• Do you try to log downtime at all?

    As I find that yet again the monthy temp lic file they sent me doesnt work... its great that they found a way to allow us to log in to pdm remotely, Solidworks told us we could, then found out half of us couldnt due...
    Gordon Rigg
    created by Gordon Rigg
  • how deactivate draftsight license

    How do I deactivate a draftsight license on a computer that no longer exists?
    Ken Juenke
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  • when next promotion of CSWE will start?

    i stared the learning cswe, after complition of all videos can i get voucher for exam
    Umar Rao
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  • When I try to use solidworks online, I can't access the program.

    It appears a message saying: "No streaming resources are available for your session. Try again in a few minutes. If this problem continues, contact your administrator". How can I solve it?
    Franco Pallares
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  • PDM Database in docker container

    I'm trying to setup a MS SQL data base in a docker container as PDM database.  I tried both, Developer Express version of MS SQL 2017: Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RTM-CU21) (KB4557397) - 14.0.3335.7 (X64)  ...
    Tobias Berger
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  • solidworks install failed due to im_DirectX9

    How can I fix this so install can continue?
    Cheryl Nielsen
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  • 2020 Electrical High CPU Usage

    My Electrical users have been experiencing extreme latency in their Electrical applications since the 2020 upgrade, with the trigger seemingly related to the EwServer.exe/SOLIDWORKS Electrical Collabora...
    Kara Hutchison
    created by Kara Hutchison
  • Cannot delete files in private state as admin

    Hello SW Forums,   This has been asked loads of times before, but I could not find a remedy to this specific issue regarding deleting files in a private state.   Scenario: User has left company User had ...
    Victor Carosi
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  • Online license transaction failed

    Hello,   I am using Solidworks Online Licensing on multiple desktops and laptops for a while now. We have a pretty stable internet connection so no problems there, and it is working pretty well. We use Solidwo...
    Gijs Manders
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  • Managing part files without PDM

    Hi,   I have recently been given the responsibility of managing changes on a machine and it's accompanying files (Parts, Drawings, and Assemblies). I was initially very nonplussed to get this project because it ...
    Bryan Weitzenkamp
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  • Administrative Image - Deploy Automatically Status Not Changing

    Tried doing SolidWorks 2020 upgrade from 2019 - I selected upgrade - Status still shows installing after 2 days - I check PC and it installs correctly but 2019 is still installed...    I removed all the PC'...
    Kevin Still
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  • Is the Solidworks activation server down?

    I have not been able to download and install Solidworks. When checking my license it says there is no connection to the Solidworks server. I occasionally can connect but the download freezes shortly after starting. &#...
    Dan Sheredy
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  • PDM Administration Workflow slow or crash when saving.

    When making changes to my workflow I have found that I have to save after EVERY change otherwise it takes inconceivably long to save or never finishes saving.   I made a change to delete a rule from a notificati...
    Nate Kinkley
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  • Performance evaluation rebuild time is far off by a factor of 4-100 times

    Hi,   My parts takes for ever to rebuild.. And it has been so for years and on at least 2 different high-end computers, currently I7@5GHZ, nvme m.2 raid-0, Quadro P4000 etc ... Im using every design trick in the...
    Peter Persson
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  • Will solidworks 2020 run on windows server?

    I have already looked at system requirements for 2020. Windows server is not listed for Solidworks non server products. I have been having a lot of weird is issues and would like to test using aws ec2 to do developmen...
    Eric Snyder
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  • Default setting for the "show custom sizing" checkbox in hole wizard

    Does anyone know how to set the default for the "show custom sizing" checkbox to deselected in the hole wizard task manager?
    Mike Bosscher
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    Im trying to install a student version of SW 2020 and it tells me the serial number is incorrect when I come to install. I bought the program through Cleverbridge but they claim they cant help . Anyone able to point m...
    Ruben Carter
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  • Solidworks won't let me register my products

    Tried to install 3d Design and Electrical PCB yesterday.  It failed and I was told to save the installation log and "contact support".  Can't figure out who to contact.  Created an account, but I can't ...
    Robert Chilcoat
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  • Fonts are not recognized

    Hi,     I'm a solidworks user for past 4years from 2016 version. So lastly I had solidworks 2019 version which I upgraded to 2020 SP1.0 version on 25.07.2020, when the installation is over and I o...
    Adithesh M.
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  • I am trying to open a drawing and it is asking me for a verification code i did not recieve a code

    I am trying to open a drawing and it is asking me for a verification code i did not recieve a code
    Anthony Yanora
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