• SW2019 takes up multiple licenses using Windows File Explorer to open files

    I just changed from SW2016 to SW2019. Now every time I open a part by double-clicking in Windows File Explorer, SW takes up a new license. If I use SW's own browse function, then it uses the same license as the previo...
    Theis Krarup
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  • Solidworks Premium 2019 SP2.0 Suddenly started Crashing at "Save"

    Suddenly, with nothing having changed since yesterday, my Solidworks Premium 2019 SP2.0 is completely crashing when I click "save" on drawings. Yesterday it was not doing this. PC Specs: Windows 10 Pro Build 1809 64...
    Matthew Turner
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  • Nvidia P2000 driver issues

    SYSTEM: -DELL PRECISION TOWER 3630 -NVIDIA QUADRO P2000 -WINDOWS 10 X 64 (BUILD 17763) -INTEL (R) CORE I7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHZ (12CPUS) -32G RAM -DIRECTX 12 -Solidworks 2019     The Solidworks recomme...
    Andrew Stashefski
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  • I am curious why so many SW users are still running Windows 7 software.

    Why are people still using Windows 7? It's end of life is rapidly approaching . . .
    Jeff Value
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  • Problem with HardDisk / Problème avec Disque Dur

    EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to Administration space. Please use the appropriate space when one exists. The About the Forum space is specifically for posts about the SOLIDWORKS forum itself.   Hello, First, sorry...
  • Download error

    When Installing Solisworks updates / service packs I get the following error..   Installation files could not be downloaded because: Internal Error: CoCreateInstance({652E77B7-69AA-491B-8C64-25B79239863F}) FAILE...
    Charles Downs
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  • Hardware or software setting problems with new workstation running 2019?

    I recently was able to build my own workstation for work. I went with an intel i9 9900k, Nvidia P4000, 2 TB solid state, 32 gigs of ram and an Asus Rog IX Hero Z270 LGA1151 motherboard. You would think this thing sho...
    Kyle Anderson
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  • 3DConnexion Spaceball with mouse movement at the same time slows model rotation

    Something that has been bugging me for awhile.   I have a 3DConnexion spaceball.  Just the little puck shaped one with the steel base.  I also have a Logitech G500 mouse. I don't recall when it starte...
    Andy Sanders
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  • Failed to initialize VBA (SW 18-19), changing region format does not fix issue

    I am having trouble loading Solidworks 2018-2019 student edition on my computer. I get an error message "Failed to initialize VBA. Are you out of disk space?" I have tried nearly everything I can find on the internet,...
    Josh Marangoni
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  • Can a Windows 10 workstation be a Network License Manager?

    We are moving from standalone licensing (SW2017) to network licensing (SW2019) for 4 users . Can we put the Network License Manager on a Windows 10 Pro workstation (which also has Solidworks 2019 installed on it) ...
    Adam Sewells
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  • Launching Solidworks 2016 normally and by bypassing the Tools/Options completely different on a fresh install.

    Hi,   I am trying to run Solidworks 2016 on a Surface Laptop 2 with an Intel i5-8250U CPU and Intel UHD Graphics 620 on board graphics. I have the latest graphics driver from Microsoft installed which is 24.20.1...
    James Stewart
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  • Choosing a new laptop

    Hey Guys.   I was recently awarded an entrepreneurial license to get my start up going in the right direction. The start up is a new 2 seat aircraft kit for the homebuilt aircraft market.   I do most of my...
    Justin Martin
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  • Does solidworks work with Mac?

    I have a windows pc with solidworks, but i would rather use my Mac   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to Administration space with Hardware and OS category checked. Please post in the appropriate space if there is one...
    Andreas Storm
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  • Solidworks 2017 Everything frozen

    Hello. I am trying to run solidworks 2017 on my university's vmware however, when I try to open solidworks it gets stuck on loading registry. Also when I try to open anything related to solidworks it is frozen. Sho...
    Joshua Tashbar
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  • We just uploaded the 2017 version and  the option to Include prefix, suffix and tolerance of dimensions, in a note is not working.

    . SolidWorks API Support
    Kristian Grasberger
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  • Install FAILED with code 1603

    I am unable to installed solidworks 2017 and always get the error message "** Install FAILED with code 1603".  Please check below for the last few snippets of installation error logs taken during the last install...
    Abdelatif Elaissate
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  • Windows update

    We had a couple computers with an install message that came up after a windows install. Any ideas what this is?  
    Joseph Nagle
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  • Certified Video Card driver does not install on the selected OS

    At SOLIDWORKS Hardware Certification | Hardware & System Requirements | SOLIDWORKS , I selected the following to get the right driver for re-purposing an older PC before installing SWx Edu 2019-2020 on it.  ...
    Tom Gagnon
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  • Have product key but lost CD for solidworks 2013. What can I do?

    Hi, I want to reinstall solidworks 2013 on a new PC. I cannot find the CD, but I do have my product key, how can I make this work?
    Salvatore Lucci
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  • New workstation specs, what should I upgrade (if anything)

    Our assemblies top out around 5,000 parts, most are much smaller.  I do occasional FEA, but it's not every day, or even every month.   Using 2010 premium and here is a workstation some local guys have quote...
    Robert Wicks
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