• why don't I have a sheet metal tab in my solidwords program

    I just started school for engineering and was able to download a student edition version of solidworks, but I can't find the sheetmetal tab on my toolbar.
    Gregg Calamaco
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  • Product cannot be removed while there is an active session.(SBL-EXL-00151)

    I converted a machine licence to an online licence and assigned it to a user (myself). Now I want to swap licences with a colleague who has a Pro licence. But when I try to release my licence using 'Remove Product' in...
    Simon Hall
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  • 寸法記号のΦが/になる

    図面寸法を記入の際、Φが/として表記される SW2020 3
    Masaru Kuriyama
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  • How to automate a Qty. of "AS REQ" for bulk items in the Computed PDM BOM

    We are currently using SWx 2020 SP2 with PDM Standard at my company. Up until this point we have been using PDM as a library strictly for check in/out purposes. I am now trying to get us up to speed utilizing more PDM...
    Marco Pocoroba
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  • Enchantment Request

    I have opened a discussion yesterday about an idea here is the link. I am using the student version so I can't use the customer portal. I asked SOLIDWORKS Education/Research Team. They said I should use the Solidworks...
    Onur Dorduncu
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  • i have solidworks premium license. so, how i can upgarde mysolidworks account type

    i want to access a course of motion which is available for professional account. i have premium license but it show account type is standard. so, i read on a website that for premium license we can use a professional ...
    Gaurav Lahoti
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  • Work with a log SolidNetWork License Manager (lmgrd)

    Hi, colleagues! A few months ago, our company had a problem: lack of licenses. I’ve decided to analyze how long employees have been using the license. I’ve begun to read forums and search for information,...
    Vasilii Redinskii
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  • does anyone use a Solidworks Monitoring software?

    i have been looking for a software that can tell me how much/ how many of our Solidworks licenses we are using. is there anything like that out there? 
    Tom Puttkammer
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  • Online license transaction failed

    Hello,   I am using Solidworks Online Licensing on multiple desktops and laptops for a while now. We have a pretty stable internet connection so no problems there, and it is working pretty well. We use Solidwo...
    Gijs Manders
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  • How to apply a .sldsettings file to existing solidworks installations?

    I created a .sldsettings file and an admin image for a solidworks upgrade, but failed to point the settings administrator tool to the correct location.  Now that we have upgraded Solidworks to the latest version,...
    Jordan Juengel
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  • I have lost my hard copy of SolidWorks 2015 and need to download an installation file

    Technical problems have left me with a laptop which no longer has SolidWorks installed on it. I have the license key and all the information I think I need, but can't seem to find a download link anywhere. Can someone...
    Rob Wilson
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  • CAD Admin Dashboard Not Updating

    Hello, Two weeks ago at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 the Cad Admin Dashboard was promoted in several presentations, so  I was excited to get back to work and try it again, as we had tried to use it previously bu...
    Pete Nelson
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  • License Report Tool

    Hi all,   As the SNL log file is difficult to read and organize. So, I have just developed a free license report tool to help Company to analysis the license utilization status in real time mode. It is still in...
    Win Lai
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  • 3DEXPERIENCE 2020 Breakout sessions download link?

    Where can I download the 3D EXperience 2020 breakout sessions ( PPT and Videos) . Require download link.   Regards, Richie MORE
    Richie More
    created by Richie More
  • Automatic deployment

    Trying to get the administrative image automatic deployment working on our domain and it will not connect to any of our computers. We have Windows server 2019, trying to deploy Solidworks 2020 SP1.0. The test run wi...
    Scott Baumli
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  • Online licensing outages!!!!

    We seem to be suffering an issue with online licensing. I had a user kicked off his machine yesterday for a while, and today a second user just had to give up trying to get solidworks to start. I switched that licens...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Solidworks gets stuck at the loading page with the text “loading registry” . I’ve uninstalled and re-installed Solidworks, but the loading page is still stuck on “loading registry”.

    Solidworks gets stuck at the loading page with the text “loading registry” (See image below). I’ve uninstalled and re-installed Solidworks, but the loading page is still stuck on “loading regis...
    Pradeep Nayak
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  • solidworks2019/2020 can use nvidia Maximus ?

    Hello, I'm using Quadro k4000 SolidWorks version 2019. When I open the large assembly, the software will become very stuck and cannot edit parts. Can I purchase Tesla K20 for upgrading, whether SolidWorks supports NVI...
    Eric break
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  • Why you should consider On-line licensing

    Based on some comments in another thread, I thought I would share how well Online licensing works.  (Yes, I'm praising Solidworks.  )   When I left for work this evening, I intentionally left solidwork...
    Scott Perman
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  • Change of company name (SW licence)

    If you need to change the company a licence is allocated to you get a nice form to fill in from your VAR to authorize it. It really is a nice simple system. There is just a slight delay.  About 10 years! I f...
    Gordon Rigg
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