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Brian McEwen
Click to view contentI'm not having success with setting the material of Toolbox components as they are created. I think it worked at one point yesterday, but now it is not.   I'm creating parts instead of configs. SolidWorks 2020.    The text is being added to Custom Properties, but I want the SolidWorks virtual material set for weight/density reasons.      By… (Show more)
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Aleksandr Sornikov
Hi,   I have added some customized hole dimensions in the Whole Wizard (M14x1, M16x1, M20x1 and so on), that caused the following issue: when I go to Edit Feature of the existing Whole Wizard element, its size turns to M14x1 from whatever it was. If I close the setting window without applying the changes, the size remains the same, otherwise it… (Show more)
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Zhi Xin Koh
Click to view contentHi everyone, I've just installed Solidworks 2019 (Premium), but I can't seem to configure my Toolbox. It's giving me these errors:   I've checked my Toolbox directory, and it looks correct, but I'm missing some folders (like browser) and I'm not quite sure why. Here's my SOLIDWORKS Data folder:   Does anyone know what I could try?    Edit:… (Show more)
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Anthony Limiero
I am trying to figure out a way to make the hole wizard as useful as possible by saving the tolerance/precision values somewhere so that they don't have to be edited every time I want to place a new hole. For example, when I select a 3/8 screw clearance hole from the ANSI Inch tab, I would like the default value for a normal fit hole to show up in… (Show more)
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Valery Volkov
Whenever I copy-paste or 'mirror' some screws I made with the toolbox Solidworks is forcing me to save those 'read-only' toolbox parts separately... but why? Why do I need to save them separately?      Any way to disable this requirement?    -Valery V.
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Rafael Huk Da Cruz
Click to view contentHi, Has anybody had this issue before with toolbox? The parts seem to be right only in the default size:   Socket Head Screw:   The toolbox was in PDM but tried the local library and the problem is the same.
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Touseef Akhtar
Gear Wizard from Toolbox (SW 2018) does not show the configuration options I want Diametrial pitch of 30 teeth/inch but it has options like 20,24,32 and similarly I want Pressure Angle of 25 degrees for my gear but it only shows option of 14.5 and 20. What can I do in this scenario? I need to create a gear train of 8 spur gears. Thank you  
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