• Is Upgrading vs. Clean Install still a considered a bad thing to do?

    I've got quite a few machines to update to 2019.   In the past, I've always been told that upgrading Solidworks is a big no-no   Is this still true?  I a clean install ALWAYS better?   Upgr...
    Andy Sanders
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  • swactwiz command line switches

    Hi,   I would like to know what are the command line switches for activating and deactivating a stand-alone license? I'd like to automate the deactivation/activation process without going through the GUI. I fou...
    Pta It Support
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  • Installation package

    Hello,   I want to create a package distribute by SCCM to automaticaly deploy Draftsight and Solidworks with the SNL server configuration. I don't find any help about command line to install it. Can you please...
    Romain Rocher
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  • recent upgrade to win10 is making solidworks deadly slow

    about 2 weeks ago i upgraded my computer to win10.at first did not see a problem, but now it is so slow it is unusable. Mike
    Mike Felty
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  • What is 3DCloudByMe?!

    I can't find any mention of this Plug-in except for people asking about it.   I definitely don't want any cloud apps on my computer, I could get in pretty deep trouble if any of my models end up on someone else'...
    Ross Mayo
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  • BOM quantities when actual quantity is different than model

    Using PDM.   If you have an assembly that has 100 screws it is incredibly tedious and really slows the model down to insert 100 screws and mate them all. Doing that also bloats the model unnecessarily. I have us...
    Eric Snyder
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  • How to add missing file version?

    What would be the process of adding a missing file version? We have some PDF drawings which are missing some of the old versions.   I know one option is to rollback to the point where the drawing needs to be a...
    David Lane
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  • Part numbers and configurations - best practices?

    Setting up my part numbering system ... finally. I have settled on a meaningless, sequentially incremented numbering system where the next part takes the next available number in the list. My question has to do with c...
    Eric Snyder
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  • Solidworks Installation Manager Blank(problem)

    My solidworks installation manager is blank.It comes with a message that " a previous installation" is lacking something like that!!Wi have tried many things .Can anyone give me a solution to this problem?(i am trying...
    Jillur Rahman
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  • Linking a PDM variable to a custom property

    I am trying o link a a PDM variable (PartNo or a custom variable like ESPart) to a custom property in a part or assembly. so that I can check the file out, assign the variable in one of three places and have it sync a...
    Eric Snyder
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  • PDM - Watermark

    Hi, I am working on a issue where a user approved documents in PDM via the Web application and then the signature does not appear in PDM. I have found a way to fix this issue and make the signature appear both in PDM...
    Inga Rut Reynisdottir
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  • Page Setup Not Working

    My page setup is not working.  When I get into the printer menu and click Page Setup, usually, I get the properties menu.  I can access Page Setup from the File menu, but it comes up with all the buttons bla...
    Howard Gibson
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  • solidworks 2020 and using Altium 20 designer and  together, through Altium concord and licencing

    We are looking at implementing Solidworks 2020 as a complete new install from out existing solidworks 18 installation. We will use a new PDM, Licence server and install on each client. We are currently trialling PCB ...
    Kevin Baldwin
    created by Kevin Baldwin
  • intermittent PDM notifications

    I have a notification setup that automatically goes out to 3 users when a file is transitioned to detailing, and has dynamic notification to the rest of the engineering department.   I have a couple scenarios go...
    Gary Hamm
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  • no rights to get latest or attached version

    One of the users in my organization is having a problem using "Get Latest Version" on one of the template files in our PDM Vault.  When he tries to get latest, he receives the warning message "no rights to get la...
    Matthew Sosa
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  • How to read SolidWorks Performance Log?

    Is there a manual or explanation how to read the SolidWorks performance log file? I haven't found anything neither in the KB nor on the web.
    Lars Uhlenhaut
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  • Do I have to reset all of my file locations every time I upgrade?

    I just upgraded to SW 2020. And upon opening a new component file, I find it hasn't loaded our corporate template. And upon starting a new drawing file, I find it hasn't loaded our sheet formats, either. I can't im...
    Vince Boice
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  • License Report Tool

    Hi all,   As the SNL log file is difficult to read and organize. So, I have just developed a free license report tool to help Company to analysis the license utilization status in real time mode. It is still in...
    Win Lai
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  • Choosing a new laptop

    Hey Guys.   I was recently awarded an entrepreneurial license to get my start up going in the right direction. The start up is a new 2 seat aircraft kit for the homebuilt aircraft market.   I do most of my...
    Justin Martin
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  • Downloading old versions

    Hi, We have a Solidworks 2011 installation (subsequently upgraded to 2012) which I am trying to migrate to a new computer. I have unlicenced the old computer, but now I can't find the software to install on the new o...
    Tim Gerrish
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