• Solidworks 2020 license manager on Windows 2012

    Can the 2020 SolidNetWork License Manager run on Windows 2012?
    Nmt Tcc
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  • Page Setup Not Working

    My page setup is not working.  When I get into the printer menu and click Page Setup, usually, I get the properties menu.  I can access Page Setup from the File menu, but it comes up with all the buttons bla...
    Howard Gibson
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  • Early student licence expiration

    Hi,   My student edition licence was activated 29/12/2019 but is now expiring 08/28/2020, which is 3 months early, what would be the reasons for this? I am an active degree seeking student and need to use SW to ...
    Kevin Techman
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  • Is there a way to prevent SolidWorks from opening files in a specific location?

    I understand that the search order for files is as such:   2016 SOLIDWORKS Help - Search Routine for Referenced Documents    Is there a way to outright prevent SolidWorks from finding and opening file...
    Michael Gera
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  • How do I uninstall an expired version of Solidworks Student version 2019

    Hi, I am trying to uninstall an expired  studentversion of Solidworks 2018. When I try to uninstall via Add Remove Programs in Control Panel, the Installation Manager never seems to finish loading. When I try op...
    Mahesh Wijesooriya
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  • upgraded from solidworks 2019 to 2020 sp4.

     all parts the main body will not show anymore.  I did 2 uninstall and installs with same results.
    Michael Oswald
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  • Send command gone after office 365 installed

    I use file>send command all the time from the drawing pull downs to get lasered parts cut.  After they installed office 365 on our server/cloud, I have no more send command.  Is it possible to get it back...
    JJ Helm
    created by JJ Helm
  • Do you try to log downtime at all?

    As I find that yet again the monthy temp lic file they sent me doesnt work... its great that they found a way to allow us to log in to pdm remotely, Solidworks told us we could, then found out half of us couldnt due...
    Gordon Rigg
    created by Gordon Rigg
  • how deactivate draftsight license

    How do I deactivate a draftsight license on a computer that no longer exists?
    Ken Juenke
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  • when next promotion of CSWE will start?

    i stared the learning cswe, after complition of all videos can i get voucher for exam
    Umar Rao
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  • When I try to use solidworks online, I can't access the program.

    It appears a message saying: "No streaming resources are available for your session. Try again in a few minutes. If this problem continues, contact your administrator". How can I solve it?
    Franco Pallares
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  • PDM Database in docker container

    I'm trying to setup a MS SQL data base in a docker container as PDM database.  I tried both, Developer Express version of MS SQL 2017: Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RTM-CU21) (KB4557397) - 14.0.3335.7 (X64)  ...
    Tobias Berger
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  • solidworks install failed due to im_DirectX9

    How can I fix this so install can continue?
    Cheryl Nielsen
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  • 2020 Electrical High CPU Usage

    My Electrical users have been experiencing extreme latency in their Electrical applications since the 2020 upgrade, with the trigger seemingly related to the EwServer.exe/SOLIDWORKS Electrical Collabora...
    Kara Hutchison
    created by Kara Hutchison
  • Cannot delete files in private state as admin

    Hello SW Forums,   This has been asked loads of times before, but I could not find a remedy to this specific issue regarding deleting files in a private state.   Scenario: User has left company User had ...
    Victor Carosi
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  • Managing part files without PDM

    Hi,   I have recently been given the responsibility of managing changes on a machine and it's accompanying files (Parts, Drawings, and Assemblies). I was initially very nonplussed to get this project because it ...
    Bryan Weitzenkamp
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  • Administrative Image - Deploy Automatically Status Not Changing

    Tried doing SolidWorks 2020 upgrade from 2019 - I selected upgrade - Status still shows installing after 2 days - I check PC and it installs correctly but 2019 is still installed...    I removed all the PC'...
    Kevin Still
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  • Is the Solidworks activation server down?

    I have not been able to download and install Solidworks. When checking my license it says there is no connection to the Solidworks server. I occasionally can connect but the download freezes shortly after starting. &#...
    Dan Sheredy
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  • PDM Administration Workflow slow or crash when saving.

    When making changes to my workflow I have found that I have to save after EVERY change otherwise it takes inconceivably long to save or never finishes saving.   I made a change to delete a rule from a notificati...
    Nate Kinkley
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  • Performance evaluation rebuild time is far off by a factor of 4-100 times

    Hi,   My parts takes for ever to rebuild.. And it has been so for years and on at least 2 different high-end computers, currently I7@5GHZ, nvme m.2 raid-0, Quadro P4000 etc ... Im using every design trick in the...
    Peter Persson
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