• Solidworks CAM 2018 Postprocessor

    Does anyone have a postprocessor for kosy in solidworks cam 2018? Or do you know which mill post i should chose in upg to create an own 3 axis post easily?
    Matthias Mühlemann
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  • CSWP CAM Laser Cut

    There are may ways to create a laser cut program. But, for solidworks cam, what is the best strategy to create toolpaths for laser cutting? I attended CSWP CAM once and I failed because of the laser cut question. Eve...
    Moshiur Rashid
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  • Cad cam rough mill

    Having issues with issues with cadcam Im using a pocket out with ramping in method.  But unable to get the tool to pass the boundary of the job. 
    Pepe Hamilton
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  • Is there a post processor for Centroid m400?

    Id like to find a postprocessor for SolidWorks CAM that will allow me to output in a format for my Centroid M400 Mill control.
    Craig Merrill
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  • Machine Setup Missing with Multi-Monitors

    When I have monitors connected to my laptop, the primary way I work, I cannot access the machine setup for Solidworks CAM. Any way I try(Clicking define machine in the solidworks cam tab, right clicking and selecting ...
    Devon Willett
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  • Perimeter boss ramp to full depth, contour part, lead in .010, do finish pass?

    This is a very typical operation for a router on sheet goods. I want to ramp to depth, cut around part with a .010 allowance, then lead in without retracting, and do the finish pass contour. Every time I try to do con...
    Brian Graves
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  • Question about milling a hole (SolidWorksCAM)

    Ok here is another question. I have a 3/4 inch hole I need my machine to mill out instead of drilling. My question is this. If I have an 1/4" end mill can I have the software mill just the outside perimeter and let a ...
    Andrew Haney
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  • Will the NC Editor launch in its own?

    Im using Solidworks 2018   I am unable to open Solidworks CAM NC Editor on it own. Meaning if I want to edit an NC file at a latter time, I have to launch Solidworks and from Solidworks CAM Operations tree post ...
    Jon Bradford
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  • Gearbox housing machining file creation

    Hello, for 2 weeks i'm trying to make machining file for my detail but i cant due to lack of experience. and i dont know there to find it, because the simplest parts that are created in youtube cant help me. The ...
    Nikita Zuravliov
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  • Laser cutting toolpath single pass

    Hello: I am trying to set up a tool path for laser cutting operation. I have added the tool Flat endmill to the TechDB and used AFR to detect Irregular pocket. Now when I generate the operation plan and toolpath, I se...
    Ajit Mujumdar
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  • i'm trying to make a change to my post processor with UPG & it's not working

    we use to have camworks & now use solidworks cam so i'm familiar with the camworks UPG software for modifying a post processor. my problem is that when I compile the source file, UPG is not creating a ctl or lng f...
    Chad Williamson
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  • Fanuc 18i post output missing semicolons and drill cycle looks wrong

    Trying to use SWCam for small things like drilling and small parts, but the post output does not include semicolons at the end of the lines, I have to add manually, drilling cycles don't look right, is there anyway to...
    Victor Goncalves
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  • Machine Multiple Faces

    Greetings,    I am pretty new to solidworks and SOLIDWORKS cam.  I have an L bracket that I need to machine, I plan to machine both faces of the L-Bracket.  I have created an assembly that contain...
    John Wood
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  • How can I get machining time with SolidWorks CAM / CamWorks?

    I am looking at several design options that all require machining, but with different levels of complexity and amounts of machining that needs to be done. I was hoping that SolidWorks CAM would have a function th...
    Ilia Bulgak
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  • Does anyone know what post processor works best with an Anilam 3000m?

    I am looking for a post processor that will work with an Anilam 3000m Control on a 2 axis knee mill. Does anyone have any ideas?
    Michael Oswald
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  • Programmteilwiederholung

    Hallo, ich möchte bei soldiworks cam editor eine programmteilwiederholung machen. wie kann ich das hier machen? Hab die DIALOG4 Sprache mit L probiert oder auch G14. Aber es funktioniert bei mir nicht.
    Stefan Wensauer
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  • How can I use subroutines, loops etc.?

    The CAM of Solidworks creates very long linear code. I.e. for a pocket, this are for each Z-level the same code. Normaly should a program be created in this kind: Z-2 M98 P100 Z-4 M98 P100 M30 and so on... If you u...
    Ingolf Tippner
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  • Can someone please explain how to model this cam

    i am trying to create a cam, i have the drawing but im not sure how to approach the sketch.    the drawing dimensions with statements like " spiral A from 7.5 to 70 degrees: decreasing from R19 to R17.3 line...
    Amer Khalil
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  • What is the shape 2 axes 1/2 to make an imprint of a mold ?

    I am in the process of making my mold and my imprint has several shapes and contours, with curvilinear shapes in the material. Can someone help me
  • What type of machine are you running?

    Out of curiosity, what type of machines is everyone running with SOLIDWORKS CAM?
    Daniel Lyon
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