• Delete a Tool Box Part

    Hello all, Is there a way to delete a toolbox part? Every part we create using toolbox is copied to a specific folder. A user created a few parts using structural shapes from the toolbox and was saved as a part fi...
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  • No toolbox!!!

    Did you do an upgrade, clean install or a side-by-side install of your sw2006? I've gotten myself into trouble when installing a new version because SW wants to use the settings from your previous install. Then if you...
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  • Toolbox - drop File Error

    I am getting the following error message: Error: The Toolbox part file 'file location' is currently being modified by 'another user'. Please try again in a few moments. We have a shared toolbox library. He cur...
    Chris Tellers
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  • Changing config names

    I want to change the config names for my SHCS in toolbox. What I've done is: Properties->Hole Wizard/Toolbox->Configure->moved down to Ansi Inch\Bolts And Screws\Socket Head Cap Screw, click on the "All Confi...
    Robert Robert
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  • Tool box part numbers in BOM

    We use Inch and Metric SHCS for probably 99% of our fasteners, and as such, have over the years created a number of different configurations for those parts. However, the default part numbers created by toolbox are a ...
    Eldon Down
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  • Fasteners Changing

    We are having great trouble with our toolbox changing sizes on our fasteners. About half the time when we check a model out of the vault the fasteners and other toolbox components are the wrong size. We sometimes get ...
    Bryan Burnett
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  • Offline use of SolidWorks with Workgroup PDM and Toolbox

    I would appreciate any suggestions regarding the setup of my SolidWorks installation for remote use. I do most of my work at my home office on a desktop and some work at remote (client) locations on my mobile work...
    Martin Kestle
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  • Fastener Standards

    This has been bugging me for some time. The nuts I have used since drawing on the board have been to BS3692/DIN934. This is also a standard listed in Machinery's Handbook. Toolbox does not have these, anyone know ...
    Roy Potter
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  • Beam Calculator vs SimulationXpress Results

    Here's an interesting issue...   I created a Beam Calculator calculation like this:   Greek Olympics Events:Load Type: fixed at one end, uniformly loaded Deflection calculation Beams button > Select W16...
    Daniel Ferrucci-Herzberg
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  • Configurations disappear

    A user has a problem with editing configurations of toolbox parts in the assembly. When he is inserting the toolbox component he can select from all the configurations including all the ones he created. However if h...
    Grant Redford
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  • Calloutformat.txt Problem

    we are running SW 2009 and I have all ready copied the ANSI standard and made one that I could change in the hole wizard database. I have also changed the calloutformat.txt file to match the new hole wizard. I have do...
    Dave Goodenough
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  • Mates on Custom Toolbox Components

    I have created a part with several configurations and added it to the Toolbox. All works fine. However, I cannot find how to set up the mate so that the component will snap and automate with a hole the way the stan...
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  • Isn't Toolbox supposed to be industry standard?

    I believe I was told or have read at some point that all toolbox parts are "industry standard" items.  If this is the case why can't I find 6.00x6.00x.375 square end aluminum angle?  I specified this in a de...
    Aaron Larson
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  • Toolbox - multiuser problems

    Hi We are using SW 2008 SP5.0 and have serious problems with toolbox and working in multiuser environment. When my colleague has a model open with for example a toolbox part "hex-bolt ISO4017" I cannot ad the same...
    Johan K
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  • Toolbox part numbers with custom BOM.

    I'm trying to set up toolbox at our company and have ran into an obstacle. We use a custom BOM for all our drawings. Each fastener has is it's own file and our custom BOM pulls a static link from the fastener's cu...
    Christopher Swallows
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  • Where are the Partnumbers for Toolbox stored?

    Does anyone know which table in the swbrowser.mdb file stores the partnumbers for toolbox items? I know you can edit them in the Toolbox configuration tool, but I've got some problems with that not working. See th...
    Craig Sink
    created by Craig Sink
  • Drag and Drop fail

    I am running a network toolbox with SW 2008 SP5.0. All the files have been set to read only and I have the "create configurations" option checked in SW. I am trying to add a bolt that is already in an assembly. W...
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  • Delete Toolbox Link in PDMWorks Vault

    Okay, this was painful and I'm a noob admin so take it for what it's worth... I had a situation where a user created a design model in his toolbox folder, then created a drawing of that model (not in the toolbox folde...
    Terrence McFall
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  • Errors on Selected Washer drag & drop

    I'm getting errors on each of my custom d-base Selected Washers (Narrow and Wide). I've added materials to the toolbox configuration Properties tab for these (and many other pieces) but when I try to drag from the too...
    Jody Stiles
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  • tool box or not to tool box?

    Hello , I have recently order new computers for engineering dept and and solidworks 2009. We will be implement the PDM system straight away after system is setup. We will be drawing all nuts/bolts/washer/fittings ...
    John McCall
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