• Gearbox housing machining file creation

    Hello, for 2 weeks i'm trying to make machining file for my detail but i cant due to lack of experience. and i dont know there to find it, because the simplest parts that are created in youtube cant help me. The ...
    Nikita Zuravliov
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  • i'm trying to make a change to my post processor with UPG & it's not working

    we use to have camworks & now use solidworks cam so i'm familiar with the camworks UPG software for modifying a post processor. my problem is that when I compile the source file, UPG is not creating a ctl or lng f...
    Chad Williamson
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  • Can someone please explain how to model this cam

    i am trying to create a cam, i have the drawing but im not sure how to approach the sketch.    the drawing dimensions with statements like " spiral A from 7.5 to 70 degrees: decreasing from R19 to R17.3 line...
    Amer Khalil
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  • Question regarding new "Tab Cutting" functionality

    Cutting 3/4" plywood without a vacuum table. Need tabs to keep the plywood together during the final contour cut. 3/8" Compression bit. Ramping down in one move to full depth + .003" beyond stock. When attempting...
    Brian Graves
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  • Another podcast episode is out!

    3dexperience world podcast  Hello everyone,  John and I just finished another episode of The 3DEXPERIENCE.  This time we speak with Jesse and Marc from the Center for Advanced Design.  (CAD)&...
    Michael Buchli
    created by Michael Buchli
  • New Podcast Episode out - DELMIAWORKS

    Hey, everyone   John and I just added another episode to our mfg podcast.  This episode talks about ERP/MES, real-time machine monitoring, and the Bill of Materials vs. Bill of Manufacture.   Driving ...
    Michael Buchli
    created by Michael Buchli
  • Stay at Depth

    The endmill I am using in the slot does not want to stay at depth after it has made its passes. It raises outside and above the part and then goes back down. I have stay at depth checked to make the cutter just cut do...
    Bode Swango
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  • Another podcast episode is out The 3DExperience

    Another podcast is out! This time we talk about real-time monitoring and data analytics for manufacturers with Akshat Thirani CEO of Amper.xyz   https://soundcloud.com/the-3dexperience/changing-a-habit-only-hap...
    Michael Buchli
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  • Peck Drilling in SolidWorks CAM

    I'm currently having trouble creating a peck drilling operation in SolidWorks CAM. I think I'm using the right setting to generate a peck drilling operation, but in simulation, the tool path is not actually peck drill...
    Nha Nguyen
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  • New Podcast with Glenn Coleman from VoluMill

    Hey, everyone   We just finished another podcast episode on The 3DExeperience.  This one has a little modification to it as we have the audio version but also added it to our YouTube channel so you can look...
    Michael Buchli
    created by Michael Buchli
  • Do you need a SOLIDWORKS CAM post processor for your CNC machine?

    A new Post Processor Library is now available for SOLIDWORKS CAM post processors! These post processors are FREE OF CHARGE and are available to all SOLIDWORKS CAM resellers and end-users. Search filters have been prov...
    Marc Bissell
    created by Marc Bissell
  • Turning not available in Solidworks 2018 CAM Standard

    I wasted an hour reading through the turning tutorial and trying to figure out why nothing would work. I could choose "Turn Single Turret" as the machine (even though, as I now realize, it was grayed out and the "Sele...
    walter hansen
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  • Where can I find cam tutorials?

    Where can I find good cam tutorials???
    Jeff Musolf
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  • Check of the tool type for different operations

    Hello. I tried to select Flat End Tapered mill for the countersinking operation and get the warning message. After that I tried to select some other milling tools and always get the same message. It seems SOLIDWORKS...
    Andrii YAROSHYK
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