• ePDM file viewing

    We upgraded from the "free" version of PDM to Enterprise PDM a few years ago.  Our previous admin did not want to address the issue of our shop floor no longer being able to view files while they are in change st...
    Cliff Parsons
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  • Your favorite Solidworks error messages

    I wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to ...
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  • VDI Nvidia Grid K2 and SolidWorks

    Hi all Is there anybody using solidworks with VMware Horizon and Nvidia Grid K2?
    Maurizio Bazzo
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  • An error has occured and SOLIDWORKS needs to restart

    When I try to open solidworks it opens without any problem. However, when I want to make sketch, I select any plane, I press the line command and start to sketch. After that solidworks stops working and it gives an er...
    Doruk Kizilkaya
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  • Open file starts new Solidworks instance

    Until recently, when I clicked on a drawing file in an inbox message (PDM Standard), or double-clicked a file in the vault, the file opened in a new window in Solidworks. After a brief flirtation with SW2019, SP0, I ...
    John Wayman
    created by John Wayman
  • SolidWorks 2019 SP0 Download Issues

    Is anyone having any issues downloading SolidWorks 2019 SP0?   I am having issues with the following two files. solidworkscore2of2.exe swactwiz.exe   I have tried the full download twice I have also tri...
    Alastair Cardwell
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  • SW 2018 Online License Failure

    I'm using Solidworks Professional 2018 with the online licensing. Or at least I was. While working this afternoon a message interrupted me saying it was unable to verify my license. Then it prompted me to save my file...
    Steve Langenderfer
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  • Solidworks Standalone License Activation, Before & After 2018

    I search thru the forum and couldn't find a definite answer for the activation related issues before and after 2018 Here is my situation: I have 2015, 16, 17 and 18 installed on my home computer and activated as a s...
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  • How long does it take for academic sales to contact you back?

    I contacted academic sales about purchasing the educational version of Solidworks about a week ago because I was ready to purchase the product. I contacted them about a week ago and I was just wondering how long it ta...
    Tanner Rhodes
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  • For the 2nd business day in a row, I am unable to use solidworks due to online licensing issues. 

    On Friday Solidworks kicked me out and I wasn't able to get back in for several hours.  The same thing happened today at lunch.  Support isn't able to tell me why.  I am assuming their online license se...
    Scott Treichler
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  • Crusty Old Template File Gotcha

    While working on a thorny problem with EPDM and SW BOMs, I discovered the following in the Knowledge Base:   ================================================================== Solution Id:S-071805 Product:SOLI...
    Jim Sculley
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    Online licensing is a super huge FIASCO or PITA. When you get constantly kicked off saying that there is no longer a license available to save your work because we're shutting down to the latest message that Solidwork...
    John Lhuillier
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  • How can I download a HUL version?

    I'm having trouble with that issue since when I try to register my product with the serial key I received I get a message saying: "The product associated with this SN is neither a Network or a Single seat product." Is...
    Michał Jurczak
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  • (GER/ENG)Solid Works Resource Monitor Problems

    Jedes mal wenn ich SolidWorks 2018 SP4 starte ploppen unzählige fehlermeldungen auf die mir sagen mein verfügbarer Systemspeicher wäre kritisch und ich solle einige Anwendungen beenden um Ressourcen fre...
    Mark Niemeyer
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  • Where should the Toolbox, Design Library and Hole Wizard be installed?

    I've searched on YouTube, Google and here as well. Still my question:   Where should the Toolbox, Design Library and Hole Wizard be installed?   Background: I'm the PDM Admin for about 100 accounts, 40+/-...
    Robert Pickeral
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  • Why does my SW keep crashing every time I sketch a rectangle?

    Every time I sketch a rectangle on my project SW crashes and I can't figure out what's wrong.
    Anoushka Banerjee
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  • Solidworks rescinded the ability to have a two machines activated at the same time?

    Did you know that Solidworks rescinded the ability to activate your license on two separate machines?  This was super handy when you had a portable laptop and an office computer setup. Or, some call it a "home" l...
    Cody Zorn
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  • Solidworks crashing when opening files from windows explorer

    Solidworks crashes when I open solidwork files from windows explorer without having Solidworks open.  My video card driver is upto date I am running SW 2016 SP3 on a Win7 64bit 24g ram setup. If I have solidworks...
    Wayne Schafer
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  • Delete my account solidworks

    I want to delete my account! I really need an answer, please answer me as possible as you can! email me.
    Souad Saïd
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  • Can you please tell me the steps to go over document properties

    I have following a SW tutorial in which the file call to open de document properties comand on the menu bar, but i cannot find the button. Please help!
    Jesus Ivan
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