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Steven Erickson
My company recently acquired a Stepoko CNC Machine from Sparkfun. We are looking to utilize SolidWorks new CAM feature with the machine for some in-house prototyping. The Stepoko board runs on Grbl v1.1, so I need a post-processor that will output to a format like that. None of the standard machine profiles included with SolidWorks seem to work.… (Show more)
in CAM
Reggie Ames
how do i know if i have cam package
in CAM
Paul Townsin
Hi,  I have a Solidworks 2018 standard licence.  In 2017 I could find cam but in 2018, under add ind, I've tickes cam and it loads on start up but does not appear anywhere.  I thought the standard version of cam was available to all users?   Thanks for any help.
in CAM
Dieter Radler
Hello,   I am migrating from Windows based Mach3/Mach4 to the Masso controller. I am using Solidworks CAM and I am looking for people with experience in using the Masso Controller with Solidworks CAM. Right now I am using the Mach_III_G54 post processor to create G-Code and afterwards I am modifiying G-Code like G43, G4x… (Show more)
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Shawn Lammers
I am new to Solidworks CAM. I have been using Delcam For Solidworks. Since Delcam is now discontinued I am starting to explore Solidworks CAM. I am not sure the proper way to handle tool cribs. Most of my tools are in inch units but all my tapping and drilling is done in metric. What is the best approach, should I create two separate cribs, one… (Show more)
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Bob Eppig
I am starting to play with the Multi Surface Feature in CAM.  I created play part "Part" (attachment) and ran the simulation.  "Rough" shows the roughing operation and "Finish" shows the finished part.  The question are: How do I get the mills to go down the side? How do I get the finishing ball end mill to go passed center so it does not leave… (Show more)
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Greg Kuhn
Solidworks cam won't pick correct end mill size for counterbobore. I have a .125 thru hole and .188 c'bore. It seems like no matter the actual size of the c'bore it always pick .25 dia. endmil.?
in CAM
William Finch
Hello,   I am an instructor trying to integrate Solidworks CAM into my student-shop "workflow".  We have several inexpensive, benchtop, CNC, imported mills.  They're beefier than a Shapeoko, by far, but still pretty flexible.  The axes are driven by steppers with a TinyG controller.  So, the feed rate is limited not by the tool, I think, but by… (Show more)
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Peter Hunstein
I have a Torchmate plasma table and would like to try SW cam with. Does anyone have a post that would work?
in CAM
Dave Lonsdale
I would like to use Solidworks CAM instead of solidCAM but the post processor I use in solidCAM (VM20i.gpp) wont work with Solidworks CAM which seems to only use .ctl extension is there a way round this or a post processor that will match the VM20i.gpp.   thanks in advance for any answers and apologies if there is an obvious answer I have… (Show more)
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