'm not naming names, nor am I asking anyone else to, but I am currently having a problem with my VAR not giving me the support I expect.  Since mid-January I've sent in several problem captures for different thi...
    Dennis Dohogne
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  • Upgrade from SW 2015 SP5 to SW 2018 SP3

    Hello,   Has anyone done a direct upgrade from SW 2015 SP5 to SW 2018? We are looking to upgarde and were wondering if anyone has done this and if they came across any issues during the upgrade.
    Mike Kolankowski
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  • Installation problem SW2018 : Error 1722

    Hi everybody   I have a SW standard licence and I have an issue that i'm currently not able to solve. I used on  my computer the SW2018 SP01 and I had to format and to reinstall WIN10 64bit Pro. I have down...
    Mathieu Charles
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  • just installed SW2017 student.  class files wont open.  message="future version".  have not activated yet.  can I upgrade or uninstall then reinstall 2018?

    Just installed sw2017 student.  class files wont open .  message = future version.  i have not activated yet.  Apparently I installed the wrong version.  duh.   can I upgrade or unin...
    Wayne Berg
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  • expired student license saying active when trying to uninstal

    hi there, I'm trying to uninstall my current, expired, version of SW (student edition 2016-2017) but when doing so Im getting this message during the uninstall process:   An active SOLIDWORKS license has been ...
    Jodi Moore
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