Greg Jankowski

Manual Downloads and the SolidWorks Installation Manager

Blog Post created by Greg Jankowski Employee on Aug 27, 2009

The SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager performs a number of purposes;

  • Identifies what software and version(s) are installed.
  • Checks for updates to installed software.
  • Identifies required system pre-requisites needed.
  • Accelerate the download process.
  • Support for downloading software only and off-hours.
  • Identify the required items for a safe, manual download.
  • and more...


Whether you choose not to use the automated process within the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager or you have proxy or Internet connection issues, the only safe means to manually download and update SOLIDWORKS is using Installation Manager assisted manual downloads.


The SolidWorks Installation Manager will insure that system pre-requisites are installed and up-to-date. The SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager ensures you do not exclude required prerequisites that can impact a successful installation and program stability.


To manually download files using the SOLIDWORKS 2019 Installation Manager (IM)

  1. Start the Installation Manager (IM)
  2. Select 'Download and share all files. Create individual installs or administrative images on multiple machines with a single download'.
  3. Enter the serial numbers for your selected products. 
  4. Review the system check warnings before continuing. Click Next.
  5. On the Summary page, click on 'Change'

    Specify your desired download folder if necessary.

    Under 'Additional Options', enable the option 'Conduct manual download- Use this option if you have trouble downloading automatically' if necessary.
  6. click 'Back to Summary'.
  7. Accept the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement terms and click on Download Now.

  8.  Select 'Click here for manual download'. You will be redirected to a SOLIDWORKS webpage which lists the files you need. Follow the instructions on this SOLIDWORKS webpage.

  9. Download each file listed

  10. Save files to this the download location you specified in step 7
  11. Go back to the Installation Manager and click Next. The IM will verify the file and start the installation.


Also see the Anti-Virus and Installation blog post for information on installation and anti-virus.


Using the Installation Manager is the only safe means to insure you have a valid installation.