• Can PDM Groups be created with sub groups, or is it limited to a single level?

    Id like to create groups within PDM to mirror an org chart to help make managing/identifying/and finding) users easier.  Can PDM create multiple levels, or is it limited to just a single level of groups?
    Pete Nelson
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  • Current state of laptop workstations?

    Are laptop workstations good enough now to serve as a desktop replacement today?   I will be splitting my time coming up between our two buildings and I will likely need access to SW at both locations.  My ...
    Gary Garrison
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  • Installation Manager won't let me change Toolbox options during update

    When trying to update SolidWorks I frequently run in to this problem. Only solution I have found is to copy the Toolbox from the server to my local machine, and then change the toolbox settings in SolidWorks to this l...
    Per Engberg
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  • Software OpenGL

    Hi All,   For good performance, someone advised to select the Use Software OpenGL under System Options/Performance/Use Software OpenGL. But Software OpenGL is greyed out in my Solidworks and I cannot do any chan...
    Lakhvinder Singh
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  • slow performance issue- highlighting lines in orange

    Whenever I even briefly hover my mouse cursor over a body part on the list, SW will cycle through all of the lines in that sketch and highlight them orange. I have turned off the dynamic highlighting and indeed the sk...
    Tal Mor
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  • Software/website used to broadcast training information

    At my company we have a team of SolidWorks trainers and we regularly create how to/best practices documents for the rest of the Engineering department.     I am trying to find good software/website to ...
    Eric Schwieterman
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  • vcruntime140:00004462

    Solid Works öffnet sich und stürzt sofort ab
    Michael Nerlich
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  • Installation Files Needed - SW2014

    We are still using SW2014 SP5. And we are using Workgroup PDM. Our network license manager and our PDM Vault are served from the slowest & oldest PC in the office. The ownership has finally decided to move th...
    Daen Hendrickson
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  • FLEXIm version of client newer than server

    error when launching solidworks education addition : could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS standard. FLEXIm version of client newer than server
    Bobby Browne
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  • solidworks standard

    How do I download trial version of solidworks standard 2019? Thank you
    Jegan Selvarajah
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  • EPDM Search for e-drawings properties. Data cards in PDM are not filled in. e-drawings show properties of the file. Anyone know how to search e-drawings properties?

    Data cards in PDM are not filled in. e-drawings show properties of the file. Anyone know how to search e-drawings properties?
    Eduardo Franco
    created by Eduardo Franco
  • 我用2019年版本的SOLIDWORK   請問當我把STEP轉檔後要輸入診斷   輸入診斷做完後卻沒有自動修補的ICON   說要解除解除連結   請問在哪可以解除連結 ?

    曉 陽 張
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  • Draftsite now only as subscription?

    I was just sent an AutoCAD drawing from a potential customer, and saw that it was created in the student version.  I declined to work with the drawing, saying, they are using a version that doesn't not permit usi...
    Joseph Dunfee
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  • PDM Administration Tool: System History User Info is Not Correct

    Administration tool SYSTEM HISTORY   This is just for information only. Perhaps A SolidWorks Representative PDM guy can pipe in.   As the subject states, The System History presented is in error.   T...
    S. Casale
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  • Folder write permissions

    I'm trying to save a sketch as a lib feature to the weldments profile folder and get an error telling me I don't have permissionto write to this folder. I'm the only user of this machine and my user has admin status. ...
    Peter Hunstein
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  • topology study is not licensed... what does that mean? I have premium.

    just like the title states...
    Mike Wyatt
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  • How long is the SolidWorks free trial period?

    I'm interested in starting a trial of SolidWorks, but being very busy I don't want to start a trial until I can maximize its use. Makes a big difference to my scheduling/planning whether the trail period is 7 days or ...
    Martin Callahan
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  • Admin image deployment failed

    I am attempting to deploy an admin image of solidworks 2019  when i try to automatically deploy  i get connection failed.
    Bruce Balconi
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  • Mouse wheel button only works sometimes

    Solidworks 2017 SP3 Logitech M510 The mouse wheel button, that provides the ability to rotate the model, works intermittently.  Zooming in and out works just fine it's only the rotation that is the problem. 
    Dave Marzocchi
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  • Solidworks PCB 2019 opening unmanaged projects?

    Quick background. I am not an Electrical Engineer nor have I ever used this application. I am however a computer programmer, so I have experience using SVN and Tortoise SVN. We lost our System Administrator so I am de...
    Jeff Cho
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