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Julius Graeser
Hey,   Please delete my accounts and all data you have of me. I am not using the service and would like to have ma data removed.   Best Regards
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John Lhuillier
Online licensing is a super huge FIASCO or PITA. When you get constantly kicked off saying that there is no longer a license available to save your work because we're shutting down to the latest message that Solidworks is not enabled for my ID & won't start is really starting the blood to boil. Plus I can't get logged into the Solidworks Cad Admin… (Show more)
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Mike Thompson
Hey guys,   I have a basic question, with regard to deciding when to upgrade. I have a lot of Inventor experience, but only about 1.5 years on SW. Inventor was known for adding a lot of content in one release, and implementing a lot of bug fixes in the next. Is SW similar, in your opinion? If so, which cycle would you consider 2018 vs. 2019?   I… (Show more)
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Prabaharan Pichaiyan
Hi,   Is there any way to checkout drawing files  together with 3D files, when we check out part or assembly from vault? Instead of selecting individually in checkout prompt window ?     Thanks
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Robert Pickeral
I've developed a workflow in the production vault. The workflow uses it's own serial counter, template and folder. I'll need to change the serial counter now that I've completed testing and I'm ready to get this into Production - in the existing Production folder too. I'm trying to figure out the best method to do so.   I know I can't simply open… (Show more)
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M. B.
My VAR is unable to provide updated instructions for clean uninstalling/reinstalling Solidworks.  The instructions I've found online do not apply to SW 2018 on Win10 64bit.   Can anyone point me to detailed instructions specific to a clean uninstall of SW2018 prior to installing SW2019?   Thanks
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Pedro Augusto
Hi, can you guys help me?   I have SolidWorks 2016 on my machine, but when I try to create a drawing, it freezes and closes the software. I uninstalled, removed the driver, updated the driver but it continues the same way.   Video devices installed:     Intel HD Graphics 630   NVIDIA Quadro P400   Looking for solutions I found that by… (Show more)
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Scott Wheeler
This will hopefully save some fellow CAD Admins and users headaches, since a lot of these details aren't well documented and only learned through trial & error.   Our particular installation scenario is for 90+ users across multiple sites with the majority of SolidWorks software packages installed, including PDM, Electrical, all the Simulations,… (Show more)
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Shan Lentine
When using the Admin Image Tool and using the Deploy Automatically function, my status is not updating.  On the client computer, it is creating a log entry at the end of the install which reads, "This client does not have write permission to the logs directory: <SWX install location>\SW17_SP3.0\64bit\logs\\SBDEV-ENOW7.   Notice the double back… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to post here unless you have an image to contribute, so that there is not too much text in between each image.  Anyone have the chinese… (Show more)
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