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Jeffrey Pannell
Not even sure if this is, at all, possible but we've got Synology Rackstations that have Docker packages available on them. I know containers in Docker are lightweight and not full-fledged Virtual Machines (by comparison). They're meant to run single applications/services. I'm curious if it is at all possible to take something like the… (Show more)
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Boone Shangle
I currently use a license for solidworks that I received for a college class. According to my license manager, it's valid until 07/31/2020 however the customer portal says it's not a valid license. I have lost the power cord for my laptop (my main solidworks computer) and can't use solidworks. I was hoping to download onto another computer but I… (Show more)
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Klaus Falk Hansen
Click to view contentDear community   After installing SW2019, my windows explorer does not show what kind of file type it is (e.g. .STEP, .x_t etc), but only says "SldWorks 2019 Application". Anyone who knows how i can change this back?     Kind regards Klaus
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Scott Perman
Click to view contentBased on some comments in another thread, I thought I would share how well Online licensing works.  (Yes, I'm praising Solidworks.  )   When I left for work this evening, I intentionally left solidworks open.  When I got to home and started solidworks, I was shown the following message:     When I get to work tomorrow morning, I will see this… (Show more)
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Pradeep Nayak
Solidworks gets stuck at the loading page with the text “loading registry” (See image below). I’ve uninstalled and re-installed Solidworks, but the loading page is still stuck on “loading registry”.   Unfortunately, this is the third time this error has happened to me in the past 8 months. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Click to view contentI wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to post here unless you have an image to contribute, so that there is not too much text in between each image.  Anyone have the chinese… (Show more)
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Tom Puttkammer
i have been looking for a software that can tell me how much/ how many of our Solidworks licenses we are using. is there anything like that out there? 
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Duane Reid
I am currently using Solidworks 2016 premium on a laptop with windows 7, the operating system is being changed to Windows 10. Will Solidworks continue to run or do I need to upgrade to 2020
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Mario Zahren
Hello fellow sufferers, has anyone ever heard something about a Benchmark-Test for PDM-Professional?   Cheers Mario
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Nmt Tcc
Can the 2020 SolidNetWork License Manager run on Windows 2012?
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