• Task Scheduler adding info to Printed files

    If I use Task Scheduler to print files, each sheet comes out of the printer with an added note centered on the bottom of the drawing. It will say the sheet number in that drawing, but then specify it's only of 1. IE: ...
    Philip Blair
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  • Solidworks Task Scheduler stopping before completing queue

    I've been having inconsistent trouble when using Solidworks Task Scheduler. Often for work i'll schedule a bunch of renders to begin processing after I leave for the day to avoid taking up processing power for when I ...
    Kale Phillipson
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  • #TASK

    So i got this letter today, is it for real that from now on you have to pay for task?   Dear Karli, We are writing to let you know about some changes to the package, commercial terms and EULA. We will be releasin...
    Karli Kasin
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  • Task Scheduler and #Task stopped exporting to DWG

    Task Scheduler won't export to DWG.  I'm on 2019 SP5.0 the batch export to DWG stopped working.  it runs and appears to work, but no files are ever created.     I also have #Task and it is do...
    Wesley Astin
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  • New Enhancements in #TASK 2.0?

    This is a question for Suraj Sethi. Also for all the users who subscribed to #TASK 2.0.   Before Artem Taturevych left Central Innovation, I remember being told that the new #TASK V2.0 will have a lot of enhance...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • Save #TASK macro

    Is it possible to save to PC macro files from #TASK? Or maybe there is online library with similar macros like in #TASK?
    Tomas Stasevskij
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  • task scheduler tasks all fail unexpectedly

    Whenever I try to run import or export tasks in task scheduler, I get a similar output to below. I can open the file from solidworks and everything works fine, so it's not an issue with the step file. How can I solve ...
    Malcolm Maude
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  • Task Scheduler alternatives

    Hello everyone, what kind of alternatives there is to Task Scheduler? I know just #TASK, but is's getting be not free anymore. Is there any other alternatives for managing macro, bulk files etc?
    Tomas Stasevskij
    created by Tomas Stasevskij
  • #TASK Export Output File Custom properties

    I am looking to integrate configuration specific part numbers and descriptions to the exported step files.   The fields are showing correctly on a test assembly and bom table I created within solidworks, bu...
    Jonas Concepcion
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  • #TASK question

    Hello,  Looking for someone familiar with #TASK to help me out.  I am using the bach save part DWG/DXF and am loving it but I am having an issue with the naming convention.  I would like it to b...
    Bri Guy
    created by Bri Guy
  • Solidworks Task Scheduler Save & Repeat Task

    Hi,   I have an assembly with about 20 subcomponents, each with their own drawings, that I would like to print each time an assembly needs to be ordered.   This happens at varying intervals so I do not wan...
    Jacob Milne
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  • #TASK not working. Task sheduler "failed to run solidworks".

    Have been trying for a long time to get this to work correctly again. I'm using SW2017  (win 10) at work, and have been using #task for mass updating properties on drawings and pdf export. Recently I have ...
    Osmund Faremo
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  • Does this forum have a #TASK thread?

    My company recently deployed #TASK to help with our SolidWorks rollout. There doesn't seem to be any community on the #TASK site, so I was wondering if we had a space here to discuss/to ask questions about the program...
    Kevin Gruscinski
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  • Task Scheduler = mostly a toy ?

    Task scheduler was brought to my attention by some post here on the forum.   When I started to check it out and was thinking  WOW, this will be great. " "CAD productivity software for carrying out tasks" B...
    Peter De Vlieger
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  • SolidWorks TASK Issues

    We are using SolidWorks 2014. In Solidworks I can use SaveAs to save a multisheet drawing to a single multisheet DWG file. However, when I use the TASK Scheduler to do this to a group of files the multisheet files are...
    Peter Biggert
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  • Batch export STEP AP214 rather than AP204

    Morning again everyone, I played around with #TASK yesterday and managed to export over 100 STEP files from a single Assembly file using the configuration names as the save name and it worked brilliantly (although I ...
    Dylan Sinclair
    created by Dylan Sinclair
  • Task Scheduler not printing or converting to PDF

    We have used task scheduler for batch printing and converting drawings to PDF in the past and it was working for us a few months ago, but it isn't working right now. I'm on SolidWorks 2017 SP3.0 and we are just about ...
    B. Watkins
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  • Solidworks Task Scheduler "Failed to run SOLIDWORKS"

    Howdy All,   Currently I've been tasked with converting all our solidworks drawings to pdf's so i can hyperlink them to our excel standards index (we're making pdf's so people without solidworks can reference). ...
    Ryan Anderson
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  • Can I use the Task Scheduler to initiate a workflow in EPDM

    Can I use the Task Scheduler to initiate a workflow in EPDM
    Damon Stocker
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    I am trying to use the Scheduler to export all my drawing to PDF. I update all my solidworks drawing and everything looks great in solidworks. I then run the Task Scheduler to export the pdf files and it runs. I th...
    Greg Marz
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