• scheduled task doesn't run

    I have one computer that will not run the Solidworks scheduled tasks. I am attempting to print out multiple drawings using the Solidworks Task Scheduler. This successfully works on one computer, so I know it is not th...
    Daniel Crawford
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  • print document

    I have been used  SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler 2016 and wanted to print several drawing but some question happened.   I prnit a drawing with two other blank papers   1 drawing with two other blank paper...
    晨 晖 王
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  • Notes moving from location when DWG convert using task scheduler

    We have started using task scheduler to batch convert our product drawings to dwg and pdf.  PDF works great, but the notes move from their original location when you open the dwg in autocad.  we have a ton o...
    Wesley Astin
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  • Task Scheduler - every other file converted

    Just upgraded to 2017sp1. Running task scheduler to convert 2016 files. Every time I run it, I get every other file "Completed" and the others "Failed unexpectedly". Very strange.   I doubled checked the files, ...
    Alex Sheydayi
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  • Task Scheduler Error Messages

    I am trying to use Task Scheduler to Update Custom Properties and I got 2 error messages. "An invalid Argument was encountered." when I select Advanced And "A required resource was unavailable." when I select Next&...
    Sarah Dwight
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  • Print files in task scheduler not working properly in SW2017.

    While giving print from task scheduler, not every print came out some of them are failed in pattern. I have also attached file for the reference. Please give me the solutions if anyone can.
    Nikhii Gandhi
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  • convert sheet metal part to flat pattern dxf

    is there a way in task to convert a sheet metal flat pattern to dxf from the part file not the drawing. I would like to automate this in the workflow so files can be sent to the plasma cutter faster
    Joel Seerey
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  • is solidworks plastic part of the premium package

    JOHN GEORGEGreg JankowskiDennis Bacon
    Ifeanyichukwu Nomu
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  • Save configurations in a part as a serperate new part

    I am wondering if it is possible to take a part that has configurations and be able to run a batch file or something to be able to open the file, activate the config, save it as a new part, delete all other configs an...
    Daniel Zolinski
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  • SolidWorks Task Scheduler Run Custom Task option

    Hello,   I want to run a Macro for the assemblies in a folder. The Macro should save the existing assemblies into part [Save assembly as part].   Right now i am opening assembly and manually saving it as p...
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  • How to select files in custom task with Macro?

    How to specify files in custom task? I want to apply one macro in lots of files, but i can't find any blank to select files or location. How can i do it? Deepak Gupta John Stoltzfus Task Scheduler
    加 贤 李
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  • Will Task Scheuler Print Files Window design to be able to stretch?

    This will allow me to view more rows at one go!
    Alvin Chang
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  • Update Custom Properties - How do I use it?

    I have tried to use Update Custom Properties, but cannot get it to work. I add a task and it runs, but fails. It seems that the information I enter into the Update Custom Properties window erases itself and becomes ...
    Sarah Dwight
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  • can we updated our old drawing template to our new drawing template with some shortkey?

    can we updated our old drawing template to our new drawing template with some short key ?
    Vivek Suthar
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  • Scheduled render not displaying background

    Using SW 2016, just started exploring PhotoView 360 and rendering of parts.   I'm rendering some part files that take up to 30 min apiece to render via the 'Final Render' button. Final Render, while taking a lon...
    Mathias Tabor
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    Hi all,   I use the SW task scheduler to update some fields in the files. From Yesterday it's not working and say that is impossible to run Solidworks.. Anyone has the same problem?   Thank you
    Lucio Maurigh
    created by Lucio Maurigh
  • Task Scheduler: The best tool that you aren’t using

    Is because that title is a lie!   Let me explain why. Using task scheduler to convert workgroup PDM files works great for any files that can be opened "fully" in Solidworks. Where it totally fails is when you ...
    Peter Farnham
    created by Peter Farnham
  • Task scheduler keeps resetting to portrait

    I recently upgraded to 2016 and now matter how many times I set the printer settings to landscape, after closing Task Scheduler and reopening it the settings reset to portrait which screws up my prints.   Is th...
    Dan Bouchard
    created by Dan Bouchard
  • import step to sldprt files

    I've discovered the task scheduler and I can import step files, but they are imported as sldasm files. I know in older versions (saw help for 2013) you could import step to sldprt files. How can I do this in SW2016?
    Matt Boland
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  • Can I use a wildcard in "File Name or Type" when exporting files?

    I'm trying to export several drawings as PDFs. I only want to print drawings with the following criteria:   XXXXXXXX-AXX.slddrw   where [X] can be any character.   Selecting the drawings to export ma...
    John Alexander
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