• Bug with Hexalobular Socket Pan Head ISO 14583 in SW Toolbox 2016

    Has anyone else encountered this issue that is shown in the following gif? http://gfycat.com/WideeyedUnhappyGreyhounddog I have reinstalled the toolbox and still have had this problem when I resize the part. The ext...
    Daniel Smith
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    Hi,         I created a new bolt with help of Toolbox. I inserted the bolt into my assembly. I saves the assembly and closed.        When i am opening the assem...
    Poornakkumar Palanisamy
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  • Cannot find Standards database

    If I knew the name of the file I could find it and tell System Options the file location.   Toolbox add-in is active and started.   This is a single user installation.
    John Sutherland
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  • Toolbox Needle Bearings

    How come the ISO 3030 31C0710 needle bearing is shown in Solidworks as having 14 needles, whereas the only commercially available version I can find of a needle bearing to those dimensions has only 9 needles? I'd love...
    James Jones
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  • Toolbox to part replacement problem

    Hello, I recently saved a copy of a screw from the toolbox as a different part with a new name in a different folder, I had to do this because I couldn't find the exact screw I needed so I modified some measurements a...

    Does anyone know of a library of modeled parts based on NAS and MS specs? I work in the aerospace industry and these are the standards used for fasteners. I can model them up myself as needed but being able to buy a p...
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  • Toolbox Configuration

    I am trying to configure my toolbox. On step 1 - Hole Wizard, I checked and unchecked the boxes for what was needed, but when i try to click on section 2 - Customization, my mouse cursor simply will not allow me to cl...
    Anthony Kindle
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  • adding new standards to solidworks toolbox

    hi, I want to make new components in the toolbox but I can't find a way to make standards for added parts. all I can do for now is to make configurations but it will only allow me to choose between configuration names...
    Ali Naeimaei
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  • Save a custom Toolbox folder

    Hi All,   I have added a new folder in my Toolbox (marked in yellow below), including setting custom descriptions for the parts in it. Is there a way I can save only this custom folder on my hard disk. So that e...
    Lakhvinder Singh
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  • Custom Material - Toolbox

    Hi All,   I am trying to add custom properties (material) to bolts and nuts. But when I do that, I only get option to add 5 materials only (see lines marked in yellow). Whereas I have 10 options for different bo...
    Lakhvinder Singh
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  • Add Punches to hole wizard.

    Is there a way to add custom punches to the hole wizard. For example is i would like to add a square hole punch and and a slotted square(rectangle) for use with carriage bolts.
    Joe Pickens
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  • Toolbox options grayed out

    We tried Toolbox in the past and got away from it, but now we are going to test it out again. I want to try it with the option to create parts rather than configurations and also want to try the option to allow duplic...
    Barry Watkins
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  • standard properties in a toolbox part

    how do you add standard properties to a toolbox part so you can have size thread types and lengths to a part made in Solidworks ?   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to the Toolbox space. Please post to the appropriate...
    Ed Grover
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  • Convert Regular part to a toolbox Part?

    HI Guys,   I have made some template parts which exist in our own server library. Some are fasteners, and standard items we build ourselves.   Its a mix of Part and Assembly files.   Some members of ...
    Brian Corbin
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  • Does anyone know why I cannot select tab 2, "customize your hardware" when I try to configure my toolbox settings? Very frustrating

    Does anyone know why I cannot select tab 2, "customize your hardware" when I try to configure my toolbox settings? Very frustrating   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to the Toolbox space. Please post to the appropria...
    Anthony Kindle
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  • Toolbox is Not Installed

    I have SolidWorks 2018 Standard up running in my desktop computer. I don't have the Toolbox installed. I tried my best without success.   (Note: Despite I have SolidWorks installed in my computers since 2016, I...
    Roy Wickrama Arachchi
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  • Why Won't my toolbox bearing load

    Hi, I just received Solidworks Premium. I have been wanting to use Solidworks toolbox but, It just will not work. Whenever I try to add a bearing into my design, It will not load and It just says "Older version file....
    Paul Downey
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  • Toolbox the best way to use it.

    Does anyone have any good ideas to handle Toolbox with SolidWorks on a network license. Here is the issue I am running into.   1. We have gave a new Description for all toolbox parts that we are using and the o...
    Patrick Ellis
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  • Re-creating toolbox part configurations with correct properties

    In the past it was hit or miss whether we'd model fasteners so we never put much effort into configuring Toolbox.  We're looking at new suppliers to build our machines and they require fasteners be in the BOM so ...
    Scott Post
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  • KB3072630 Windows update causing add in issues

    To all,   Just had a disappearing Toolbox issue after doing a Windows update.   VAR JUST found the cause last night. (July 16-17)   Be aware that Windows update KB3072630 is giving SW add-ins agita.....
    Larry Kutcher
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