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Jeffrey Nelson
Is there an option for rest material with an Area Clearance machining operation?   Stock material is complex with varying tapers and radii, target geometry is similarly complex. I can only construct the stock and target geometry with a multi surface feature. How can I efficiently remove only the difference between the two? 
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Zakary Guignion
Click to view contentHi guys,  I've been getting comfortable with Solidworks CAM, but the only thing I can't get my head around is why it continually crashes when I click "Post Process" (Output G Code). Can anyone tell me why this might be? My work uses PDM, not sure if that might cause an issue.   Thanks,  Zakary
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David Thompson
Hello,   I am trying to transition to Solidworks CAM from HSMWorks, learning it as I go. I run a mill with an Acu-Rite G2 controller, but do not see a post-processor for anything Acu-Rite related in the listing. Is there a post-processor recommended for this 3 axis mill, or should I look for a custom design?     Thank you.
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Donald Pearce
Click to view contentI'm trying to make a simple collett holder. It is just eight tapered holes in a row. So far so easy. I used solidworks cam to create the toolpaths, and when I simulate the paths all looks well - the tool makes a series of decreasing circles as it burrows into the wood. However, when I rout, I get straight lines instead of circles. Not good    … (Show more)
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Brian Suchland
As a current CAMWorks user, my concern was how nice will SolidWorks CAM play with parts I previously programmed in CAMWorks.  Upon opening a 2.5 axis mill part that was previously programmed in CAMWorks 2012 SP1, SolidWorks CAM pops a message that reads:  "The SOLIDWORKS CAM data in this model will be converted when saved."   How can there be… (Show more)
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Michael Checkley
Good afternoon all, I have been teaching myself Solidworks CAM for the last few weeks and I have reached a point of being able to cut metal ok via the mach3 post processor but I have a few issues I cannot find a solution for so hopefully people on here with more experience will be able to help. I have set up the technology database for my… (Show more)
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Panagiotis Kambouridis
Hello guys. I am currently using  Solid CAM to produce gcode for my stepcraft 600. The software of stepcraft is called UCCNC and i want to know if the HSR and HSM commands are compatible. I dont use any post processor i just extract my gcode and upload it directly into UCCNC. Thanks!!!   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to the CAM space. In the future,… (Show more)
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Muhammad Osama Siddiqui
Hi, I have a problem with Solidworks CAM. When i run toolpath the tool simulation stop in the mid and shows error " Cannot continue with simulation" Although the same program is running properly on other computer with same Solidworks 2019 SP0.0.   Any help will be highly appreciated.
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Nick Crowhurst
I design sea kayaks and place the designs free and open source at   I have just sent one of my QCAD .dxf files to a CNC cutting company here in the U.K, and was told that they could not drill 1.5 mm diameter holes in the approximately 100 stitching holes  on the perimeters of the 3 mm thick plywood panels because their Solidworks… (Show more)
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