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Darryl Castellino
Hi, I am unable to configure toolbox setup in Solidworks 2017. I can only click on option 1,hole wizard and and do selections. I cannot click on options 2 to 5, so unable to setup the toolbox. I can't use the toolbox in Solidworks. I'm using Solidworks 2017 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Please help
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Daniel Smith
Has anyone else encountered this issue that is shown in the following gif? I have reinstalled the toolbox and still have had this problem when I resize the part. The exterior dimensions are still correct, but it certainly doesn't look good.   Edit: I have also confirmed this behavior in SW 2015 SP4… (Show more)
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Calum Conduit
Hi all, I am getting errors in tool box generated parts where the shapes of the parts are not generating properly.  Sometimes with bolts the head is a weird shape and sometimes the head is too large.    In the part file the equations have errors too.    The assembly works fine on different computer with pack and go. 
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Aaron Levy
When I used Inventor it had a great library of standard steel shapes. Does SolidWorks have this?
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Poornakkumar Palanisamy
Hi,         I created a new bolt with help of Toolbox. I inserted the bolt into my assembly. I saves the assembly and closed.        When i am opening the assembly, it take toolbox location as reference. Please suggest me possible solution.   Thanks, Poornakkumar P
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John Sutherland
If I knew the name of the file I could find it and tell System Options the file location.   Toolbox add-in is active and started.   This is a single user installation.
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Steven Mills
I am working on an assembly I got from others, and they used toolbox parts. Is there a way to convert these parts into standard parts? Especially when I don't have toolbox?
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James Jones
How come the ISO 3030 31C0710 needle bearing is shown in Solidworks as having 14 needles, whereas the only commercially available version I can find of a needle bearing to those dimensions has only 9 needles? I'd love one with 14 needles as this would surely increase the bearing's rated load. What source of needle bearings does Solidworks Toolbox… (Show more)
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Gary Hamm
If i have an assembly open and go to my toolbox via the PDM task pane, it randomly crashes my computer. Some days its repeatable, other days it work fine. Sometimes I go a week without the issue, other weeks it happens daily.   But if you initiate toolbox prior to opening a part it works fine, and works fine for the rest of the day regardless.  … (Show more)
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Dalia Esmeralda De La Torre Meza
Click to view contentHello, I recently saved a copy of a screw from the toolbox as a different part with a new name in a different folder, I had to do this because I couldn't find the exact screw I needed so I modified some measurements and added specific configurations to this copied part. When I add that new part to an assembly everything seems fine, then I save the… (Show more)
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