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Brian Corbin
HI Guys,   I have made some template parts which exist in our own server library. Some are fasteners, and standard items we build ourselves.   Its a mix of Part and Assembly files.   Some members of the team "forget" or are conused about what should be included in a Packngo and what shouldn't (I know its not that hard if you sort by folder… (Show more)
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John Porterfield
I recently switched to a new computer and switched from SW2011 to SW2012.  Since making the change, I no longer get correctly sized fasteners when I drag and drop them from the Toolbox.    When I drag something from the toolbox, depending on what type of component it is (washer, bolt, etc), one of two things happens: 1) A message appears as I… (Show more)
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Alcides Monteiro
Hi everyone,   There is anyway to add assemblies into Solidworks Toolbox.   Thanks
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Hansjörg Wolff
Hello, i tried to correct the settings of the sunk diameter from ISO 10642. To make sure i use the correct values and the correct column, i checked the setting in DIN 10642. (The settings in the DIN Table are correct, in the ISO they are to small) Die values for the sunk diameter are listed in the column with the headline "Formsenkdurchmesser"… (Show more)
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Andrea Stolfa
Hi everyone. Does anyone try to create a custom component with autosizing (like screws and nuts for example)? I'm having a lot of problem to find informations about it. Thanks in advance
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Brian McEwen
After many years of SolidWorks, at my current job I finally have access to the much debated Toolbox. I've only read the tip of the iceberg about the Toolbox, but I think I"m familiar with some of the issues.    My question revolves around two things: 1) For other future SolidWorks seats at this company there is a good chance they will be… (Show more)
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Rohan Yuttham
Click to view contentAs soon as i drag any part from toolbox-ansi metric, a message pops up saying the part is not available for write access. After clicking open read only the part just opens without any options for modifications. I need to make a custom part using toolbox but can't because of the error. I have tried re-installing. Didn't work.
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Le Dude
Click to view contentNoob question.   I'm trying this gear design and when I added the straight bevel gear and mod the parameter, I don't see the option to change the keyway.     I tried to follow one of the instructions on the link below but I'm still not seeing the keyway.  What did I do wrong?   Hi when I load my gear box design and deconstruct the cogs are… (Show more)
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Matt Juric
Click to view contentFor a while now I've been wondering if it would be possible to copy a ToolBox parts and then modify the sketches, features etc to get a "Custom" part with similar options as the Native TooBoxs parts.   What I did was copy a TB part, inside the configuration utility into a new folder. I then Renamed the model that was copied. I then went in and… (Show more)
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Anthony Kindle
I am trying to configure my toolbox. On step 1 - Hole Wizard, I checked and unchecked the boxes for what was needed, but when i try to click on section 2 - Customization, my mouse cursor simply will not allow me to click it open. Has anyone had a similar problem? All help is welcomed; thanks.   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to Toolbox space. Please… (Show more)
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