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Miguel Batista
i just receive  email info that SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP3 Early Visibility is ready, but in support page wont appear
in Administration
Jim Sculley
While working on a thorny problem with EPDM and SW BOMs, I discovered the following in the Knowledge Base:   ================================================================== Solution Id:S-071805 Product:SOLIDWORKS Professional 2016 Created:8/18/2016 Technically Reviewed Date:1/4/2017 Area:Save/Open Sub-Area: Question:In the SOLIDWORKS®… (Show more)
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Greg Miller
I have an active Solidworks subscription for Solidworks Profesional on a network.  I also have a version of Solidworks Simulation not under subscription.  How can I get my Solidworks login to recognize that I have an active subscription?  When I type in my serial number it says it's not active...  Are there two different serial numbers?
in Administration
Jaco Jansen Van Rensburg
Hi Guys and girls   A Client gets an error when trying to run SW Standard. All the other pacakages is working fine, she is using her machine as the server for the Solidnetwork license manager
in Administration
Caleb Becker
Hi. I am trying to install the latest service pack in SW 2017.  In the summary tab of the installation my "Install Now" button is greyed out and when I mouse over the button then a message pops up "Select your Tool Box installation method".  Ok.  So I can not do anything in the Toolbox/Hole Wizard Options because the "Change" Button is Grayed out… (Show more)
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Eyal Siryon
Hello all. We are thinking of going to the virtual area with Nvidia grid and VMware environment. I have found in the benchmark results some that looks like our infrastructure. How can I reach those users that posted the results?
in Administration
John Kiernan
  The last line of the IMLog reads: [I     0 1 WorkerThr..nager.cpp(27356) 14:36:15] Enter Final State called with install error = {0: }.  InServer = 233570040, EnterFail = 233569840, status = 233569720  Has anyone else seen as similar error?
in Administration
Mat Wynn
Currently we have a number of PC's within the company that use SolidWorks. These machines are all licenses individually. When SP3 2018 releases we want to be able to integrate this into the company using an admin image rather than the way we have currently got it set up.   I need help starting off this process- who do I talk to and what can I as… (Show more)
in Administration
Austin Broeker
We have a fairly small user group so it's been pretty easy for me to mentally keep track of which PDM licenses (Editor / Contributor / Viewer) have been installed on each user's machine, but our group continues to expand. Is there a way to view what PDM licenses are installed on machines tied to our vault? I want to keep track of this so I can… (Show more)
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Manivannan Panneerselvam
Hi      I am using Solidworks 2017 lost week I upgraded SolidWorks 2018 after that my part, assembly & 2D sheet file preview option is not working   if anyone knows how to fix this problem.
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