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Osmund Faremo
Have been trying for a long time to get this to work correctly again. I'm using SW2017  (win 10) at work, and have been using #task for mass updating properties on drawings and pdf export. Recently I have not been able to because #task opens a new window of solidworks and just sits there until the process times out and starts a new solidwoks… (Show more)
in Task Scheduler
Kevin Gruscinski
My company recently deployed #TASK to help with our SolidWorks rollout. There doesn't seem to be any community on the #TASK site, so I was wondering if we had a space here to discuss/to ask questions about the program. Because my VAR explicitly recommended #TASK for our purposes, I figure #TASK is on-topic enough to be a topic on this forum.  … (Show more)
in Task Scheduler
Peter De Vlieger
Task scheduler was brought to my attention by some post here on the forum.   When I started to check it out and was thinking  WOW, this will be great. " "CAD productivity software for carrying out tasks" By not all tasks actual enhance productivity.   That is what I noticed when I started to actually put it to the test.   1. Using it to… (Show more)
in Task Scheduler
Peter Biggert
We are using SolidWorks 2014. In Solidworks I can use SaveAs to save a multisheet drawing to a single multisheet DWG file. However, when I use the TASK Scheduler to do this to a group of files the multisheet files are saved as a separate file for each sheet. There is no option in TASK to tell it to save as one file. I think this was added in later… (Show more)
in Task Scheduler
Dylan Sinclair
Morning again everyone, I played around with #TASK yesterday and managed to export over 100 STEP files from a single Assembly file using the configuration names as the save name and it worked brilliantly (although I had to restart it a few times)   My question is,  Is it possible to choose which format the STEP file is exported as?  Usually in… (Show more)
in Task Scheduler