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Cary Hutchinson
I have created a SolidWorks CAM file and want to make a small edit.   Is there a way to start the SolidWorks CAM Editor without starting SolidWorks?    I have NotePad++ and a few other text editing programs but would like to use the SolidWorks CAM Editor.   This is a great addition to SolidWorks by the way.
in CAM
Jerry Myer
You have to let me talk to the controller.  And don't assume that it is just a matter of time before I choose the midpoint of a line.   I am excited to think that SW 2018 includes some CAM functionality.  What I am hoping is, that it will be a good geometry processor, but also allow the part programmer to communicate to the machine/control… (Show more)
in CAM
Theo Vigliocco
Hi everybody. I'm having some issues with the CAM module (again ). I make a program to use in a postprocessor MACH 3 (G54) but in the text file appears an error; several lines ends with dots, and when i put the program on mi CNC, every time that it comes to that point, it stops. It is very annoying, and i can't find a solution.   I attacht the… (Show more)
in CAM
Bob Eppig
I have used some YouTube tutorial videos to do some editing of my post file.  But, there are still some changes that I would like to make that are not covered.  Is there a tutorial or something from Solidworks that would help in this area?   Just a comment I am having some problems with the UPG software while screen part are missing and some… (Show more)
in CAM
Rupesh Singh
In Machine selection window there is no option for selecting 2.5 or 3 axis machine. there are Matrix , 4 and 5 axis selection. I would be pleased if anyone can help me out in selecting 2.5 or 3 machine.
in CAM
Reza Abdolahi
Hi everybody ,mill 4axis,5 axis and turning are disabled in solidworks cam ,somebody helps me please
in CAM
Jody Holm
We just upgraded from SW2016 to SW2017 and HSM2017 to 2018. It did not go smoothly. I am certain that if you added up the amount of time my SW VAR, HSM support, and Autodesk spent thru goto meetings on our (2) CAM systems it would easily be 6 hours. We now have everything loaded but the systems are running so slow now that I have regrets about… (Show more)
in CAM
Michael Corriveau-Cote
Hello,   First Timer here.   I was wondering do any of you know why when I double-click on Machine in the Solidworks CAM Operation Tree, my machine setup won't appear anymore?  I also tried clicking on Define Machine in the Solidworks CAM tab.   Thanks in advance!
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