• solidworks  electrica在打开工程图后的左侧设计树不见了,如何将左侧的设计数复原回来?

    solidworks electrica在打开工程图后的左侧设计树不见了,如何将左侧的设计数复原回来?寻求帮助!谢谢! The left design tree of solidworks electrica is missing after opening the drawing. How to restore the left design number? Seek help! Thank you!
    斌 荣 吕
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  • Customer portal locked WITH subscription

    Hello everyone, I would like to get acces to the CSWP training courses. But in order to get access, I need to upgrade my account from 'guest' to 'standard'. Now I'm trying to register my solidworks license key to gai...
    Robert Delis
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  • eCourse not working. I am trying to take the Sheet Metal eCourse. I have completed the Overview and Introduction sections of the course. Now I cannot advance to the next module in the course. I have tried Chrome and IE for browsers.  Thank you for your he

    Hello, I am having issues with an eCourse not working properly I am trying to take the Sheet Metal eCourse. I have completed the Overview and Introduction sections of the course. Now I cannot advance to the nex...
    Julio Almeida
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  • Software/website used to broadcast training information

    At my company we have a team of SolidWorks trainers and we regularly create how to/best practices documents for the rest of the Engineering department.     I am trying to find good software/website to ...
    Eric Schwieterman
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  • Nvidia drivers security flaw....

    Security Bulletin: NVIDIA GPU Display Driver - August 2019 | NVIDIA    Just in case you have affected drivers.
    Wojciech Paterski
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  • a license is stuck in use even the it is not in use

    We have one single license for Visualization in Solid"Works 2018. It is showing as assigned to a user even though no one currently has it. How can we free the license?
    Ernest Durham
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  • Student Edition's license is about to expire.

    My Solidworks Student Edition's license is about to expire in 15 to 20 days. Can i extend this license for a year or more??
    Usama Ali
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  • Problem activating Visualize licenses at "My Solidworks Products"

    Hello, we are a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner and should be eligible to use Visualize Standard and / or Visualize Pro with our existing SOLIDWORKS licenses according to our Partner agreement. Unfortunately, in our "My S...
    Ralph Mueller
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  • Do online licensing ask an active maintenance to be activated?

    I don't find an official information about the need (or not) to have an active maintenance (subscription) to switch a standalone CAD license to online licensing.   Is an active maintenance mandatory?   Tha...
    Francesco Veroni
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  • Fully automating SW Image Installations (What SolidWorks doesn't tell you...)

    This will hopefully save some fellow CAD Admins and users headaches, since a lot of these details aren't well documented and only learned through trial & error.   Our particular installation scenario is for ...
    Scott A. Wheeler
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  • Switching from Standalone License to Network License

    My company has 4 SW users, 3 onsite and 1 offsite, all with Standalone Licenses. The 3 onsite users have SW Professional. The offsite user has SW Premium and SW Flow Simulation, and will be getting SW Composer soon....
    Sarah Dwight
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  • SNL on a Cloud server

    We have a few offices using Solidworks in different cities. We need to access to SNL from those remote workplace. Can I install SNL on a Cloud Server (Amazon Web Services, for exanple)? I've already created instance E...
    Timur Kairalapov
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  • Is there a better workflow way to unrelease a file through PDM and keep the same revision

    So, I'm trying to figure out the best way to unrelease a file in our workflow.  This is for those cases where either a file was released by accident or if a minor change was need to be made but a new revision was...
    Brian Stoddard
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  • Quick Export of Toolbox/Hole Wizard Data?

    Ok this is an odd one.  I was just looking at the toolbox folder we are using on our network and well there is so much legacy data and misc. garbage in the folder that it's almost impossible to manage the file st...
    Darrell Conley
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  • Software purchasing let me down

    I am a new engineer at a factory and our company want to purchase a new simulation software. Our maneger ask me to compare the software and discuss with the accounting department. Then they will buy for us. I found th...
    Xixi Wen
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  • Using PDM to manage discontinued parts and inventory

    Time for another discussion about PDM and file management.  I am trying to come up with the best way to manage discontinued parts. Please let me know what you do, your suggestions, or the problems you have that a...
    Josh Hixon
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  • Clean Uninstall of SW2018 and Reinstall SW2019

    My VAR is unable to provide updated instructions for clean uninstalling/reinstalling Solidworks.  The instructions I've found online do not apply to SW 2018 on Win10 64bit.   Can anyone point me to detailed...
    M. B.
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  • Solidworks Premium 2019 SP2.0 Suddenly started Crashing at "Save"

    Suddenly, with nothing having changed since yesterday, my Solidworks Premium 2019 SP2.0 is completely crashing when I click "save" on drawings. Yesterday it was not doing this. PC Specs: Windows 10 Pro Build 1809 64...
    Matthew Turner
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  • where to save macros in 2019

    I have a macro that I downloaded and last used in 2017, "Springapi.swp" it doesn't show in the 2019 menu. Where should I save it so I can use it in 2019.
    Gerald Watts
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  • SolidWorks 2018 Service Pack release dates

    Hello,   Does anyone know the release dates of SolidWorks 2018 service packs?
    Dinesh Kumar
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