• Solidworks Premium 2019 SP2.0 Suddenly started Crashing at "Save"

    Suddenly, with nothing having changed since yesterday, my Solidworks Premium 2019 SP2.0 is completely crashing when I click "save" on drawings. Yesterday it was not doing this. PC Specs: Windows 10 Pro Build 1809 64...
    Matthew Turner
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  • I am curious why so many SW users are still running Windows 7 software.

    Why are people still using Windows 7? It's end of life is rapidly approaching . . .
    Jeff Wygum
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  • Hardware or software setting problems with new workstation running 2019?

    I recently was able to build my own workstation for work. I went with an intel i9 9900k, Nvidia P4000, 2 TB solid state, 32 gigs of ram and an Asus Rog IX Hero Z270 LGA1151 motherboard. You would think this thing sho...
    Kyle Anderson
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  • Just installed SW2019 S.P. 2 - takes 58 seconds to start up. Have SW2018 - takes 11 seconds. Why is 2019 so slow to launch?

    Just installed SW2019 S.P. 2 - takes 58 seconds to start up. Have SW2018 - takes 11 seconds. Why is 2019 so slow to launch? No add ins at start up + we have the 'fast start' option enabled on computer boot up. Clean i...
    rodney mansfield
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  • 3DConnexion Spaceball with mouse movement at the same time slows model rotation

    Something that has been bugging me for awhile.   I have a 3DConnexion spaceball.  Just the little puck shaped one with the steel base.  I also have a Logitech G500 mouse. I don't recall when it starte...
    Andy Sanders
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  • Failed to initialize VBA (SW 18-19), changing region format does not fix issue

    I am having trouble loading Solidworks 2018-2019 student edition on my computer. I get an error message "Failed to initialize VBA. Are you out of disk space?" I have tried nearly everything I can find on the internet,...
    Josh Marangoni
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  • Launching Solidworks 2016 normally and by bypassing the Tools/Options completely different on a fresh install.

    Hi,   I am trying to run Solidworks 2016 on a Surface Laptop 2 with an Intel i5-8250U CPU and Intel UHD Graphics 620 on board graphics. I have the latest graphics driver from Microsoft installed which is 24.20.1...
    James Stewart
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  • Speeding up Admin Image installs?

    Just wondering if you guys had a list of tips to speed up admin image installs. I am having clients install from an admin image located on a server, and they are installing by clicking the HTA link over the network. I...
    Mark Athey
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  • Solidworks installation manager slows down to install

    SolidWorks 2016 SP04 installation manager slows down to install when Plastics or FlowSimulation. We don't see any pop-up also mentioning its failed. Need help in anlayzing, why its not installing. Am not getting any...
    Balaranga Polur
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  • Solidworks 2017 Everything frozen

    Hello. I am trying to run solidworks 2017 on my university's vmware however, when I try to open solidworks it gets stuck on loading registry. Also when I try to open anything related to solidworks it is frozen. Sho...
    Joshua Tashbar
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  • Solidworks pin to task tab opens new application

    I pinned SW2019 to the taskbar, but when I click on the icon in the taskbar Solidworks opens in a new application leaving 2 Solidworks icons on the taskbar.  Can someone tell me if this is a bug, can I do anythin...
    Vance Wright
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  • We just uploaded the 2017 version and  the option to Include prefix, suffix and tolerance of dimensions, in a note is not working.

    . SolidWorks API Support
    Kristian Grasberger
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  • Install FAILED with code 1603

    I am unable to installed solidworks 2017 and always get the error message "** Install FAILED with code 1603".  Please check below for the last few snippets of installation error logs taken during the last install...
    Abdelatif Elaissate
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  • Benchmark data for I/O.  SW2017 vs SW2018

    Has anyone else noticed a difference in their benchmark results from SW2017 to SW2018? In particular my 12 users are getting much worse I/O numbers in SW2018 than they did in SW2017.   Here are some average re...
    Mike Floyd
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  • Solidworks 2018 performance issues

    Greetings, I am experiencing some performance issues with solidworks 2018 sp 5. I am running windows 10 on a HP Z600 with 16G of ram. I have the latest video card driver for my M2000.   Solidworks is operating s...
    Nigel Bowen
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  • what is the best solution in "lost connection to data base"

    Jorge cuevas
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  • High performance Computer for SW 2019

    Hi. Sorry by my english language, I know is very poor, buy I think that writting in english you´ll can understand me better. I want to buy one computer to run assemblies with more than 10.000 parts. and I&acut...
    Jose Carlos Mundo
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  • Best time to upgrade to SW 2019?

    Hey guys,   I have a basic question, with regard to deciding when to upgrade. I have a lot of Inventor experience, but only about 1.5 years on SW. Inventor was known for adding a lot of content in one release, a...
    Mike Thompson
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  • Solidworks crashing on start up. Fault Module: ig9icd64:00021621

    Hi all, From last week, anytime I start up Solidworks, it crashes after about 20 s regardless of any action you take. The error message I keep getting is Fault Module:  ig9icd64:00021621 Anyone experiencing th...
    Ebenezer Owusu-Ansah
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  • 2016 version or 2017?

    I have used SW since version 98+ and kept my subscription current until deciding not to renew November 30, 2017. I have been using SW 2016 for the little bit of work that I still do, but have an install file for SW 20...
    John Kreutzberger
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