• Deleting old project import files (Parasolid/Step)

    So I'm looking at old projects say 8 years+ old and cleaning up unnecessary files. I have a lot of Step and Parasolid files and I'm really not sure the point in keeping them anymore. Once you import them the actual i...
    Richard Gergely
    created by Richard Gergely
  • blank installationmanager

    Hello   One of my students has a blank installation manager. I unblocked the html files under \sldim\lang\english\html but the installation manager stays blank. I checked all other exe's but they are all u...
    Theo Linders
    created by Theo Linders
  • Your favorite Solidworks error messages

    I wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to ...
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  • Silent install fails without actual error

    I'm trying to install the administrative image of Solidworks with the SolidWorks.msi file. The installation starts but after a couple of seconds it stops. The install command I use is: Start-Process msiexec.exe -Wait...
    Raf Vandelaer
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  • Crusty Old Template File Gotcha

    While working on a thorny problem with EPDM and SW BOMs, I discovered the following in the Knowledge Base:   ================================================================== Solution Id:S-071805 Product:SOLI...
    Jim Sculley
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  • Anyone using IPFS? Any comments, examples or luck using it?

    Anyone using IPFS? Any comments, examples or luck using it? https://ipfs.io https://brave.com
    Paul Salvador
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  • Solidworks 2020 sp3 Crashes upon Opening

    Hey guys,   I cant get this one figured out. Solidworks worked great.  Made my first part. everything seemed fine, then i tried add a chamfer.  And solidworks crashed nothing weird about that right? ...
    Spencer Lee
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  • Installation SolidWorks 2020 SP5 fails error code 2

    Hi there, a customer (education) would like to upgrade to SolidWorks 2020 SP5 from 2019 SP04.  The complete package of Solidworks 2019 is installed, so with Electrical.  With the new version they would not ...
    Jan Jansen
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  • Work with a log SolidNetWork License Manager (lmgrd)

    Hi, colleagues! A few months ago, our company had a problem: lack of licenses. I’ve decided to analyze how long employees have been using the license. I’ve begun to read forums and search for information,...
    Vasilii Redinskii
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  • Logging into SolidWorks CAD

    I know SW has offered the log-in function within the UI for a few years now. My question is, can we use this to handle multiple installs or do we still have to transfer licenses?   Where I'm at now - we're ...
    Karl Okeson
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  • PDM Rev Table Not Uppercase After Multiple Revs

    Hello All,   I'm coming across the problem where my Revision Table does not respect the All Uppercase check box in the format of the Revision Table in the template. It will work for the first revision that is ma...
    Matthew Shaw
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  • Get EAA Student Premium if also have paid license?

    Does anyone know if you can get the EAA Student Premium loaded if you already have a paid license that is not activated?   I haven't been able get an answer on the EAA forum.   Thanks.
    Steve Grossman
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  • Looking for Feedback on VAR in SE US.

    I'm looking for feedback / input on VARs that service the southeastern US.  It looks like my options are:     Access Manufacturing Systems Convergence TPM TriMech Solutions   Thanks,
    Scott Perman
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  • VBA initialization problem

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum.    Solidworks 2020 SP4, Win 10 64 updated except for Release 2004.   Lately, when I launch Solidworks I received the error message:   " Initializing VB ...
    Joe McGrath
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  • "Features" Tab Gone From Command Ribbon - Student SolidWorks 2019

    Hello,   Let me start by saying that I'm new to SolidWorks. I'm using the Student version of 2019 SolidWorks (downloaded through Georgia Tech).   The problem that I've been running into is that the "F...
    Clark Jacobs
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  • High Availbility in SW license server

    Can I have high availability in the Solidworks license server?   I have one Solidworks license server, can I have a second server that host the same license, so if the primary server not working the second serve...
    Admin Itdept
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  • Installation of Solidworks taking hours and now stuck at 59%.

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum. I just created it for this problem I'm having.   Premise: I've already installed Solidworks 6 months ago but I had to delete it for some reasons and now I'm trying to install ...
    Tindaro Mirabile
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  • Enchantment Request

    I have opened a discussion yesterday about an idea here is the link. I am using the student version so I can't use the customer portal. I asked SOLIDWORKS Education/Research Team. They said I should use the Solidworks...
    Onur Dorduncu
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  • setup all solidworks users to use same file locations for templates

    I'm talking about system properties -> file locations   Bom templates, bend tables, documents, etc. We have templates in the vault and those locations need to be set. I've went through and chosen the correct ...
    Cameron Blank
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    Has anyone implemented SAML/OKTA/2FA with EPDM logins?   From my understanding EPDM does not support any of the above.   Thanks!
    Gary Winterboer
    created by Gary Winterboer