• Toolbox equation errors

    Hi all, I am getting errors in tool box generated parts where the shapes of the parts are not generating properly.  Sometimes with bolts the head is a weird shape and sometimes the head is too large.  ...
    Calum Conduit
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    When I used Inventor it had a great library of standard steel shapes. Does SolidWorks have this?
    Aaron Levy
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    Hi,         I created a new bolt with help of Toolbox. I inserted the bolt into my assembly. I saves the assembly and closed.        When i am opening the assem...
    Poornakkumar Palanisamy
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  • Cannot find Standards database

    If I knew the name of the file I could find it and tell System Options the file location.   Toolbox add-in is active and started.   This is a single user installation.
    John Sutherland
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  • Is there a way to convert toolbox parts into a standard part?

    I am working on an assembly I got from others, and they used toolbox parts. Is there a way to convert these parts into standard parts? Especially when I don't have toolbox?
    Steven Mills
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  • Toolbox Needle Bearings

    How come the ISO 3030 31C0710 needle bearing is shown in Solidworks as having 14 needles, whereas the only commercially available version I can find of a needle bearing to those dimensions has only 9 needles? I'd love...
    James Jones
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  • When initializing Toolbox through the task pane Solidworks Crashes

    If i have an assembly open and go to my toolbox via the PDM task pane, it randomly crashes my computer. Some days its repeatable, other days it work fine. Sometimes I go a week without the issue, other weeks it happe...
    Gary Hamm
    created by Gary Hamm
  • Toolbox to part replacement problem

    Hello, I recently saved a copy of a screw from the toolbox as a different part with a new name in a different folder, I had to do this because I couldn't find the exact screw I needed so I modified some measurements a...

    Does anyone know of a library of modeled parts based on NAS and MS specs? I work in the aerospace industry and these are the standards used for fasteners. I can model them up myself as needed but being able to buy a p...
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  • AN MS NAS Aerospace Hardware CAD Models

    Hi folks,   Does anyone know where I can find CAD models for standard aerospace hardware i.e. AN, MS, NAS bolts/washers etc.? I know some of them are available on grabcad/3DCC etc., but they're incomplete and no...
    Grant Hiller
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  • Toolbox Configuration

    I am trying to configure my toolbox. On step 1 - Hole Wizard, I checked and unchecked the boxes for what was needed, but when i try to click on section 2 - Customization, my mouse cursor simply will not allow me to cl...
    Anthony Kindle
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  • Toolbox write permissions settings

    We are currently using the toolbox with configurations, not creating new parts. In order to add that configuration to the part you have to be able to write to the part. However we don't want people checking those mode...
    Matt Juric
    created by Matt Juric
  • adding new standards to solidworks toolbox

    hi, I want to make new components in the toolbox but I can't find a way to make standards for added parts. all I can do for now is to make configurations but it will only allow me to choose between configuration names...
    Ali Naeimaei
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  • ToolBox parts not same in model as in database.

    We have a model that is showing a single ToolBox Part incorrectly on a single machine. It's a 3/8 lock washer. All of our fasteners are part no, general description and specific description. When I look at the toolbox...
    Matt Juric
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  • Replacement tool for ToolBox Parts?

    We are implementing a "New" ToolBox. It's really the same old toolbox copied and modified. When we open a legacy assembly and are going to re-release it for a new build we want to replace the fasteners with the fasten...
    Matt Juric
    created by Matt Juric
  • Save a custom Toolbox folder

    Hi All,   I have added a new folder in my Toolbox (marked in yellow below), including setting custom descriptions for the parts in it. Is there a way I can save only this custom folder on my hard disk. So that e...
    Lakhvinder Singh
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  • Custom Material - Toolbox

    Hi All,   I am trying to add custom properties (material) to bolts and nuts. But when I do that, I only get option to add 5 materials only (see lines marked in yellow). Whereas I have 10 options for different bo...
    Lakhvinder Singh
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  • Add Punches to hole wizard.

    Is there a way to add custom punches to the hole wizard. For example is i would like to add a square hole punch and and a slotted square(rectangle) for use with carriage bolts.
    Joe Pickens
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  • Toolbox options grayed out

    We tried Toolbox in the past and got away from it, but now we are going to test it out again. I want to try it with the option to create parts rather than configurations and also want to try the option to allow duplic...
    Barry Watkins
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  • standard properties in a toolbox part

    how do you add standard properties to a toolbox part so you can have size thread types and lengths to a part made in Solidworks ?   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to the Toolbox space. Please post to the appropriate...
    Ed Grover
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