• Online licensing outages!!!!

    We seem to be suffering an issue with online licensing. I had a user kicked off his machine yesterday for a while, and today a second user just had to give up trying to get solidworks to start. I switched that licens...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Update Shared Installation Files

    I recently downloaded Solidworks 2020 SP 0.1 using the "Download and share all files..." option and now need to update the shared files to 2020 SP 01. I went to Downloads | Support | SOLIDWORKS  a...
    Ict Support
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  • PDM List with Alias

    I'm trying to create a new way for our company to create files in the vault. Specifically this is to address the issue of assigning serial numbers to Creo files.   So I have this list, which is basically setting...
    David Lane
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  • Not able to login into solidworks online portal to download the software even after doing the signing in procedure. Please let me know.

    I need to dowload the solidworks 2017 professional software online. I made an account but not able to login and download. I have the license key also.
    Prankur Kataria
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  • Server Down Notification?

    Can we get a notification when Solidworks server is down? Like when on Xbox live you can go there to the main dashboard and see if it is up and running. I don't want to call my VAR every time I get an error message th...
    Joe Trzaska
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  • Updating SW and PDM to 2020 and moving PDM to new server

    We are updating to 2020 across the board. This means a few hardware updates including our SQL server and probably our license server.    In the past I've always made sure to have everyone check in their fil...
    Nate Kinkley
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  • does anyone use a Solidworks Monitoring software?

    i have been looking for a software that can tell me how much/ how many of our Solidworks licenses we are using. is there anything like that out there? 
    Tom Puttkammer
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  • online licencing functionality

    What happens when, using online licencing, you go to a second PC and sign in but you have unsaved data on another PC using that online licence? Does it reject the sign in? Must the app be closed on the PC from which...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Possible to run SolidWorks Network License via Docker container

    Not even sure if this is, at all, possible but we've got Synology Rackstations that have Docker packages available on them. I know containers in Docker are lightweight and not full-fledged Virtual Machines (by compari...
    Jeffrey Pannell
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  • Customer Portal won't recognize valid license

    I currently use a license for solidworks that I received for a college class. According to my license manager, it's valid until 07/31/2020 however the customer portal says it's not a valid license. I have lost the pow...
    Boone Shangle
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  • Windows explorer does not show the file type, but only "SolidWorks Application"

    Dear community   After installing SW2019, my windows explorer does not show what kind of file type it is (e.g. .STEP, .x_t etc), but only says "SldWorks 2019 Application". Anyone who knows how i can change this...
    Klaus Falk Hansen
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  • Solidworks gets stuck at the loading page with the text “loading registry” . I’ve uninstalled and re-installed Solidworks, but the loading page is still stuck on “loading registry”.

    Solidworks gets stuck at the loading page with the text “loading registry” (See image below). I’ve uninstalled and re-installed Solidworks, but the loading page is still stuck on “loading regis...
    Pradeep Nayak
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  • upgrading operating system to windows 10

    I am currently using Solidworks 2016 premium on a laptop with windows 7, the operating system is being changed to Windows 10. Will Solidworks continue to run or do I need to upgrade to 2020
    Duane Reid
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  • Benchmark-Test for PDM-Professional

    Hello fellow sufferers, has anyone ever heard something about a Benchmark-Test for PDM-Professional?   Cheers Mario
    Mario Zahren
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  • Solidworks 2020 license manager on Windows 2012

    Can the 2020 SolidNetWork License Manager run on Windows 2012?
    Nmt Tcc
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  • We pay $1600 for a SW Pro yearly subscription and Draftsight doesn't come free?

    All I need is to overlay dxf/dwg files over each other to compare accuracy. I still design in SW. You'd think $1600 a year sub for SW Pro would cover the $99/yr Draftsight.
    Ernani Nera
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  • upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10

    I'm upgrading my pc from windows 7 pro to windows 10 pro. I'm going to install windows 10 pro, not just upgrade it. What do I need to do so my SolidWorks license works after loading windows 10?
    Michael Page
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  • This benchmark test appears to show Geforce 2080 beatign Quadros in Solidworks. Are things changing in terms of which are best?

    If the Quadro cards work best in Solidworks or only the Quadro cards work how do the bench mark tests she gforce cards beating  Quadro cards IN Solidworks.   Have been in the do I get my build with a Quadro...
    Chris Rose
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  • When will 2020 sp1 be released?  sp0 is killing my business. 

    Weldments to bill of materials is a mess.  Needs fixing now.  
    Tad Taylor
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  • SP 1.0 installation

    I'm getting hung up on installing Service Pack 1.0 for SW 2020 with, guess what... C++ redistributables. My original 2020 installation took many hours, and I recall having to uninstall and re-install all traces of al...
    Simon Farrington
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