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In this week’s tip, let’s explore how someone can update Toolbox properties in bulk. Thanks to Eric  van Essen from Javelin for giving me the idea for this tip!

1.      First, open your Toolbox Settings tool found in the Windows All Programs, SolidWorks, SolidWorks Tools menu.

o   Alternatively, you can also launch the Toolbox Settings tool from the SW Toolbox Browser (RMB Configure).

2.      Select the tab “2 – Customize Hardware” and navigate to the component you want to update properties for.

o   In my example, I will use Ansi Inch, Bolts and Screws, Hex Head, Hex Bolt

3.      From here, you can edit properties individually but if you want to edit in bulk, select the Import/Export button, left of the title bar, and select Export data...


4.      Save the Excel spreadsheet and edit the Part Number, Description & Comment columns as required.

5.      Once editing your Excel spreadsheet complete, start this procedure again but select Import data at Step 3 above. The result would look like this: