• Adding an assembly into toolbox

    Hi everyone,   There is anyway to add assemblies into Solidworks Toolbox.   Thanks
    Alcides Monteiro
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  • Missing Column in toolbox table

    Hello, i tried to correct the settings of the sunk diameter from ISO 10642. To make sure i use the correct values and the correct column, i checked the setting in DIN 10642. (The settings in the DIN Table are correc...
    Hansjörg Wolff
    created by Hansjörg Wolff
  • Autosizing toolbox components

    Hi everyone. Does anyone try to create a custom component with autosizing (like screws and nuts for example)? I'm having a lot of problem to find informations about it. Thanks in advance
    Andrea Stolfa
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  • Pitfalls and partial Toolboxing

    After many years of SolidWorks, at my current job I finally have access to the much debated Toolbox. I've only read the tip of the iceberg about the Toolbox, but I think I"m familiar with some of the issues. ...
    Brian McEwen
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  • Spur gear from toolbox says "...is not available for write access".

    As soon as i drag any part from toolbox-ansi metric, a message pops up saying the part is not available for write access. After clicking open read only the part just opens without any options for modifications. I need...
    Rohan Yuttham
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  • Missing Keyway in gear

    Noob question.   I'm trying this gear design and when I added the straight bevel gear and mod the parameter, I don't see the option to change the keyway.     I tried to follow one of the instruction...
    Le Dude
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  • ToolBox Experimentation, Custom parts

    For a while now I've been wondering if it would be possible to copy a ToolBox parts and then modify the sketches, features etc to get a "Custom" part with similar options as the Native TooBoxs parts.   What I di...
    Matt Juric
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  • Toolbox Configuration

    I am trying to configure my toolbox. On step 1 - Hole Wizard, I checked and unchecked the boxes for what was needed, but when i try to click on section 2 - Customization, my mouse cursor simply will not allow me to cl...
    Anthony Kindle
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  • Unable to configure toolbox setup

    Hi, I am unable to configure toolbox setup in Solidworks 2017. I can only click on option 1,hole wizard and and do selections. I cannot click on options 2 to 5, so unable to setup the toolbox. I can't use the toolbo...
    Darryl Castellino
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  • Bug with Hexalobular Socket Pan Head ISO 14583 in SW Toolbox 2016

    Has anyone else encountered this issue that is shown in the following gif? http://gfycat.com/WideeyedUnhappyGreyhounddog I have reinstalled the toolbox and still have had this problem when I resize the part. The ext...
    Daniel Smith
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  • Toolbox equation errors

    Hi all, I am getting errors in tool box generated parts where the shapes of the parts are not generating properly.  Sometimes with bolts the head is a weird shape and sometimes the head is too large.  ...
    Calum Conduit
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    When I used Inventor it had a great library of standard steel shapes. Does SolidWorks have this?
    Aaron Levy
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    Hi,         I created a new bolt with help of Toolbox. I inserted the bolt into my assembly. I saves the assembly and closed.        When i am opening the assem...
    Poornakkumar Palanisamy
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  • Cannot find Standards database

    If I knew the name of the file I could find it and tell System Options the file location.   Toolbox add-in is active and started.   This is a single user installation.
    John Sutherland
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  • Is there a way to convert toolbox parts into a standard part?

    I am working on an assembly I got from others, and they used toolbox parts. Is there a way to convert these parts into standard parts? Especially when I don't have toolbox?
    Steven Mills
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  • Toolbox Needle Bearings

    How come the ISO 3030 31C0710 needle bearing is shown in Solidworks as having 14 needles, whereas the only commercially available version I can find of a needle bearing to those dimensions has only 9 needles? I'd love...
    James Jones
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  • When initializing Toolbox through the task pane Solidworks Crashes

    If i have an assembly open and go to my toolbox via the PDM task pane, it randomly crashes my computer. Some days its repeatable, other days it work fine. Sometimes I go a week without the issue, other weeks it happe...
    Gary Hamm
    created by Gary Hamm
  • Toolbox to part replacement problem

    Hello, I recently saved a copy of a screw from the toolbox as a different part with a new name in a different folder, I had to do this because I couldn't find the exact screw I needed so I modified some measurements a...

    Does anyone know of a library of modeled parts based on NAS and MS specs? I work in the aerospace industry and these are the standards used for fasteners. I can model them up myself as needed but being able to buy a p...
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  • AN MS NAS Aerospace Hardware CAD Models

    Hi folks,   Does anyone know where I can find CAD models for standard aerospace hardware i.e. AN, MS, NAS bolts/washers etc.? I know some of them are available on grabcad/3DCC etc., but they're incomplete and no...
    Grant Hiller
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