• Any Windows 10 (8.1, 7) geeks want instant access to a boatload of controls....

    If you're like me and find yourself doing all of the administrative stuff to your Win10 PC you're going to love this. I understand it's a Windows perk or whatever you call it, a golden egg? Not in general release I gu...
    Bernie Daraz
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    I have been collecting all the GUIDs of previous years of Solidworks back to 2012 in an effort to assist in the uninstalls of various components and previous versions.  Since I haven't seen a comprehensive list a...
    Josiah Sansone
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  • Options>File Locations editing made easier in 2017

    This is great!   http://www.javelin-tech.com/blog/2016/12/solidworks-file-location-editing/
    Bernie Daraz
    created by Bernie Daraz
  • You do not have permission to access the database in the vault

    Since we have upgraded from 2014 SP2 to SP5 users are getting "You do not have permission to access the database in the vault"  when accessing Hole Wizard the first time in SW.   I found the attached SPR 57...
    Bill Stadler
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  • multiple installs, multiple keys

    on my HOME PC i have two versions of solidworks installed: 2011 and 2014. they were both installed and activated using a key that was given to me by a company i used to work for. they were purchased outright and the s...
    N. Ritchey
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  • 2017 sp01 is up

    Wow talk about a quiet release, no EV or anything. They don't have the 'What's fixed' list up yet.
    Scott Lyon
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  • SolidWorks won't start, no error message??

    A causual user just used SW for the first time since our admin image was updated to 2007 SP5.0. The software updated automatically just like it should from the network, but now it won't start. If you double click on t...
    Tounine Mayer
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  • SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Top Ten List

                Thank you to everyone who has submitted enhancement ideas for this year’s SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten. As a reminder, the idea submission phase wil...
    Khaled Hassan
    created by Khaled Hassan
  • Instructions: how to copy settings via wizard on 2016 SP3

    Not sure what was the main problem, but "Copy settings wizard 2016" was doing absolutely nothing (win 8.1, SW2016 Sp3) - not copying any settings. I was trying to restore settings which were backed up via "Copy settin...
    Ben D.
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  • SpaceNavigator driver issue

    This isn't a question, just an issue that I finally got solved and it might help someone else.  Apparently, 3dConnexion has changed the way their software works.  After installing SW2014, I downloaded the la...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • Problem Loading sp3

    I tried to load service pack 3 for 2016 and was not able to initially. When I first started the Installation Manager, I encountered an error message telling me that a reboot was pending from a previous installation. (...
    John Kreutzberger
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  • Windows Critical Updates

    I'm running SW16 on a 7 yr old Dell Workstation with Windows 7.  This week SW became harder to use every day until Friday it was taking 5 minutes of CPU pegged at 100% just to dimension a single line.  ...
    Gerald Watts
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  • Recently switched from another 3D CAD to SolidWorks?

    Recently switched from another 3D CAD to SolidWorks? Let me know your thoughts, your input is extremely valuable to better help you. Contact me directly through the forum message tool or by email: ntb@3ds.com. Thanks ...
    Nicolas Tillet
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  • SPAM Back in Forums

    Looks like we're again attacked by the spammers. Can some please take action immediately. Thanks
    Deepak Gupta
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  • Tracking usage of Solidworks

    When looking at the Solidnetwork license administrator I can easily see how many licenses are currently available and used, but is there a way to better track the usage in terms of daily usage, time, personel, etc? ...
    Tim Turpin
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  • amd w5000

    I have removed my Firepro W5000 as drivers are not working correctly with Solidworks 2013 and Solidcam 2013 or 2015, this card has been a serious Downer since we received it and we are Switching back to Nvidia Quadros...
    Willi Gindner
    created by Willi Gindner
  • Unable to install V2016 - user needs sql permission 'CREATE ANY DATABASE'. Help!

    My local VAR doesn't have an answer. Greg
    Greg Franklin
    created by Greg Franklin
  • SW 2015sp5

    Back In November, I installed a hotfix for SW 2015, sp4. This has solved an issue with crashing and/or freezing up that I had been having. Not a single instance of that sort of thing has happened since I applied the h...
    John Kreutzberger
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  • Error 1904.Module [filepath] Failed to Register.

    Hi All, I was installing SP5.0 onto our 6 Solidworks workstations (all are identical Dell Precision workstations) this evening. All was going fine until I got to the last workstation. When the progress bar was neari...
    Declan McTiernan
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  • Laptop Computer manufacturers

    When buying a new laptop, have people had experiences with the lesser known computer manufacturers, such as Xi computers, sager, exxact and what ever others that might be out there.  How reliable do you feel they...
    Mark Sloans
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