Greg Jankowski

Anti-Virus and Installation

Blog Post created by Greg Jankowski Employee on Aug 26, 2009

The use of an anti-virus applications, and keeping it up-to-date, is vital to maintaining a safe computing environment.


Often I have heard discussions of whether anti-virus software should be turned off during installation. To address this we created a page

( listing anti-virus applications we test during the installation and usage of SolidWorks.


For any application listed:

  • We test to insure the version listed will install with no issues.
  • Insure there are no issues with normal usage.
  • If there are any issues, we will list the relevant issues and SPRs (Bugs) within the notes area.
  • If the application shows as passed, you do not have to turn off your anti-virus application during the installation, and subsequent reboot, of SolidWorks.


For any application not listed:

  • You may need to temporarily disable anti-virus during install and re-boot (see the advisory note on the website).



Not all anti-virus applications are the same. Look for, and test, the performance of your application when opening a large number of file or very large files. The anti-virus application will scan each file as they are opened. While it would never be a good idea to turn of your anti-virus application to increase performance, you may want to consider excluding .sldprt, .sldasm, and .slddrw file types from the open file scan. These files could be scanned on your local computer and/or server off-hours. Discuss the risks and options with your IT or system administrator.


Also see Manual Downloads and the SolidWorks Installation Manager for additional installation related tips.