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Panagiotis Kambouridis
Hello guys. I am currently using  Solid CAM to produce gcode for my stepcraft 600. The software of stepcraft is called UCCNC and i want to know if the HSR and HSM commands are compatible. I dont use any post processor i just extract my gcode and upload it directly into UCCNC. Thanks!!!   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to the CAM space. In the future,… (Show more)
in CAM
Muhammad Osama Siddiqui
Hi, I have a problem with Solidworks CAM. When i run toolpath the tool simulation stop in the mid and shows error " Cannot continue with simulation" Although the same program is running properly on other computer with same Solidworks 2019 SP0.0.   Any help will be highly appreciated.
in CAM
Nick Crowhurst
I design sea kayaks and place the designs free and open source at   I have just sent one of my QCAD .dxf files to a CNC cutting company here in the U.K, and was told that they could not drill 1.5 mm diameter holes in the approximately 100 stitching holes  on the perimeters of the 3 mm thick plywood panels because their Solidworks… (Show more)
in CAM
Jeff Woodall
Does anyone know if it is possible to generate 2D toolpath in CamWorks only off a Solidworks sketch instead of making a 3D model?
in CAM
Ian Vivero
So to be upfront, I very new to SW CAM and cnc machining in general. I've been working with SW for a decade or so but only recently decided to give machining a go so please bear with me if this is a dumb question. I have a relatively simple part that I need to machine from two sides (top and bottom) on a 3 axis machine. Though I haven't actually… (Show more)
in CAM
Michael Buchli
Hey, everyone   I wanted to share a podcast that John and I have been working on for the last few months.  We discuss manufacturing and other topics with people in the industry today.  Below is our latest podcast with Chris Fox from Tormach.  … (Show more)
in CAM
Brown Rice
Hi there, I generated the g-code from Solidworks Cam for a toy part and use LinuxCNC to simulate the milling process. The g-code generated from Solidworks Cam contains a line of "G80 Z44.5 M09" ,  which complained by LinuxCNC as an illegal operation - "Cannot use axis value with G80". I believe LinuxCNC g-code is based on Nist RS274NGS. I tried… (Show more)
in CAM
Joseph Check
I am trying to do a slot through 2 parts in the same operation and then for the 2nd set up i need to do a profile. Everytime I import the part data for each part, I am limited to only one mill part Setup. Are there certain settings I should choose when importing each part data?
in CAM
Anvay Srivastava
Hey there, so I have a part with a swept cut elbow (a hole starting on the top face and ending up on the right face). I tried to use extract machinable features, and it didn't recognize the elbows correctly. It only recognized half the elbows, and the direction was wrong. The arrow was on the opposing face for some reason. So i was wondering if… (Show more)
in CAM
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