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Dan Davidson
My company is in the process of transitioning from Workgroup PDM to PDM Professional.  I am setting up a workflow to mimic the process we’re currently using in Workgroup PDM, and have encountered some obstacles that I’m very concerned about.   I want to give users in the Engineering user group the ability to check out files that are in a… (Show more)
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Shai Shifrin
I have HP Zbook Studio G4 that has Quadro M1200 graphics card. I run SW 2020 and recently I see the some of the shading options are gone. I guess this is due to a graphic driver update that I did recently.   Where can I find the right driver?   TIA Shai
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Qedir Qarashov
HI,I am trying to download Solidworks 2018 but it says <Toolbox installation location was set and cannot be changed> and install button is greyed out because of this What can I do? Thanks in advace SolidWorks CorpSolidWorks API SupportArlin LoewenDefault Default
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Andrew Treves
Hi I've completely lost the windows explorer permanently so I need to remove the Solidworks licence and re-install windows as I can't use anything other than icons on the toolbar.How can I do this please?
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Phillip Montour
I am looking for the post processor for using MultiCam cnc router for milling. 
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Lasse Nielsen
Click to view content  Hi forum   I have a lot of files named something like "Product name M16(2.0) some additional text" where (2.0) is the pitch of a standard M16 thread. Now, i need to add an extra 0 to these files and needed to find the string location for ".0)" but that would result in value that looks like Find(%NameOfSelectedFile%, .0)) where PDM ignores the… (Show more)
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Lucianne Morin
Hello, I am trying to download a new version of Solidworks. However, I am unable to perform an automatic download, I think because of the WiFi in my lab. When I perform the manual download, I have to move all of the files from my downloads folder into the specific folder Solidworks calls them from, and then I proceed in the installer. That's when… (Show more)
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Nmt Tcc
Can the 2020 SolidNetWork License Manager run on Windows 2012?
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Vasilii Redinskii
Click to view contentHi, colleagues! A few months ago, our company had a problem: lack of licenses. I’ve decided to analyze how long employees have been using the license. I’ve begun to read forums and search for information, then I’ve talked with colleagues at the SW-users meeting, also I found a video application here. As a result, I’ve decided to analyze it… (Show more)
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