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B. Watkins
We have used task scheduler for batch printing and converting drawings to PDF in the past and it was working for us a few months ago, but it isn't working right now. I'm on SolidWorks 2017 SP3.0 and we are just about ready to upgrade to 2018. Does it work with 2018? Is there a fix that I need to do? Any help would be much appreciated! -Barry
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Ryan Anderson
Click to view contentHowdy All,   Currently I've been tasked with converting all our solidworks drawings to pdf's so i can hyperlink them to our excel standards index (we're making pdf's so people without solidworks can reference). Should be an easy task for task scheduler to export all dwg's within the folder to pdfs for this purpose. Now this is my first time using… (Show more)
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Kevin Gruscinski
My company recently deployed #TASK to help with our SolidWorks rollout. There doesn't seem to be any community on the #TASK site, so I was wondering if we had a space here to discuss/to ask questions about the program. Because my VAR explicitly recommended #TASK for our purposes, I figure #TASK is on-topic enough to be a topic on this forum.  … (Show more)
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Malcolm Maude
Whenever I try to run import or export tasks in task scheduler, I get a similar output to below. I can open the file from solidworks and everything works fine, so it's not an issue with the step file. How can I solve this or debug it further?   Example output: General Information Task Title: Subtask 1 of 1 - import file [REV-21-1650.STEP] Task… (Show more)
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Greg Marz
I am trying to use the Scheduler to export all my drawing to PDF. I update all my solidworks drawing and everything looks great in solidworks. I then run the Task Scheduler to export the pdf files and it runs. I then review the PDF files and they look like junk!!!! All my updated are gone. The views are out of date. The properties are wrong.… (Show more)
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