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Ludovic Mandon
Click to view contentHello, the activation fo 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS is ok but when start 3DXpert, there are the message : "A change in your system clock has been detected.Contact your product vendor." What is the origin of problem ? the computer time is correct and not changed. Can you help me to resolve it?
in 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS
Sky Williams
So I’m currently in the process of building a computer! I’m trying to build a workstation/gaming computer. I do some medium heavy solidworks files up to 100 parts+ Including a lot of rendering and shadowing so for my price range the NVIDIA Quadro p2000 is the graphics card for me! But 50 percent of time I also game! So I was wondering if I could… (Show more)
in 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS
Adam Earle
Hi guys   Ivneed someone to convert a file for me into a .stl   Any help would be great   Adam Earle
in 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS
Bri Sull
I keep seeing discussion about optimizing lattice structures through FEA. How do you do this? I can't how to do this within the program. Do you have to save and export back into solidworks?
in 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS
Scott Chabineau
Click to view contentI want to export my project to an STL, and the help docs indicate that I should be able to, but I am not able to select the file type for export - it's greyed out.     Why is this?   I have the 'free version' - which is likely the reason - but NONE of the documentation make any clear distinction between versions as far as export capabilities… (Show more)
in 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS
Martina Glembekova
Hello, is possible to optain licence file for 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS with evalution serial number?
in 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS