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Cody Zorn
Did you know that Solidworks rescinded the ability to activate your license on two separate machines?  This was super handy when you had a portable laptop and an office computer setup. Or, some call it a "home" license, allowing you to activate at the office and at home.  Now we have to transfer our license between the computers or purchase an… (Show more)
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Jim Sculley
I was creating a new administrative image for SW2018 SP 0.1 and one of the files in SOLIDWORKS CAM was flagged by ESET anti-virus as being a potentially unsafe application.  The file in question is 'elevate.exe' in the SOLIDWORKS CAM/NCEditor/Sys folder.  In looking at the Quarantine history, the file was also flagged in my PR1 admin image.   I'm… (Show more)
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Josh Hixon
I am fairly new to PDM admin work, and this one is stumping me. Is it possible to have a Variable revert to the Default Value everytime the file is checked out?   I want to grab the current users initials to add to the revision block. I have added a read-only edit-box to my data card that is pulling the special value User-Initials as the default… (Show more)
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Shaodun Lin
If you are working for a SOLIDWORKS reseller, please let me know: How do you cultivate/training CAD Admin for the customers ( especially for major accounts )? Do you have a systematic approach? Have you developed specific materials for the CAD Admin training?   If you are a SOLIDWORKS customer, please let me know: How did you grow yourself as… (Show more)
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Charles Isaac-Samuel
Hi all, I get an "Internal Error: CoCreate Instance Failed" message when I try to download SW2018 SP1. I am wondering what the issue is. I am not coming up with much in the way of what the error means...
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C. Schmidt
Hello everyone!   I am about to buy new CAD workstations, as our current solutions are getting rather dated.   We currently use Dell T7500 series workstations.   I wanted to know what others have purchased along the lines of new hardware.   Lately, I had my eyes on the Precision 5000 line of workstations, however the graphics card offerings… (Show more)
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I wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to post here unless you have an image to contribute, so that there is not too much text in between each image.  Anyone have the chinese… (Show more)
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Charles Culp
Want a new computer with blazing speed? It is only $922.   First off, I have a separate thread just for video cards, you can find that here:   I spent quite a bit of time benchmarking video cards, so let me summarize by saying that anything other than an entry-level professional card is probably not work… (Show more)
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B. Watkins
I'm having trouble installing PDM 2017 Client on a new computer. The installation for SolidWorks 2017 was run yesterday by our IT tech and looks fine. He says he's pretty sure he checked the correct options during the install to include the PDM client, but I don't think it installed. When I go to the Windows start menu the "Solidworks PDM" folder… (Show more)
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