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Karli Kasin
So i got this letter today, is it for real that from now on you have to pay for task?   Dear Karli, We are writing to let you know about some changes to the package, commercial terms and EULA. We will be releasing v2.0 of #TASK on 1st May 2020. However in order for us to continue to invest in the product and deliver more capabilities we are going… (Show more)
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Jonas Concepcion
I am looking to integrate configuration specific part numbers and descriptions to the exported step files.   The fields are showing correctly on a test assembly and bom table I created within solidworks, but when processed through #TASK those parameter show up blank.    I have tried    PartNumber PartNo SW-BOM Part Number   and a number of… (Show more)
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Bri Guy
Hello,  Looking for someone familiar with #TASK to help me out.  I am using the bach save part DWG/DXF and am loving it but I am having an issue with the naming convention.  I would like it to be numbered in order of where it is in the assembly. For example, start at 0 for x=0 then go up by one for each part closest. Even if it isn't based on… (Show more)
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Jacob Milne
Hi,   I have an assembly with about 20 subcomponents, each with their own drawings, that I would like to print each time an assembly needs to be ordered.   This happens at varying intervals so I do not want to schedule a task. Instead I would like to be able to save a print task and the next time the assembly needs to be ordered, all I (or… (Show more)
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Osmund Faremo
Have been trying for a long time to get this to work correctly again. I'm using SW2017  (win 10) at work, and have been using #task for mass updating properties on drawings and pdf export. Recently I have not been able to because #task opens a new window of solidworks and just sits there until the process times out and starts a new solidwoks… (Show more)
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Kevin Gruscinski
My company recently deployed #TASK to help with our SolidWorks rollout. There doesn't seem to be any community on the #TASK site, so I was wondering if we had a space here to discuss/to ask questions about the program. Because my VAR explicitly recommended #TASK for our purposes, I figure #TASK is on-topic enough to be a topic on this forum.  … (Show more)
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