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Hi all,


While experimenting with the 'Extract Machinable Features'(EXMF), 2.5 axis and Multi-Surface tools, I ran into trouble with getting Solidworks to recognize a webbed boss. The EXMF tool only recognized the holes on the top of the part. When I used the 2.5 axis tool I used the 'convert to loop' selection tool which gave me a boss minus the 2 angles on the "fingers" of the the boss. That made sense and was close to what I was looking for.

So I then used the the Multi-Surface tool to see if I could get the boss with the two angles. With the selection tools provided, I found it difficult to select the boss without selecting each individual surface. When I tried the window select tool, I was only able to get some of the surfaces and I accidentally selected lettering on the bottom side which had a bunch of surfaces. I tried to 'window-deselect' all the surfaces making up the words and was unable to do so.


Is there an easier way to select features that I am missing?

I am new to CAM in Solidworks so if the solution is there, hopefully the solution isn't too painfully obvious.


If not, I've got some ideas.

  • selection box that works the same as in the rest of Solidworks.
    • Blue box- only select surfaces completely in the box, Green box- select all surfaces touching the box
    • ctrl-window to add surfaces to the list, ctrl-window over selected surfaces to deselect them.
  • use chain selection similar to 2.5 axis feature tool to create a general boss, then select surfaces to "cut away" at that generic boss to get desired feature
  • select all surfaces above/below a selected chain
  • checkbox for only selecting visible surfaces (so surfaces on the bottom of the part don't get accidentally selected)

Hello beta testers,


One of the testers ran into this error yesterday during installation.  If you run into this error please let us know.   The possible solutions are listed below.



Currently, SWCAM install takes care of order of pre-requisites. If something unexpected happened during the installation, you will see the error above pop up.  To remedy the solution, please try one or both of the following solutions.


Possible solutions:


  • Uninstall SWCAM


(1) If user already has Access before installing SWCAM

  • Install Access again
  • Install SWCAM


(2) If user did not have Access before installing SWCAM

  • Install Access runtime from pre-requisites
  • Install SWCAM

Thank you for participating in the beta validation of SOLIDWORKS CAM.  This forum is a private forum to discuss everything SOLIDWORKS CAM.  Since Beta testing of a SOLIDWORKS product is under non-disclosure, anything in this forum is private and can not be shared publicly.  This includes the general SOLIDWORKS forums.   Any screen shots or videos of how the software works are confidential.


Support personnel from SolidWorks, CAMWorks, and local resellers will be on this forum to answer questions. If you have specific crashing or installation issues, you may be asked to send the issue to our support team.  The following link will be used to report a problem.


Throughout the beta process, you may be asked to take surveys and provide feedback on the product.  Honest feedback is important to the development of SOLIDWORKS CAM as we progress to our 2018 launch.  Along with any issues you may find, we are also looking for successes and different ways people are using SOLIDWORKS CAM to accomplish a goal.  Please post positive notes on the forum along with any questions or issues you may have.

Thank you for using SolidWorks products and helping us make the best products on the market today!


Please use the links below to download the first beta version of SOLIDWORKS CAM.  You will need to have SOLIDWORKS 2017 to use SOLIDWORKS CAM 2017.  Please install  SOLIDWORKS CAM first then you can install SOLIDWORKS CAM TBM.


Build Date :- 2017/0414 ( 14-APR-2017 )




Date (dd-mmm-yyyy)





  1. 1.2 GB

64-bit installer of SOLIDWORKS CAM 2017

SOLIDWORKS CAM Installation Guide


  1. 1.3 MB

Installation guide for SOLIDWORKS CAM

SOLIDWORKS CAM TechDB setting guide


  1. 744.5 KB

Technology database setting guide



  1. 21.2 MB

64-bit installer of SOLIDWORKS CAM TBM 2017



SOLIDWORKS CAM will install with tutorials.  (see below)



You can also download a PDF of the CAMWorks Handbook 2014 as a reference to workflow.


Best Regards,

Michael Buchli

Product Manager - SOLIDWORKS CAM

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