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Ross Mayo
Click to view contentI can't find any mention of this Plug-in except for people asking about it.   DEFINITELY don't want any cloud B.S. on my computer, I could get in pretty deep trouble if any of my models end up on someone else's servers...  
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Mike Childers
Did SW ever add a printer calibration capability? I know one can calibrate a laser printer ouptut in ACAD, but I have never been able to find out how to do it in SW.  When I need precise output I end up exporting to dxf and then printing from calibrated Acad, but that is so time consuming, and we shouldn't have to do that. Thanks.
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Varshith Reddy
So I've wiped my windows 8 completely of my drive just after my formula student competition and made a fresh install of Ubuntu. Since then, I've been using Blender for all sorts of CAD purposes but even though its great for fancy rendering and animation purposes and other organic models, when it comes to engineering takes 10x more time… (Show more)
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Xixi Wen
I am a new engineer at a factory and our company want to purchase a new simulation software. Our maneger ask me to compare the software and discuss with the accounting department. Then they will buy for us. I found that the process communicates with the accounting department waste me a lot of time. Because most of them only care about the price.… (Show more)
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Scott Wheeler
This will hopefully save some fellow CAD Admins and users headaches, since a lot of these details aren't well documented and only learned through trial & error.   Our particular installation scenario is for 90+ users across multiple sites with the majority of SolidWorks software packages installed, including PDM, Electrical, all the Simulations,… (Show more)
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Eero Luotio
Can you make certain Solidworks license only borrowable?   I have been trying to find any property for sw_d.opt file that would disable automatical license pulling but without success.   Basically why I want to do this is that Solidworks License manager has a feature to pick up wrong level simulation licenses automatically.   Example: 5x… (Show more)
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Hristache Mihai
Hi everyone, i am having a problem with the manual deployment, it starts and after a few seconds just stops. I found this in the logs:  0 1 WorkerThr..nager.cpp(16535) 09:56:13] INTERNAL ERROR: FAILED TO INIT ADMIN CLIENT, any ideea why is this happening? I checked the option "Run the installation as a different user", with the local user the… (Show more)
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Gijs Manders
Hello,   I am using Solidworks Online Licensing on multiple desktops and laptops for a while now. We have a pretty stable internet connection so no problems there, and it is working pretty well. We use Solidworks 2019 SP2   Except now i get an error at startup on one desktop. (others still work).   Error: Online License Transaction Failed,… (Show more)
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Robert Pickeral
I've been challenged with the following:   49 folders that each need their own serial numbering scheme. The numbering is the same, a 3 digit counter value. But each folder needs its own unique counter. Example: (Folder) A320-44      A320-44-001.doc      A320-44-002.doc      A320-44-003.doc (next number would be -004)   (Folder) E195-25… (Show more)
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