• This benchmark test appears to show Geforce 2080 beatign Quadros in Solidworks. Are things changing in terms of which are best?

    If the Quadro cards work best in Solidworks or only the Quadro cards work how do the bench mark tests she gforce cards beating  Quadro cards IN Solidworks.   Have been in the do I get my build with a Quadro...
    Chris Rose
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  • When will 2020 sp1 be released?  sp0 is killing my business. 

    Weldments to bill of materials is a mess.  Needs fixing now.  
    Tad Taylor
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  • SP 1.0 installation

    I'm getting hung up on installing Service Pack 1.0 for SW 2020 with, guess what... C++ redistributables. My original 2020 installation took many hours, and I recall having to uninstall and re-install all traces of al...
    Simon Farrington
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  • SolidWorks Rx Lists Incorrect Graphics Card Driver While Windows Device Manager Shows Correct Driver

    I recently took the oppertunity to upgrade to Windows 7 after a system failure with my Vists installation. The clean install of Windows 7 went without a hitch,other than the fact that I had to manually download and in...
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  • recommended driver version for P4000

    What is the recommended/tested  version of Nvidia Driver version of P4000 for Solidworks 2020. version 430 and 441 both shows as not tested under Solidworks Fx Diagnostics.
    Hayden Droog
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  • do you guys have anything about gamefowl?

    i want to create a logo for my gamefarm and i want to know how does your system works, i do not currently have a laptop nor desktop, i am using library computer,there is someone that told me about Solidworks and tryin...
    Edgar Noriega
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  • Error message, "Cant recognize License Number" on start up

    We have had solidwork on this computer for months now and used regularly with no trouble. Now today it says the it cant recognize the license number for solidworks. I know how to go in and check the serial number once...
    Ryan Moore
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  • Search Recent using windows 10

    In windows 7 and 8 we had a search "Recent" option... it's now gone in Windows 10 and we now have Quick View? I can pin back Recent in under Quick View ... but how can we show all recent files (not just SW files...
    Paul Salvador
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  • hi

    I want to get trial package first for my job....if i tried option "try soliD works"..it is not opening and error is ask administration retry.   KINDLY GIVE ME ACCESS FOR TRIAL PROCESS  THANKING YOU Ekansh...
    Ekansh Dhawan
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  • Solidworks 2014 on windows 10.

    I have had to update my computer to windows 10. Can you tell me if solidworks will sell me a patch to make SWKs 2014 SP5 work or upgrade me to the first version that will work on windows 10.  I'm not on subscript...
    Stephen Copeland
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  • Can I find some sample file on photonic integrated circuit.

    I want some sample file on photonic integrated circuit components with distance.
    Sushma Pandey
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  • Change of company name (SW licence)

    If you need to change the company a licence is allocated to you get a nice form to fill in from your VAR to authorize it. It really is a nice simple system. There is just a slight delay.  About 10 years! I f...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Is Upgrading vs. Clean Install still a considered a bad thing to do?

    I've got quite a few machines to update to 2019.   In the past, I've always been told that upgrading Solidworks is a big no-no   Is this still true?  I a clean install ALWAYS better?   Upgr...
    Andy Sanders
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  • swactwiz command line switches

    Hi,   I would like to know what are the command line switches for activating and deactivating a stand-alone license? I'd like to automate the deactivation/activation process without going through the GUI. I fou...
    Pta It Support
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  • VAR Recommendations

    I am in the process of searching for a new VAR and am unsure where to start. Our current VAR has been unresponsive on multiple occasions and has not been providing the support I'd like to see.   We are in the Ne...
    Andrew Paino
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  • Installation package

    Hello,   I want to create a package distribute by SCCM to automaticaly deploy Draftsight and Solidworks with the SNL server configuration. I don't find any help about command line to install it. Can you please...
    Romain Rocher
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  • recent upgrade to win10 is making solidworks deadly slow

    about 2 weeks ago i upgraded my computer to win10.at first did not see a problem, but now it is so slow it is unusable. Mike
    Mike Felty
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  • What is 3DCloudByMe?!

    I can't find any mention of this Plug-in except for people asking about it.   I definitely don't want any cloud apps on my computer, I could get in pretty deep trouble if any of my models end up on someone else'...
    Ross Mayo
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  • How to add missing file version?

    What would be the process of adding a missing file version? We have some PDF drawings which are missing some of the old versions.   I know one option is to rollback to the point where the drawing needs to be a...
    David Lane
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  • PDM Pro server HW req'mts

    Hi Guys, I realize there have already been a few threads regarding this, but our situation might be a bit more scaled than others.  We are implementing PDM Pro in several locations (5 sites, 1 in the US, 2 in the...
    Michael Plati
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