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Aaron Mednick
Hello,   I recently got SolidWorks and am taking the essentials course. On the first day the teacher showed us what he called an invaluable tool, the "web help" search bar. As you type something, the program pulls any relevant info from its online database and suggests it. However, upon trying to use it on my home computer, I get an error message… (Show more)
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Gijs Manders
Hello,   I am using Solidworks Online Licensing on multiple desktops and laptops for a while now. We have a pretty stable internet connection so no problems there, and it is working pretty well. We use Solidworks 2019 SP2   Except now i get an error at startup on one desktop. (others still work).   Error: Online License Transaction Failed,… (Show more)
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Lakhvinder Singh
Hi All,   For good performance, someone advised to select the Use Software OpenGL under System Options/Performance/Use Software OpenGL. But Software OpenGL is greyed out in my Solidworks and I cannot do any changes to it. Any advice please?   Regards, LS
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Ernest Durham
We have one single license for Visualization in Solid"Works 2018. It is showing as assigned to a user even though no one currently has it. How can we free the license?
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Kenneth Corns
I have an administrative image created for SolidWorks 2019 SP0 and would like to update it to SP3?  I can't find procedures for doing that.  Does anyone know how to do it?
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Monster Jesse
error loading on splash screen, first licensing validation hangup, sometimes vba hangup, or sometimes when applying repair Microsoft c++ error. screens hots attached.  i have uninstalled SW (student version by the way-sp03) and reinstalled. still same issues. i have encountered this problem before but only one or the other. never so many errors.… (Show more)
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David Lane
We will be upgrading our PDM Server soon. Currently the server is on a 3.5 year old computer. Xeon 24 thread CPU, around 2.4 GHz cpu, 64 GB of ram (probably DDR3), and no GPU besides the integrated graphics.   The server runs the following tasks/services SQL PDM Server (archive / database / files) Web2 (PDM Web viewer host) Solidworks license… (Show more)
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Dan Schleicher
      We have some very old Solidworks 2012 SP5 files that were never upgrade to Solidworks 2019 SP5. This last week we upgraded to Solidworks 2019 SP2. Now we are having problems with the design table conversion to Solidworks 2019. The current configuration overrides all the other configurations.       If I open the file and save it in… (Show more)
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Christian Chu
Click to view contentI'm not sure if this is a fault error message I got SW crashed. Run SW again and got this error message (don't think another session running???)  
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Bill Beard
Over the past two days, I have had to manually reactivate our SolidWorks licenses on our network server.  FlexLM is working fine, as we have another application also running on FlexLM.  Seems to happen at random times, I'm currently babysitting the License Manager, waiting for it to deactivate again.  Has anyone else experienced this issue, when… (Show more)
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