• Solidworks 2020 license manager on Windows 2012

    Can the 2020 SolidNetWork License Manager run on Windows 2012?
    Nmt Tcc
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  • Opening Solidworks 2020 files directly in MasterCam 2020

    Hello,   Are there any settings that need to be changed in Solidworks 2020 to allow MasterCam 2020 to view Solidworks 2020 files directly without converting to a step, parasolid, etc? Our MasterCam can view othe...
    Richard Nolde
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  • Solidworks Download Fails and then Purges all Files

    Hello, I am trying to download a new version of Solidworks. However, I am unable to perform an automatic download, I think because of the WiFi in my lab. When I perform the manual download, I have to move all of the f...
    Lucianne Morin
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  • Deploy admin image install over VPN

    With the COVID-19 concerns, my company is considering having non essential personal work remotely. Have any of you successfully deployed installs over a VPN connection? The host computer would not be on VPN; however t...
    David Lane
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  • The Hole Wizard and Advanced Hole database is not the expected version.

    I can't get my Hole Wizard working.  I have SW 2019 p05 installed.  I once had SW 2020 installed but un-installed in on my PC laptop.    I get the following message: The Hole Wizard and Advanced H...
    John Fischer
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  • GPU: does it make sense to upgrade from a K2200 to a P1000?

    Upgraded to SW 2020 SP 3.0 a few days ago.  Both my VAR and I came to conclusion that my current K2200 is not fully compatible with 2020.  This is further evidenced by the fact that there are no certified dr...
    Michael Gera
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  • an error was encountered 

    an error was encountered when open a part life in solid work 2014
    Mukesh Kumar
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  • SolidWorks服务器坏了,没办法做授权迁移,未变动物理服务器和网络条件,重新安装系统后激活提示超过授权计数,请问如果处理, SolidWorks服务器坏了,没办法做授权迁移,未变动物理服务器和网络条件,重新安装系统后激活提示超过授权计数,请问如果处理, SolidWorks服务器坏了,没办法做授权迁移,未变动物理服务器和网络条件,重新安装系统后激活提示超过授权计数,请问如果处理

    鑫 谭
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  • verbesserte Grafikleistung

    Mit der "Verbesserten Grafikleistung" werden Teile, Flächen und Features nicht mehr wie gewohnt farbig hervorgehoben. Bei Flächen und Features wird nur eine farbige Umrandung dargestellt, was gerade noch akz...
    Stephan Trapp
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  • Can't install SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP1 after having manually deleted a damaged installation

    In the midst of a SOLIDWORKS update from SP0 to SP1 I experienced a system crash (caused by another application). This left me with a damaged installation that I decided to get rid of manually. So I deleted all traces...
    Dries Vervoort
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  • SolidWorks Web Help not working

    Hello,   I recently got SolidWorks and am taking the essentials course. On the first day the teacher showed us what he called an invaluable tool, the "web help" search bar. As you type something, the program pul...
    Aaron Mednick
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  • get download

    Hello,   my subscription ist running out (2-2020) and i have forgotten to download the latest full version. Where can i get the latest files?   Thanks
    Bruno Hirsnik
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  • How to transfer Solidworks from one PC to another? I don't have active subscription, neither full installation.

    How to download, or transfer Solidworks 2019 SP05 form one PC to another. Our subscription has expired. I have not full installation, and option Download and share all files..... with installation manager do not allow...
    Anes Bibić
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  • does anyone use a Solidworks Monitoring software?

    i have been looking for a software that can tell me how much/ how many of our Solidworks licenses we are using. is there anything like that out there? 
    Tom Puttkammer
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  • Activar licencia

    Una vez que ya realice mi cuenta, en dónde puedo activar la licencia que mi institución me brindó para poder hacer uso de la misma.
    Arlette Ramgar
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  • Batch file doesn't run after Admin Image install

    This topic came up in another discussion, The Missing 5% functionality - All Chapters.  Rather than Take up space in that discussion, I thought I'd branch it off to it's own discussion here.  First, her...
    Tom Helsley
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  • FreeLancing Using SolidWorks

    I am a student. I wanted to ask you something. A while back I used my SolidWorks student package to do freelancing and earn money. I earned Rs:2500 which is equivalent to $15.73.   In my country software piracy...
    Taha Nadeem
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  • Online license transaction failed

    Hello,   I am using Solidworks Online Licensing on multiple desktops and laptops for a while now. We have a pretty stable internet connection so no problems there, and it is working pretty well. We use Solidwo...
    Gijs Manders
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  • Incomplete error messages

    Hi all- long time listener first time caller!  For some reason, particularly when I switch between different displays, something odd goes on with the resolution and I only get half of the messages shown on pop ou...
    Jon Cooke
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  • Where do I download the EDU version

    We have an 8000 seat EDU license.  I'm trying to find the 2020 EDU version of the software for download.  Where can I find it?
    Denis Tremblay
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