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Osmund Faremo
Have been trying for a long time to get this to work correctly again. I'm using SW2017  (win 10) at work, and have been using #task for mass updating properties on drawings and pdf export. Recently I have not been able to because #task opens a new window of solidworks and just sits there until the process times out and starts a new solidwoks… (Show more)
in Task Scheduler
Kevin Gruscinski
My company recently deployed #TASK to help with our SolidWorks rollout. There doesn't seem to be any community on the #TASK site, so I was wondering if we had a space here to discuss/to ask questions about the program. Because my VAR explicitly recommended #TASK for our purposes, I figure #TASK is on-topic enough to be a topic on this forum.  … (Show more)
in Task Scheduler
Peter De Vlieger
Task scheduler was brought to my attention by some post here on the forum.   When I started to check it out and was thinking  WOW, this will be great. " "CAD productivity software for carrying out tasks" By not all tasks actual enhance productivity.   That is what I noticed when I started to actually put it to the test.   1. Using it to… (Show more)
in Task Scheduler
Peter Biggert
We are using SolidWorks 2014. In Solidworks I can use SaveAs to save a multisheet drawing to a single multisheet DWG file. However, when I use the TASK Scheduler to do this to a group of files the multisheet files are saved as a separate file for each sheet. There is no option in TASK to tell it to save as one file. I think this was added in later… (Show more)
in Task Scheduler
Dylan Sinclair
Morning again everyone, I played around with #TASK yesterday and managed to export over 100 STEP files from a single Assembly file using the configuration names as the save name and it worked brilliantly (although I had to restart it a few times)   My question is,  Is it possible to choose which format the STEP file is exported as?  Usually in… (Show more)
in Task Scheduler
B. Watkins
We have used task scheduler for batch printing and converting drawings to PDF in the past and it was working for us a few months ago, but it isn't working right now. I'm on SolidWorks 2017 SP3.0 and we are just about ready to upgrade to 2018. Does it work with 2018? Is there a fix that I need to do? Any help would be much appreciated! -Barry
in Task Scheduler
Ryan Anderson
Click to view contentHowdy All,   Currently I've been tasked with converting all our solidworks drawings to pdf's so i can hyperlink them to our excel standards index (we're making pdf's so people without solidworks can reference). Should be an easy task for task scheduler to export all dwg's within the folder to pdfs for this purpose. Now this is my first time using… (Show more)
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