• SolidWorks and Malwarebytes

    What Exclusions should we make to Malwarebytes that way SolidWorks works correctly? Is there some list you can email me so I can add them.   Thank You, David
    David Geringer
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  • 警告メッセージ 「ジャーナル(履歴)ファイルを作成することができません「」が表示される

    solidworksを起動すたびに、警告メッセージ「ジャーナル(履歴)ファイルを作成することができません。 このマシンで別の SOLIDWORKS セッションが既に開始されている可能性があります。」というメッセージが毎回出る。対処方法を教えてください。
    正 井上
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  • PDM Report - show browse dialog to select a file

    Hi there,   I am trying to allow the user to browse to a specific file and select it to get all the referenced documents, but I can't seem to get PDM to show the browse dialog - anyone know how to do this? &#...
    Tim Keats
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  • A comment field will not save information.  I believe it might have something to do with the Custom Property.  Not sure of the fix.

    The comment field in a data card is not saving the information when it is checked in.  I am not sure if the file type is the cause or the Custom Variable. 
    Stephanie Boatner Boatner
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  • Cannot Install Solid Works

    Hi, I'm trying to install Solidworks as a student. I then stuck at this step. I try to repeat this many times but same message pop up. I have no idea what's going on. I don't have previous version installed. I restar...
    Lapat J.
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  • HELP! Taking CPPA Exam and SQL Connection v1.2 does nothing when I give it my credentials!

    I enter the correct Server Name, Database Name and authentication but nothing happens. No error message. Nothing. C'mon SW, do better.   PLEASE HELP!
    Jesse Meiring
    created by Jesse Meiring
  • Touch Technology & Markups?

    Hello Everyone,   I am currently evaluating new computer hardware for a company with a lot of users. One of the major additions to SolidWorks in recent years is native Markups and we want to implement them. The ...
    Grant Mattis
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  • Work with a log SolidNetWork License Manager (lmgrd)

    Hi, colleagues! A few months ago, our company had a problem: lack of licenses. I’ve decided to analyze how long employees have been using the license. I’ve begun to read forums and search for information,...
    Vasilii Redinskii
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  • Cad Admin Dashboard - Broken?

    I used to see updates on the CAD Admin Dashboard from most of my users (never all of them, for some reason, despite their all having ticked the box in Solidworks options). Now, however, things are different. One or t...
    John Wayman
    created by John Wayman
  • Can the performance pipeline be enabled with Nvidia Volta cards?

    Hi!   I need to know if the enhanced graphics performance option (SW2019) can be enabled with a Nvidia Tesla V100 installed (VM)? I was reading too many different articles and tried to find out but couldn't get ...
    H. Krieghoff
    created by H. Krieghoff
  • Automated spare parts list

    At my company they have requested me to look into an automated spare parts list. It wouldn’t really be automated as the users would still have to check a box in the part card or something of that sort. My concer...
    Joel Koenigsmark
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  • SolidWorks license not returned

    I borrowed a SolidWorks license and then returned it.  I am now not able to check out a license because it says I already have one checked out.  The license server says there are no licenses checked out....
    Peggy Kralewski
    created by Peggy Kralewski
  • SolidWorks/PDM 2018 hotfix list

    I just got a hotfix from our VAR that solved our PDM problem. I was not aware of the existance of this hotfix, since it was not listet on the SW customer portal or knowledge base. That was not the first time, that I g...
    Lars Uhlenhaut
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  • Student

    Is there any free version for students and how get ı that can you inform me thanks already
    Adem Guelen
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  • SW2020 What's New "Document Coming Soon"

    I usually go to the customer portal and the admin guides section to download the latest "What's New" pdf before installing.   2020 has been released for a little while now, but this is what you get in the custom...
    Andy Sanders
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  • msi installation rollsback at ~99%

    I'm prepping to deploy solidworks from activedirectory. I have all the prereqs rolling out no problem. I have the main msi and a transform. I stuck it on a policy but it didn't work. Running on a desktop with the comm...
    Andrew Streule
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  • Download still locked after registration

    Has anybody else had an issue where you register your Solidworks education but the downloads page is still locked? I've tried to register it multiple times and every time it says my product is now registered by my dow...
    James Bailey
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  • Save Lists of Files with Performance Evaluation

    There's an option (in SW2018) to save a performance evaluation, but the "Show These Files" links don't work when you open the saved HTML file. Is there a way to save and view these lists?   Thanks   Dwight
    Dwight Livingston
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  • Can the Report Generator be automated to email a weekly report?

    I'd like to have a weekly report generated from PDM Professsional and emailed to a group of people showing all files in a specific state.  The objective is to provide awareness on stalled efforts.
    Jeffery Kitzman
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  • sheet metal error : feature cannot be unbent after part has been saved.

    I create a sheet metal part, save it, come back a few days later and get the 'cannot be unbent' error. In every case, it chooses one bend out of many. all the bends are the same. The one in the pic is part of four ...
    George C.
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