• How to prevent vault folders from being added to Windows10 quick access?

    As the question states, is there anyway to prevent the vault or vault folders from being automatically added to quick access?   The problem with them being there is it asks users to login to the vault when using...
    David Lane
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  • More activation woes. Odds this can get fixed on a Sunday?

    Upgraded the drive in my machine. Booted using new drive, got re-activation error. Shut down, swapped drives, rebooted. De-activated SW products... kind of. Products now show as deactivated, but there was a server ...
    Jeffrey Model
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  • Cambio de unidades definitivo.

    Hola! Mi SolidWorks tiene configurado un sistema de unidades que no es el adecuado para mi, pero no encuentro la manera de cambiarlo definitivamente. ¿Alguien puede ayudarme?
  • How do I take my SW 2020 licence offline?

    To enable me to continue working if the internet is down
    Neil Wilkinson
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  • EPDM Workflow - How to hide automatic transition?

    Hi everyone,   I have a question regarding the use of automatic transition in workflow.   Currently I have an automatic transition set so that it triggers whenever a certain condition is met (matches part...
    Lynx Lu
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  • PDM Admin Guide

    Can I download a copy of the PDM Adimn Guid
    Steven Cates
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  • VPN access to PDM - temporary machine licenses for ipv6 issue.

    If you have VPN access to your server you may find you can't log in to PDM due to no ipv6 support in the PDM license server application. All the pings work it just wont issue a licence over the VPN. Solidworks are is...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Suppress EULA Agreements VDI

    Good morning.   I am the VDI system administrator for a university. We currently use Solidworks 2013 in a VMware linked clone VDI environment. We currently have one gold image which is pushed out to a pool that ...
    Randall Brown
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  • Stumped: The document does not meet the conditions of any workflow

    I am stumped. I have the vault setup so editors can check things in under projects. However, editors cannot check things into their user directories. I've checked and I have the groups states and transitions setup to ...
    Brent Theobald
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  • Windows explorer does not show the file type, but only "SolidWorks Application"

    Dear community   After installing SW2019, my windows explorer does not show what kind of file type it is (e.g. .STEP, .x_t etc), but only says "SldWorks 2019 Application". Anyone who knows how i can change this...
    Klaus Falk Hansen
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  • Solidworks 2019 Installation Error

    Hi,   I am trying to install the 2019 student solid works edition but keep receiving the same error: The Installation Manager encountered an error when creating this registry key.     I am the only ...
    Guy Lawrence
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  • CAD Admin Dashboard Not Updating

    Hello, Two weeks ago at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 the Cad Admin Dashboard was promoted in several presentations, so  I was excited to get back to work and try it again, as we had tried to use it previously bu...
    Pete Nelson
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  • SolidWorks for remote access via application virtualization products like VMWare Thinapp or Microsoft App-V?

    Are there any instructions or recommendations for deploying SolidWorks for remote access via application virtualization products like VMWare Thinapp or Microsoft App-V?
    Nmt Tcc
    created by Nmt Tcc
  • Create a vault view only by modifying the registry?

    Is it possible to create a vault view by only changing/creating the registry values?   If I just create the following key with all the values, is that all that's required? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks...
    David Lane
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  • Split tunnel VPN access to PDM - for working from home due to Coronavirus?

    Hi As a potential contingency, we are looking at getting the CAD users to from home and to access the PDM pro and network licences via VPN. We don't have particularly fast internet access at our place of work, sadly...
    John Layne
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  • How to add (found in) column into PDM search

    I am trying to find a way to add in the (found in column) to PDM search. found this article that offered some help, but am unsure what category to select to add this column to your current window. https://help.solidwo...
    Clinton Torrey
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  • Admin image installer, custom scripts

    I have a simple question about the admin image installer and running a custom program (before or after installation). What happens if the computer is restarted or the installation is interrupted in the middle of runni...
    David Lane
    created by David Lane

    Hello. I am trying to create a custom BOM in Solidworks PDM but the custom properties are not filling out. I can get the title head to show but the value isn't showing. Any ideas? 
    Bri Guy
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  • Tips/Best Practice: Managing Admin Images

    Hi,   I have been the IT admin at our company for a few years and have managed to create admin images, configure different options for different groups of computers and deploy this image.  When a new major ...
    Michael Yorke
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  • EPDM all files are read only

    All our files are read only, nothing is checked in Solidworks but when I right click part or assembly the read only box is checked. I went through (I'm admin for epdm) all the files and unchecked the box, to only find...
    Renee Kontra
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