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Kalle Seppälä
Hi all,   We moved our Toolbox in PDM last autumn and so far it seemed all went well. However now I as an admin have noticed that whenever some user adds a new fastener size, when the Toolbox does its automatic check out for the related template file, it does not get checked back in after.   Our Toolbox is set up in such a way that the Toolbox… (Show more)
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Carlos Orero
Click to view contentHello, everyone. We are in the process to migrate from working with PDM standard to working with the 3DEXPERIENCE.   For those not knowing, working with toolbox in the 3DEXPERIENCE requires that all the hardware files are created in advance by an admin and then uploaded to be available to all the designers. In my case, I have configured our… (Show more)
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Christopher Griffin
I would like to add an additional length option to an already existing smart fastener.  Currently, 1 inch is the only option for a #6 self tapping screw.  I would like to add a 3/4" option.  I have looked through all help files and can't find the solution.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Gustav Rydn
Click to view contentIs it possible to make the bolt offset from the surface that you select for inserting the fastener?   I cannot select the plate, only the beam in the "Selection"-box. Therefore the nut lays flat against the beam. But I want it to lay flat against the plate (which is 15 mm or 0.6 inch thick).  
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Renaud Petit
Hello every one. I'm using SW2015 SP5. I've used the toolbox to generate 2 straight miter gears (one with 16 teeth, the second with 32) to have a ratio of 2:1. the parts generated don't fit. can some one help me ?   see attached parts generated with the toolbox
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Syed Harris Hussain
Click to view contentRunning into this problem while installing the software. Don't have a clue where these files are. Hoping for some help. 
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Steven Atkinson
Click to view contentNewly created Toolbox 2019 was set up during installation.  Problem occurs when you export data of a fitting to excel.  Open the excel file and add property columns and import back into toolbox.  All the values have propagated on screen in the toolbox browser opened from within a running SolidWorks session.  When selecting "Create… (Show more)
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Gabor Fekete
Click to view contentHey everyone.   I'm pretty sure I'm missing some toolbox settings because every time I start Solidworks 2019 I have to re-add the toolbox library. When I click the "Add in now" button the toolbox is instantly recognised but after I close the application and open it again I have to repeat the process. As you see the hole wizard and toolbox… (Show more)
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Slaven Prostran
I'm trying to export the hole data table via the toolbox settings wizard and it's not working.   I get to the "Save As" menu, but nothing happens after I press save (have tried both XLSX and XLS formats.   Has anyone run into this before? Any advice?   Running: SolidWorks 2020 SP4.0 Excel 14.7258.5000 (MS Office Pro Plus 2010)   I suspect an… (Show more)
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Paolo Magalini
Good Morning, the company I work for is transitioning from Inventor to Solidworks. I explored the toolbox and overall I believe is a great tool and I wish to accomplish some task I am not sure I can do properly. Beside modifying the toolbox with the ToolBox Settings (adding properties) I would also add some "hard wired" custom properties to the… (Show more)
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