• Custom properties

    Hi,   I want to update some custom properties to a folder, I normally add properties to a template but need some extra ones that weren't on the part template, when I use task scheduler I just don't get the drop...
    Frank Ahenny
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  • How to check version of Solidworks files?

    I was updating my CAD database from 2016 to 2018 with task scheduler and it got through all our files in about two days. 25000 files. Then I checked the status and about 300 files were "Failed to open in Solidworks" ...
    Grega Jerin
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  • How do I remove the "space" from a formula generated DriveWorksXpress filename?

    For example: XX YY.sldprt, where X=fixed and Y=programmed variable text.  DriveWorksXpress adds a space between, but there is no space in the formula: =CONCATENATE("X" ,DOORMATERIAL ,"-",HEIGHT, LENGTH )
    Eric Fivecoats
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  • How to 'bind' the add-in call to the button on the file card?

    Hello, I'm trying to 'bind' the add-in call to the button on the file card. The menu version of the add-in works fine, however, when I'm trying to make a call that add-in through the button click, nothing happens. Did...
    Boris Zybin
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  • Task Scheduler - Printing uses a separate window for each print

    Ever since we updated to 2017 Solidworks we've had an issue with printing using task scheduler. Solidworks no longer wants to print all drawing from the same Solidworks instance.   When using the task scheduler ...
    Mark Buhler
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  • Task Scheduler missing many tasks in Task Sidebar in SW2017

    When I bring up Task Scheduler in SW2017, it only has a few tasks in the side bar as shown here:     As you can see, there are many tasks missing.   We are using SW2017 SP4.1 with SW PDM Client Vers...
    John Vincent
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  • Tasks scheduler molto più lento nella versione 2017, perchè?

    Abbiamo installato sw 2017 sp5 e riscontriamo dei grossi problemi con l'utilità di pianificazione sia sulla stampa sia sull'aggiornamento delle proprietà.
    dario Armanini
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  • Just installed 2018 now my task scheduler does not perform.

    Please help... Just upgraded to 2018 from 2017. The task scheduler worked fine in 2017 now does not work at all exporting files to pdf. Just sits here and does nothing then says task completed but failed.
    Steve Whitesell
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  • Create a custom serial number based on part type when a part is assigned.

    I'm having issues with getting this concept to work. So someone can create a part, but the only time the serial number will be generated is when the part is changed to the assign state. My add-in then checks to see if...
    Parker Roach-Reasor
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  • Task Scheduler problem

                                       I have a pro...
    Rupesh Singh
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  • task scheduler render error

    Hi All,   I'm trying to use the task scheduler for rendering with photoview360. This is the error what I found and there is nothing I can find on internet about this. Can someone help me?   Regards,  ...
    Bram Piters
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  • task  to save as jpeg all configs name with custom property

    so im trying to add a task to my vault that exports a jpeg of each configuration in the file and name the jpeg using a configuration specific custom property (Partno). i believe ive found the right chunk of code but ...
    Joel Seerey
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  • Task Scheduler: Retrieving task information

    Hi,         I had scheduler convert files for multiple files in a folder. Now the task scheduler displays the following message. See the screen shot below. This has been running for...
    Ananth Subramanian
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  • Is there a way to batch convert solidworks drawing with 2 or 3 internal sheets into one DWG ?

    Sorry if this has already been asked... But is there a way to batch convert solidworks drawings which have two sheets (GA and a BOM) into one DWG with the same sheets?   This works fine when doing it manual wi...
    Paul Brophy
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    Hi Guys   When using Solidworks Task Scheduler, does anyone know how to include the revision number of the drawing to the file name when I export drawings to DXF or DWG files?   Kind Regards Dee
    Diarmuid Boland
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  • Changing custom property type from 'text' to 'date'.

    Is it possible to change a custom property type from 'text' to 'date' using task scheduler? I don't want to change the value only the type.
    Glenn Douglas
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  • Task scheduler not working properly, other options? #TASK?

    Hello Solidworks community,   I have been trying to use Task Scheduler to do simple tasks (convert/update files mostly) with mixed results. Quite often I simply get an error message like this:   I have s...
    George K.
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  • scheduled task doesn't run

    I have one computer that will not run the Solidworks scheduled tasks. I am attempting to print out multiple drawings using the Solidworks Task Scheduler. This successfully works on one computer, so I know it is not th...
    Daniel Crawford
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  • print document

    I have been used  SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler 2016 and wanted to print several drawing but some question happened.   I prnit a drawing with two other blank papers   1 drawing with two other blank paper...
    晨 晖 王
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  • Notes moving from location when DWG convert using task scheduler

    We have started using task scheduler to batch convert our product drawings to dwg and pdf.  PDF works great, but the notes move from their original location when you open the dwg in autocad.  we have a ton o...
    Wesley Astin
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