• Your favorite Solidworks error messages

    I wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to ...
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  • Spending about 1/3 to 1/2 of my time waiting for SW rather than using it!

    Anyone have any solutions to SolidWorks' slow processing on large parts with lots of features?  In my opinion, this really isn't a new issue.  This has been a problem as far back as I can remember (2006-2007...
    Martin Behling
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  • Student Edition's license is about to expire.

    My Solidworks Student Edition's license is about to expire in 15 to 20 days. Can i extend this license for a year or more??
    Usama Ali
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  • Is there a way to fix Microsoft SQL error while installing SolidWorks

    I need some help with installing SolidWorks.
    Shashikanth Reddy
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  • hi, i'm trying to save an .stl file as eDrowing

    when i try to open it the the model itself don't show up, and i tried saving it as a .sldprt and still nothing. can anyone help me please? i added the file here so u can see it. *i tried to put the .stl but it's too...
    maor dan
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  • File Locations in Settings file

    I'm preparing a settings file to include with the admin image for a new major version of SolidWorks.  Under File Locatons, I've changed some to point to our shared locations but some point to either my Documents ...
    John Dockstader
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  • Problem activating Visualize licenses at "My Solidworks Products"

    Hello, we are a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner and should be eligible to use Visualize Standard and / or Visualize Pro with our existing SOLIDWORKS licenses according to our Partner agreement. Unfortunately, in our "My S...
    Ralph Mueller
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  • Why my newly installed SW 2018 doesn't launch?

    Last night downloaded and installed new 2018 SW. Doesn't launch! Not even a message about why it can't launch.  Just a dead icon.   I have been using the pre-release 2018 for a few months with no problem, b...
    Tim White
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  • How to restore Missing Part Window Menu?

    How do I restore the object browser/solution explorer/(I don't know what its actually called) window?  It usually appears on the left hand side and it just decided to disappear. Can anyone help with this?  ...
    John August
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  • Anyone using the i7-8700 CPU with SW2019?

    If so, how's it working out for you?  It's 3.2 GHz (4.6 GHz turbo) where the SW specs call for 3.3 minimum.  Any issues?
    Michael Hubbard
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  • No more "new" functionality

    Crashed again immediately after a failed to save error, little bugshere and there that just get annoying, FYI, this is more of a rantI hope somebody with pull reads more than a request for help. I am so sick of new...
    Nick Harmsen
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  • How to change 2019 installation from student to professional license?

    I now have the license code for the professional version for the place I work at now. Do I have to redownload SW or can I just deactivate the student license to my current version and apply the new one?   EDITED...
    Lamour Atkins
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  • Software stopped loading,,,    "im_DirectX9",,, wouldn't install,,, why?

    Software stopped loading,,,    "im_DirectX9",,, wouldn't install,,, nor the rest of the program. Bob Raymond
    Bob Raymond
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  • System Manufacturer and Model are not recognized even though computer is certified by SW

    Hello,   I recently got a Dell Precision 5530 for work with the NVIDIA Quadro P2000 graphics card and it is certified on SW here: http://www.solidworks.com/pages/services/VideoCardTesting.html   I download...
    Jeanette Numbers
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  • Why is opening and printing so slow? 260mb memory

    When opening a file in Solidworks it takes forever. I have no idea why, it is only using 258 mb of memory. The system has enough memory (32Gb).     Virtual memory is also enough, I dont know where the 25...
    Erik Janssen
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  • display states basics

    I haven't used display states at this point so i end making up building multiple models of one part to display different operations in the machining process. Is there an easier way?
    Lloyd Ackermann
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  • Licence serveur VPN

    Bonjour,   j'ai mon pc de licence sur lequel j'ai installé un serveur Vpn , depuis mon client j'arrive a pinger le serveur mais je n'arrive pas à récupérer une licence comment faire &...
    Rai Sylvestre
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    When SOLIDWORKS 2020 BETA is COMING?   When it is releasing? solidworks beta weloveit solidworks2020beta
    Abhay Sengar
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  • Windows 101903 April/May Update

    I recently installed the latest major Windows 10 update (1903 April/May Update.)  Every time I would reboot my computer, Solidworks would re-install itself.    Has anyone else seen this behavior. ...
    Scott Perman
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  • IT "NO admin rights"

    New to SW as we have been on SE since version 1. Enough said. Our IT dept, will not grant us permission to C:\program files\Solidworks on our new workstations. We must keep our files on a network drive, and that is sl...
    Timothy Thomas
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