• Does anyone use dropbox to colaborate?

    I was just wondering if anyone was using windows explorer and dropbox to work with others located offsite on the same files.
    Matt Furches
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  • Changing serial numbers

    Hi, I'm running 2 different versions of SW for 2 different customers, 2016 premium and 2018 standard.  I have both versions on my laptop and my workstation.  On my workstation I can switch serial numbers by ...
    Christopher Lack
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  • Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS Standard. FLEXlm version of client newer than server. (-83,147,0)

    What version of FlexLM is required for Solidworks 2019? We are presently running
    Jeffrey Shanely
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  • Solidworks installation and license managment

    Hi.   My colleague who had the license left the compagny and i need to switch it to my computer. I have no issue in this part. But i created my account before linking the license, i'm unable to link it online (...
    Guillaume Jitiaux
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  • Admin Image, Deploy Automatically "Install Scheduled"???

    Hey guys,   I'm getting a notification when trying to deploy SW install through the Image, automatic deploy tool:   I can't find this anywhere on the forums on in the help files or anything. All the help...
    Karl Okeson
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  • Prevent users from saving files to specific directories in vault

    We have a folder structure template that always has the same folder for each project. Some new users are, let's say, less concerned about following established procedures. I need to prevent them from saving files to p...
    Drew Drew
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  • CostFinalize component did not run as expected error when installing SOLIDWORKS

    Getting this error message when installing solidworks 'Internal error: The windows installer for this product component did not run as expected: CostFinalize'   TITLE EDITED BY MODERATOR: Please use more descri...
    Ben Travers
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  • Your favorite Solidworks error messages

    I wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to ...
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  • how do u add a class

    HOW DO U ADD A CLASS?????????????????????
    dylan kirk
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  • Looking for a comprehensive listing of Antivirus exclusions for Solidworks 2018/19. Anyone got a good listing?

    Having issues with my AV blocking Solidworks from launching. I have confirmed this is the issue but apparently its calling something I am not aware of I have White listed the Solidworks main directory as well as the T...
    Frank Edwards
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  • eDrawings 2019 verification code and APP-V

    Hi, I'm trying to get the free version of eDrawings 2019 to work with APP-V for distribution within my organisation. We are running in to a wall when it comes to the verification code that's seems to be created on ea...
    Joakim Lundmark
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  • Confirm Part file Originator

    As an instructor I would like to ensure that individual students were the true part file originator - not copying. How can I check for this?
    Paul Yearling
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  • Solidworks 2017 Everything frozen

    Hello. I am trying to run solidworks 2017 on my university's vmware however, when I try to open solidworks it gets stuck on loading registry. Also when I try to open anything related to solidworks it is frozen. Sho...
    Joshua Tashbar
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  • Tips/Best Practice: Managing Admin Images

    Hi,   I have been the IT admin at our company for a few years and have managed to create admin images, configure different options for different groups of computers and deploy this image.  When a new major ...
    Michael Yorke
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  • installing issues

    Pl., see the attachment.   On clicking 'Retry Download' it starts to download and in a few seconds it stops downloading. I've tried clicking 'Retry Download' umpteen times. but the problem persists. I have the...
    Luis Ferreira
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  • could not obtain a license for the SolidWorks Standard can not find the license file. (-1,259,2)

    Hi, I get an error after a test install. I have successfully installed the license manager on the solidworks02 server 200 licenses are available. We have the full version of Solidworks. Created the admin image succe...
    Kevin Harmon
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  • Problem during instalation

    Hello I am trying to install Sloid Works student in my computers but i have an error during instalation. ERROR VBA Spanish 7.1. Someone knows why is this? Could you help me please? Thank you
    Ugaitz Atxutegi
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  • Settings Administrator Button in AdminInstallOptionsEditor is greyed out

    I just started testing SWX2019 SP0 and realized that within AdminInstallOptionsEditor the Settings Administrator Button is greyed out, and I find no way to get it active.   I have a similar editor from Version 2...
    Ricco Blust
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  • Finding license server version from client side

    Our company is in the process of splitting and someone at corporate set up a new SW license server for our half of the company.  They assured me last week that it is "the latest version" but didn't answer my ques...
    Scott Post
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  • Clean uninstall of SW

    I recently needed to get SW for my school, but instead of selecting individual use, i selected administrative. I would like to uninstall SW and start clean to avoid any duplication, but SW and/or windows is not allowi...
    Michael Humphrey
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