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Kulwant Singh
Click to view contentHi Can someone help me what feature I can select to program this radius on the part using SW CAM If it has to be done with curve feature please post the settings that I should use because I cannot get it working the way I want. Thanks  
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Muthukumaran B.
Click to view contentHello, I have a clarification on assembly machining process,I am not getting recognized operations in my Setup Area. I'm working on Custom TechDB only happens in Assembly level. If anyone knows this please update. CAM@ 
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Michael Buchli
Another podcast is out! This time we talk about real-time monitoring and data analytics for manufacturers with Akshat Thirani CEO of
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Rod Newstrom
Click to view contentI'm experienced in design, but this is the first part I'm attempting to take through CAM and machining, and I'm stumped. I'm trying to make the part below on a desktop 4 axis mill (Taig DSLS3000). There are a number of similar parts, all of which would be best machined by indexing the 4th axis (which turns around X) while changing the X and Z… (Show more)
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Dallas Theobald
Hey guys, I'm using SolidWorks Cam as a post processor and had alarm 430: Beginning and end mark missing come up last night while trying to load a file. I've seen this code before while hand writing code and forgetting the % sign but it appears to be in the code generated by SW Cam.    On a side note, this is the first time I have used SW Cam to… (Show more)
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Alexander Tseng
Hi all,    This is my first time posting on solidworks forums, and with that, I am encountering some issues with running solidworks CAM on the lathe (tormach slant 15L) in the lab.    I researched a little bit, and followed the instructions based on what I found, however, I would always end up with G-Code errors on the machine. I used the post… (Show more)
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Frank Hewes
I'm plan to mill some small parts from bearing bronze on a HAAS mill, but all the materials listed in the stock menu are iron, steel, stainless steel or aluminum.  I know I could use one of the pre-loaded materials and just change the feeds and speeds, but this is my first time working with G-Code, so I don't know what to use as a starting value.
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Ian Vivero
So to be upfront, I very new to SW CAM and cnc machining in general. I've been working with SW for a decade or so but only recently decided to give machining a go so please bear with me if this is a dumb question. I have a relatively simple part that I need to machine from two sides (top and bottom) on a 3 axis machine. Though I haven't actually… (Show more)
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