• Windows 10  V1903 for SolidWorks

    Does Windows 10 upgrade 1903 suit SolidWorks 2018-2019?
    Erwann Le Jeune
    created by Erwann Le Jeune
  • slow performance issue- highlighting lines in orange

    Whenever I even briefly hover my mouse cursor over a body part on the list, SW will cycle through all of the lines in that sketch and highlight them orange. I have turned off the dynamic highlighting and indeed the sk...
    Tal Mor
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  • Solidworks PCB 2019 opening unmanaged projects?

    Quick background. I am not an Electrical Engineer nor have I ever used this application. I am however a computer programmer, so I have experience using SVN and Tortoise SVN. We lost our System Administrator so I am de...
    Jeff Cho
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  • Trying to move License Server from Windows 7 computer to VM Server error says two servers are running?

    Trying to move License Server from Windows 7 computer to VM Server error says two servers are running?
    David Debolt
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  • Windows explorer does not show the file type, but only "Solidworks Application" can someone help me

    Windows explorer does not show the file type, but only "Solidworks Application" can someone help me
    Pattabi Kakumanu
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  • PDMp workflow state name, block name

    Can I map the Workflow State Name using a Block Name? Where is the workflow state name stored? I want to be able to use the workflow state name in the variable search tab. The variable search tab isn't making avail...
    Derek Eldridge
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  • How do I update an administrative image with a new service pack?

    I have an administrative image created for SolidWorks 2019 SP0 and would like to update it to SP3?  I can't find procedures for doing that.  Does anyone know how to do it?
    Kenneth Corns
    last modified by Kenneth Corns
  • SolidWorks Web Help not working

    Hello,   I recently got SolidWorks and am taking the essentials course. On the first day the teacher showed us what he called an invaluable tool, the "web help" search bar. As you type something, the program pul...
    Aaron Mednick
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  • a license is stuck in use even the it is not in use

    We have one single license for Visualization in Solid"Works 2018. It is showing as assigned to a user even though no one currently has it. How can we free the license?
    Ernest Durham
    last modified by Ernest Durham
  • error loading splash screen vba

    error loading on splash screen, first licensing validation hangup, sometimes vba hangup, or sometimes when applying repair Microsoft c++ error. screens hots attached.  i have uninstalled SW (student version by t...
    Monster Jesse
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  • Solidworks 2012 configured files incompatible in Solidworks 2019 SP2

          We have some very old Solidworks 2012 SP5 files that were never upgrade to Solidworks 2019 SP5. This last week we upgraded to Solidworks 2019 SP2. Now we are having problems with the des...
    Dan Schleicher
    created by Dan Schleicher
  • SolidWorks Randomly Deactivating Licenses

    Over the past two days, I have had to manually reactivate our SolidWorks licenses on our network server.  FlexLM is working fine, as we have another application also running on FlexLM.  Seems to happen at ra...
    Bill Beard
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  • Student Edition's license is about to expire.

    My Solidworks Student Edition's license is about to expire in 15 to 20 days. Can i extend this license for a year or more??
    Usama Ali
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  • Problem activating Visualize licenses at "My Solidworks Products"

    Hello, we are a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner and should be eligible to use Visualize Standard and / or Visualize Pro with our existing SOLIDWORKS licenses according to our Partner agreement. Unfortunately, in our "My S...
    Ralph Mueller
    last modified by Ralph Mueller
  • How to change 2019 installation from student to professional license?

    I now have the license code for the professional version for the place I work at now. Do I have to redownload SW or can I just deactivate the student license to my current version and apply the new one?   EDITED...
    Lamour Atkins
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  • System Manufacturer and Model are not recognized even though computer is certified by SW

    Hello,   I recently got a Dell Precision 5530 for work with the NVIDIA Quadro P2000 graphics card and it is certified on SW here: http://www.solidworks.com/pages/services/VideoCardTesting.html   I download...
    Jeanette Numbers
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  • Why is opening and printing so slow? 260mb memory

    When opening a file in Solidworks it takes forever. I have no idea why, it is only using 258 mb of memory. The system has enough memory (32Gb).     Virtual memory is also enough, I dont know where the 25...
    Erik Janssen
    created by Erik Janssen
  • Licence serveur VPN

    Bonjour,   j'ai mon pc de licence sur lequel j'ai installé un serveur Vpn , depuis mon client j'arrive a pinger le serveur mais je n'arrive pas à récupérer une licence comment faire &...
    Rai Sylvestre
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    When SOLIDWORKS 2020 BETA is COMING?   When it is releasing? solidworks beta weloveit solidworks2020beta
    Abhay Sengar
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  • Switching from Standalone License to Network License

    My company has 4 SW users, 3 onsite and 1 offsite, all with Standalone Licenses. The 3 onsite users have SW Professional. The offsite user has SW Premium and SW Flow Simulation, and will be getting SW Composer soon....
    Sarah Dwight
    last modified by Sarah Dwight