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Click to view contentI wanted to start a new thread where we can collect some of the craziest messages that we get when working with solidworks. Please try to insert the image into the text using the insert image button. Also, try not to post here unless you have an image to contribute, so that there is not too much text in between each image.  Anyone have the chinese… (Show more)
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Gregg Calamaco
I just started school for engineering and was able to download a student edition version of solidworks, but I can't find the sheetmetal tab on my toolbar.
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Alton Markham
Why do you make it so hard to buy your product? I've been waiting days to get ahold of a sales rep so I can buy a subscription to SolidWorks and CAM. Why am I having to go through a third party sales rep anyway? Adobe has very successfully navigated a self-serve subscription model for a whole suite of complex programs, like SolidWorks has. Why is… (Show more)
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Dominic Greco
I'm trying to develop a parts numbering protocol for my employer and part of the process is finding out what we have used already. My idea is to search for all the *.sldprt  and *.sldasm files and then send the results to a text file. From there I can import it into MS Access or MS Excel and develop a list of what's been done so far.
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Morten Eik
Hi, Used to be able to download Solidworks and Updates, but now there are no links in download?
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Hansol Kim
I bought student solidworks at that time, I can see the license but i clicked close and I cannot find my license for student I bought please somebody help me...     ** where can I find my students license in the solidworks homepage?
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Steve Carson
I'm looking to move the the Solidworks License manager to the same server that's currently serving CATIA licenses with DSLS. I installed the Solidworks License manager, but then the DS License windows service would no longer start. Is there any way to get these two to coexist on the same server?
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Nmt Tcc
Can the 2020 SolidNetWork License Manager run on Windows 2012?
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David Nelson
I am trying to do a scripted install of Solidworks 2020 and I'm getting this error:   MSI (s) (00:C0) [12:14:16:433]: Product: SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP03 -- Error 2711. The specified Feature name ('SolidWorksAnimator') not found in Feature table.   If I remove SolidWorksAnimator from the list, it installs fine. Is this feature no longer included?
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