• Toolbox managed in ePDM leaves template files checked out after new configuration creation

    Hi all,   We moved our Toolbox in PDM last autumn and so far it seemed all went well. However now I as an admin have noticed that whenever some user adds a new fastener size, when the Toolbox does its automatic ...
    Kalle Seppälä
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  • Help fixing references: working with "configurations" to "parts"

    Hello, everyone. We are in the process to migrate from working with PDM standard to working with the 3DEXPERIENCE.   For those not knowing, working with toolbox in the 3DEXPERIENCE requires that all t...
    Carlos Orero
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  • Add To Smart Fastener Database

    I would like to add an additional length option to an already existing smart fastener.  Currently, 1 inch is the only option for a #6 self tapping screw.  I would like to add a 3/4" option.  I have look...
    Christopher Griffin
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  • toolbox error straight miter gear creation

    Hello every one. I'm using SW2015 SP5. I've used the toolbox to generate 2 straight miter gears (one with 16 teeth, the second with 32) to have a ratio of 2:1. the parts generated don't fit. can some one help me ?...
    Renaud Petit
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  • Error Installing Solidworks 2020 Toolbox files missing

    Running into this problem while installing the software. Don't have a clue where these files are. Hoping for some help. 
    Syed Harris Hussain
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  • Toolbox error: "SolidWorks must be running" When it is.

    Newly created Toolbox 2019 was set up during installation.  Problem occurs when you export data of a fitting to excel.  Open the excel file and add property columns and import back into toolbox.  All...
    Steven Atkinson
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  • Have to add toolbox every time and missing toolbox component names in BOM

    Hey everyone.   I'm pretty sure I'm missing some toolbox settings because every time I start Solidworks 2019 I have to re-add the toolbox library. When I click the "Add in now" button the toolbox is instantly re...
    Gabor Fekete
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  • Exporting Toolbox Hole Data Table to Excel not Working?

    I'm trying to export the hole data table via the toolbox settings wizard and it's not working.   I get to the "Save As" menu, but nothing happens after I press save (have tried both XLSX and XLS formats.   ...
    Slaven Prostran
    created by Slaven Prostran
  • What do you think if I modify the Toolbox model files adding some Custom Properties that will be useful for our PDM data card?

    Good Morning, the company I work for is transitioning from Inventor to Solidworks. I explored the toolbox and overall I believe is a great tool and I wish to accomplish some task I am not sure I can do properly. Besi...
    Paolo Magalini
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  • Modified Toolbox parts Change back to Original

    Hi All,   I have a problem with gears I generated using solidworks Toolbox. I made some gears then went "Save As" and saved them in another located in my google drive. I then modified these parts.   I adde...
    Jordan Wortel
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  • Parts not being created correctly by toolbox

    Hi, Has anybody had this issue before with toolbox? The parts seem to be right only in the default size:   Socket Head Screw:   The toolbox was in PDM but tried the local library and the problem is the ...
    Rafael Huk
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  • toolbox keeps replacing components

    Just installed 2012 SP02.   Our assemblies are small. Maybe 20 different bolts, screws and o-rings generally used. When we where running as stand alones, no issue with toolbox location. As we have grown in numbe...
    Brian Mayo
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  • Creating toolbox parts - how to fill standard properties

    I am creating files for the toolbox, in order to use in a PLM system. I would like the parts to be created with size and other 'standard' properties so that these can be read by the PLM system. I can't see how to do t...
    Victoria Sauven
    created by Victoria Sauven
  • Toolbox and set SolidWorks material

    I'm not having success with setting the material of Toolbox components as they are created. I think it worked at one point yesterday, but now it is not.   I'm creating parts instead of configs. SolidWorks 2020.&...
    Brian McEwen
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  • Hole size changes in Hole Wizard

    Hi,   I have added some customized hole dimensions in the Whole Wizard (M14x1, M16x1, M20x1 and so on), that caused the following issue: when I go to Edit Feature of the existing Whole Wizard element, its size t...
  • Can't configure Toolbox

    Hi everyone, I've just installed Solidworks 2019 (Premium), but I can't seem to configure my Toolbox. It's giving me these errors:   I've checked my Toolbox directory, and it looks correct, but I'm missing som...
    Zhi Xin Koh
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  • Please, in the ToolBox for helical gear generation, theof teeth and spiral angle. This angle that he asks for is radians for example 8.502 or degrees 8º 30 '7 " ? We need to input this value in radians or degrees?

    About gear 
    Sergio Vali
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  • Default Tolerance/Precision Values for Hole Wizard

    I am trying to figure out a way to make the hole wizard as useful as possible by saving the tolerance/precision values somewhere so that they don't have to be edited every time I want to place a new hole. For example,...
    Anthony Limiero
    created by Anthony Limiero
  • Why is SW forcing me to save as read-only toolbox screws separately?

    Whenever I copy-paste or 'mirror' some screws I made with the toolbox Solidworks is forcing me to save those 'read-only' toolbox parts separately... but why? Why do I need to save them separately?      ...
    Valery Volkov
    created by Valery Volkov
  • Pitfalls and partial Toolboxing

    After many years of SolidWorks, at my current job I finally have access to the much debated Toolbox. I've only read the tip of the iceberg about the Toolbox, but I think I"m familiar with some of the issues. ...
    Brian McEwen
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