• Manual deployment from administrative image

    Hi everyone, i am having a problem with the manual deployment, it starts and after a few seconds just stops. I found this in the logs:  0 1 WorkerThr..nager.cpp(16535) 09:56:13] INTERNAL ERROR: FAILED TO INIT ADM...
    Hristache Mihai
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  • Can the flexlm server be a newer version than client

    The FLEXLM client in Solidworks 2019 and later is apparently not compatible with the server side FLEXLM for 2017. If the server side is upgraded, will this negatively impact users of older versions?
    Scott Frank
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  • Why have my icons changed?

    Hi all, I had a major computer crash last week and had to completely restore the computer back to it's original (as new) condition. After re-installing everything and getting it back to where it was at beforehand, So...
    Dave Bear
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  • SW 2019 Admin install doesn't complete

    Hi, I've set up an admin install of 2019 SP2.0 in a similar way to how we've done it for several years. However, this time the install runs absolutely fine, activates etc, but the install process doesn't exit. The sl...
    Samantha Butler
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  • Swapping licence keys between computers

    I want to swap licences between 2 of my users - the one that has the Premium licence doesn't use Simulation, whilst the one that has the Professional licence wants to. I know how to deactivate licences and install th...
    John Wayman
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  • Workgroup PDM Document Information View error message

    Hope this is the right group to ask this...   We are running SW 2017 with Workgroup PDM.  In the vault, normally you can right click a file, and select Document Information from the pop-up menu to see i...
  • I want to know to change place value and make it permanent in dimensions and sketches. I need four places to be the default. Thanks for the help.

    When I do "New Part" or close SW I would really like for 4(four) place decimal measurements to be the default. I go into options and change it to .1234, do my thang , then when I start a new part it reverts back to 2...
    Kelly Sanborn
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  • SOLVED: color issues with Lenovo Vantage Program

    Hi dear community. i encountered one of the weirdest bugs in my CAD/GFX applications history ever. My solidworks now changes the background colour when i click on it. It just adds a amount of red to it. Even better,...
    Felix Schwarzmann
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  • Customer portal locked WITH subscription

    Hello everyone, I would like to get acces to the CSWP training courses. But in order to get access, I need to upgrade my account from 'guest' to 'standard'. Now I'm trying to register my solidworks license key to gai...
    Robert Delis
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  • install from administrative image

    Why is it so difficult to install from an administative image? Where is the user guide for installing from an administrative image? I've created an image but nothing in the SOLIDWORKS 2016 x64 SP02 folder is working t...
    Peter Backeris
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  • Tips/Best Practice: Managing Admin Images

    Hi,   I have been the IT admin at our company for a few years and have managed to create admin images, configure different options for different groups of computers and deploy this image.  When a new major ...
    Michael Yorke
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  • How can I take advantage of weldment?

    I can not find the weldment feature in solidworks
    Ellis Lawrence
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  • mdb template editor

    how to get mdb menu commands visible in solidworks 2019
    Gary Baham
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  • 図面の線が非表示にできない

    図面の線の表示/非表示の切り替えができない。線を選ぶとシェーディング表示では表示/非表示はサポートされていませんと言う表示が出ます どこを修正すればよいでしょうか?
    Takumi Shogaki
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  • eCourse not working. I am trying to take the Sheet Metal eCourse. I have completed the Overview and Introduction sections of the course. Now I cannot advance to the next module in the course. I have tried Chrome and IE for browsers.  Thank you for your he

    Hello, I am having issues with an eCourse not working properly I am trying to take the Sheet Metal eCourse. I have completed the Overview and Introduction sections of the course. Now I cannot advance to the nex...
    Julio Almeida
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  • Why aren't there Part tabs? an easy way to navigate between parts opened

    please tell me there is a way
    Beau Martin
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  • no rights to get latest or attached version

    One of the users in my organization is having a problem using "Get Latest Version" on one of the template files in our PDM Vault.  When he tries to get latest, he receives the warning message "no rights to get la...
    Matthew Sosa
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  • Changing PDM Background right-click submenu

    HI,   Is it possible to remove some content from a PDM right-click submenu?   Specifically, we have our PDM background right-click menu set up so that users can create new files, the "New" submenu then con...
  • Can PDM Groups be created with sub groups, or is it limited to a single level?

    Id like to create groups within PDM to mirror an org chart to help make managing/identifying/and finding) users easier.  Can PDM create multiple levels, or is it limited to just a single level of groups?
    Pete Nelson
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  • Current state of laptop workstations?

    Are laptop workstations good enough now to serve as a desktop replacement today?   I will be splitting my time coming up between our two buildings and I will likely need access to SW at both locations.  My ...
    Gary Garrison
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