• How to apply a .sldsettings file to existing solidworks installations?

    I created a .sldsettings file and an admin image for a solidworks upgrade, but failed to point the settings administrator tool to the correct location.  Now that we have upgraded Solidworks to the latest version,...
    Jordan Juengel
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  • Using 2 Different Solidworks Licences on One Computer

    I have a work laptop that I also use for school but on two separate user accounts.  My school account has my education solidworks licence but the work account opens the education licence from my school account wh...
    Grayson Keaton
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  • I have a CSWA from 2010 but can't find it.  How do I view or add it to my training profile?

    I am an ex educator trying to find work as a solidworks engineer.
    Richard Ford
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  • Instructions for complete uninstall of SW2019

    Looking for the instruction set for a *complete* uninstall ("clean install") of SW2019.   About to upgrade to SW2020 and my 2019 installation has some issues.   Thanks.
    Michael Gera
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  • I have lost my hard copy of SolidWorks 2015 and need to download an installation file

    Technical problems have left me with a laptop which no longer has SolidWorks installed on it. I have the license key and all the information I think I need, but can't seem to find a download link anywhere. Can someone...
    Rob Wilson
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  • How do you get a demo ?

    Tried requesting a demo version - Request rejected.   Virtual all other CAD type software offer a trail / demo version or even a "lite" version to try all the features.    Regards   M J Divall B...
    Mark Divall
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  • SolidWorks 2014 - Repair fails. Lost installer CDs. Download?

    I have a PC with SolidWorks 2014 that just stopped working. Tried to "repair" from Add/Remove Programs but got error with some missing files.   Has been so many years that we no longer have a copy of the CDs. Is...
    Wey Ho
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  • I have a school code and am supposed to be able to install solidworks. it's not working.HELP

    I am going to Spokane Community College and am taking CAD Drafting. I recieved a code from my instructer to get SOLIDWORKS premium installed. all classes are online for now and i havn't been sucessful in downloading t...
    Rick Teal
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  • Will we receive a decision response regarding our SW for Entreprenuers application?  Applied in May...

    I'm a bit confused about what stage I am in in the process as I have not received anything formal other than an invite to sign up at 3ds.com, where I don't really have access to anything I want to use such a...
    Torrey Hughes
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  • Installation error after previous installation lost connection

    In a prior installation attempt of Solidworks 2018-2019 education edition, internet connectivity was lost and my computer crashed. Now when the installation is attempted, there is an error and Solidworks cannot be ins...
    Oliver Baer
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  • Complying with your customers CAD standards?

    Hey guys,   I'm curious what kind of methods or procedures do you use when you have to adjust your CAD standards (templates, BOM's, numbering scheme, assembly structuring, etc.) to your customer's needs?   ...
    Barbara Jerin
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  • lost installation cd

    I have a licence but i lost my original can i repair solid works 2015 without cd ?
    Roberto Jimenez
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  • SW 2019 SP4.0 Admin Image Install fails instantly, no error

    I normally use admin install images but I can't get it to work with 2019 SP4.0 The install window pops up and then disappears right away without making any progress. No error and no install log in the admin image dir...
    Adam Kauffman
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  • The license server is not reachable

    Hello, We have recently migrated from a Win 2012 R2 server hosting our license to a Win 2019 so as to be able to run SNL for Solidworks version 2020. We have installed the SNL on the new server, deactivated the lice...
    Stephen Plant
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  • email update

    How do I change my email address?   Jerry
    Jerry Andre
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  • Workflow condition on Revision component

    I am attempting to put a restriction on a workflow and only allow it when the revision does not equal 0 (we start numbering at 0).   This doesn't work and allows the transition to always occur (even if the revis...
    David Lane
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  • I have bought CSWP 3 segments Coupons and want to know the expiry date of these coupons.

    I have bought all the segments coupons in this April with Redeem code at 50% to appear in the CSWP exam. I want to know the expiry date of the coupons. If I buy coupons at a discounted price this month can I appear th...
    Md Zahid Hasan
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  • no rights to get latest or attached version

    One of the users in my organization is having a problem using "Get Latest Version" on one of the template files in our PDM Vault.  When he tries to get latest, he receives the warning message "no rights to get la...
    Matthew Sosa
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  • Can I purchase licenses Draftsight Premium and Professional and then trasfer to another customer?

    Can I purchase licenses Draftsight Premium and Professional and then trasfer to another customer?
    Antonello Giordano
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  • Can't see PDM files in Windows Explorer

    I can't see any files in PDM folder from Windows Explorer.  From within Solidworks (SW) I can do a File-Open, browse to the PDM folder and see the files fine.  In fact from any Windows program File-Open, I c...
    Mike Childers
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