• Best time to upgrade to SW 2019?

    Hey guys,   I have a basic question, with regard to deciding when to upgrade. I have a lot of Inventor experience, but only about 1.5 years on SW. Inventor was known for adding a lot of content in one release, a...
    Mike Thompson
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  • Your favorite Solidworks error messages

    I wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to ...
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  • Please delete my account

    Hey,   Please delete my accounts and all data you have of me. I am not using the service and would like to have ma data removed.   Best Regards
    Julius Graeser
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    Online licensing is a super huge FIASCO or PITA. When you get constantly kicked off saying that there is no longer a license available to save your work because we're shutting down to the latest message that Solidwork...
    John Lhuillier
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  • Check out Drawing Files together with part or assembly?

    Hi,   Is there any way to checkout drawing files  together with 3D files, when we check out part or assembly from vault? Instead of selecting individually in checkout prompt window ?     Thanks
    Prabaharan Pichaiyan
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  • Best way to introduce a development workflow into production?

    I've developed a workflow in the production vault. The workflow uses it's own serial counter, template and folder. I'll need to change the serial counter now that I've completed testing and I'm ready to get this into ...
    Robert Pickeral
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  • Clean Uninstall of SW2018 and Reinstall SW2019

    My VAR is unable to provide updated instructions for clean uninstalling/reinstalling Solidworks.  The instructions I've found online do not apply to SW 2018 on Win10 64bit.   Can anyone point me to detailed...
    M. B.
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  • SolidWorks 2016 Crash

    Hi, can you guys help me?   I have SolidWorks 2016 on my machine, but when I try to create a drawing, it freezes and closes the software. I uninstalled, removed the driver, updated the driver but it continues t...
    Pedro Augusto
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  • Fully automating SW Image Installations (What SolidWorks doesn't tell you...)

    This will hopefully save some fellow CAD Admins and users headaches, since a lot of these details aren't well documented and only learned through trial & error.   Our particular installation scenario is for ...
    Scott Wheeler
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  • When using the Admin Image Tool, my status is not updating. 

    When using the Admin Image Tool and using the Deploy Automatically function, my status is not updating.  On the client computer, it is creating a log entry at the end of the install which reads, "This client does...
    Shan Lentine
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  • Graphics hiccup using SW2016 SP2 on Surface Pro 3

    I continue to get a nuisance graphic hiccup with SW 2016 SP2 whenever I use the left mouse button on the graphics screen. This only occurs when I am connected to an external monitor- even if that monitor is set to pri...
    Ryan McVay
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  • Why can't I use Solidworks Motion and Solidworks Simulation in Solidworks 2013 student edition?

    I am using Solidworks 2013 student edition but I am unable to use Solidworks motion + Simulations in this edition. I've also tried to activate these from add-ins but they aren't there too.
    Usama Ali
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  • Is a solidworks license linked to personal name or computer?

    Hi all,   Just a quick question as to whether a solidworks license is linked to a computer or to someones name or both.   The company I work for provided (what seems like) a standalone copy of solidworks...
    Nik Deligiannis
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  • PDM access is denied only on some machines

    I have just completed the install of Solidworks 2018-2019 along with PDM Standard. On 4 of the 6 machines I have it installed on, there is no problem. On two of the machines, I can add the vault view and enter folders...
    Nathan Goldman
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  • All Solidworks icons Grayed out

    I just got a call from a user that said SW won't save. I logged into his computer and when I went to File from the pull down menus... almost all the icons are grayed out. Cut, Copy, and paste are even grayed out. Anyt...
    Scott Baugh
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  • Invalid installation package 'SolidWorks.msi'

    I am a student trying to uninstall the old version of SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP02 and reinstall the new version of SOLIDWORKS SP03, but got an error message of the mini Pop-Up Window saying:   "The feature you are tryi...
    Joseph Kriz
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  • How to reorder (sort) Templates in Create New( Advanced )

    We have current setup with Templates listed in Alphabetical order.                               __________________________________________...
    Sumit Bhatnagar
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  • workstation underpowered?

    Hello all,   A colleague asked me to buy a new workstation for 3D designing with solidworks 2017, so i checked his best workstation build that is: HP Z640 CPU:      Intel(R) Xeon(R) CP...
    Giugni Srl
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  • Not able to uncheck use software OpenGL

    For some reason Solidworks thinks the computer is using the onboard graphics card, even though there is an Nvidia Quadro FX1800 card installed.  The driver is installed and working properly.  When I run Soli...
    Neil Markham
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  • Standalone License Failure Error Message

    I recently update our software and now get a Standalone License Error Message when trying to launch.  Suggestions?
    Charles Wilson
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