• Online license transaction failed

    Hello,   I am using Solidworks Online Licensing on multiple desktops and laptops for a while now. We have a pretty stable internet connection so no problems there, and it is working pretty well. We use Solidwo...
    Gijs Manders
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  • Midpoint snap not working in sketch

    Good morning ,      A coworker is having an issue when it a sketch he is not able to snap the midpoint. He is however able to right click on the line that is drawn and press select midpoint. ...
    Lyle Fluit
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  • cuanto tiempo dura mi prueba online?

    he creado un usuario online para realizar un curso y necesito saber cuanto tiempo me dura la prueba online
  • Is it still possible to download 2016.  We have some old install files that attempt to download updates and fails. Need this to work with a customer with 2016 installed.

    I only see 2017 and up as options for download when looking for files, but we have an old customer that only uses 2016.  When attempting to install from old files the software will not be installed without downlo...
    Wilson Meireles
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  • Why doesn't solidworks let you kick users?

    Thanks to COVID I have users bounding in and out of the office, they work from home when they can but sometimes they have to come in for project.   We all have 2 machines, our normal desktop and a laptop fro...
    John Huntington
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  • upgrade stand alone to SNL

    Hi folks, we have two standalone seats of Solidworks, we've been quoted a significant fee ( over £5000) to upgrade these to network licence because there's some fee for "Solidworks Network installation fee". Our ...
    Oliver Smith
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  • 社員教育にトレーニングを使用したいのですがメンバー登録の方法が知りたいです

    Makoto Yuasa
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  • Hey guys Can I manage AutoCAD2020 by SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro?

    Addin for AUtoCAD2020 can not be select in installer for SOLIDWORKS PDM CAD Editor
    和 樹 高 橋
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  • If i upgrade SWX versions will my add ins need to be reinstalled?

    I'm currently running SWX 2019 SP5. I have the Geomagic for Solidworks add-in. Will I have to reinstall Geomagic if I go ahead and upgrade to SWX 2020? Is there anything I should take into consideration before pulling...
    Rick Casey
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  • Hello, I am looking for cad files used in 3D creator tutorials. if possible please do share with me.

    Mallikarjun Desai
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  • Is it just me, or has the list of certified graphics cards shrunk drastically?

    Not that I look that often, but it seems there used to be more vendors with certified cards, and I don't see my Nvidia K3100m that's not THAT old, but I know was on there when I bought this Dell M6800 workstation (whi...
    Charley Leonard
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  • How can i use Eye bolt  in smart fasteners

    Hello guys, I am working on a parametric modelling in assembly. So, i want to use eye bolt in smart fasteners. i use a eye bolt in smart fasteners but problem is when i parameterize the model it doesn't update a...
    Gaurav Lahoti
    created by Gaurav Lahoti
  • Solidworks PCB add-in not appearing on 2020 SP4

    Hi all,   Have installed the main CAD program, PCB services and PCB. The PCB runs fine on its own but I can't see the add-in on the menu in the CAD program. I've been unable to find any info on various web sear...
    David Blomfield
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  • deleted

    Umberto Zanola
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    Umberto Zanola
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    Umberto Zanola
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    Umberto Zanola
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  • I want to know how SolidWorks 2020 sp4 freezes when renting a license using License Manager.

    I want to know as below. SolidWorks 2020 sp4 freezes when renting a license using License Manager. However, SolidWorks works fine with License Manager licenses.
    Yukio Iwano
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  • How do I report a scam?

    [https://]solidworks.prosoftstore.com claims to sell Solidworks 2020 Premium SP0.1 Multilanguage x64 for $67.
    Rod Newstrom
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  • How do I have both 2016 and 2017 on same PC with PDM 2017?

    I have some customers that have moved to 2017, and others still on 2016.  Is there an easy way to have both 2016 & 2017 Solidworks on same PC using PDM PRo 2017 as well?   I guess I would need to se...
    Mike Sveda
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