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Powell Barber
Hello, I'm  running 2 monitors.  I keep the primary display for general things and use the larger, secondary monitor for SW.  Sadly, SW likes to pop up windows on the primary display, rather than on the display I have moved SW to.   Is there any way to alter this behavior and have all of the SW windows appear on the same display the SW main… (Show more)
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Mike Childers
I can't see any files in PDM folder from Windows Explorer.  From within Solidworks (SW) I can do a File-Open, browse to the PDM folder and see the files fine.  In fact from any Windows program File-Open, I can see the files in PDM, just not from Windows Explorer.  I've done the Restore File Associations from  SW-Options-File Explorer, but that… (Show more)
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Steven Cates
Can I download a copy of the PDM Adimn Guid
in Administration
Gordon Rigg
If you have VPN access to your server you may find you can't log in to PDM due to no ipv6 support in the PDM license server application. All the pings work it just wont issue a licence over the VPN. Solidworks are issuing temporary monthly machine licences for PDM as a workaround to this issue. My VAR sorted this out for me, and I'm up and… (Show more)
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Tom Helsley
Click to view contentThis topic came up in another discussion, The Missing 5% functionality - All Chapters.  Rather than Take up space in that discussion, I thought I'd branch it off to it's own discussion here.  First, here's the background, or rather my first post in that discussion on this topic: One item with the admin image tool that has recently been chapping my… (Show more)
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Anand Nesaragi
I am unable to configure the text sketch in design table, every time I link the text to Description its not showing only $Empty$ or else no text in same and other configuration   Please check and give me proper solution for this, see attached file for the issue
in Administration
Randall Brown
Good morning.   I am the VDI system administrator for a university. We currently use Solidworks 2013 in a VMware linked clone VDI environment. We currently have one gold image which is pushed out to a pool that multiple students could potentially use. These linked clones are randomly assigned, and every time a user logs out the linked clone is… (Show more)
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Vasilii Redinskii
Click to view contentHi, colleagues! A few months ago, our company had a problem: lack of licenses. I’ve decided to analyze how long employees have been using the license. I’ve begun to read forums and search for information, then I’ve talked with colleagues at the SW-users meeting, also I found a video application here. As a result, I’ve decided to analyze it… (Show more)
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Klaus Falk Hansen
Click to view contentDear community   After installing SW2019, my windows explorer does not show what kind of file type it is (e.g. .STEP, .x_t etc), but only says "SldWorks 2019 Application". Anyone who knows how i can change this back?     Kind regards Klaus
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Regina Almasry
solidworks product activation does not work i have get the response activation:Serial number not entitled to 2020. Please contact your reseller. what should i do
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