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Matthias Mühlemann
Does anyone have a postprocessor for kosy in solidworks cam 2018? Or do you know which mill post i should chose in upg to create an own 3 axis post easily?
in CAM
Moshiur Rashid
There are may ways to create a laser cut program. But, for solidworks cam, what is the best strategy to create toolpaths for laser cutting? I attended CSWP CAM once and I failed because of the laser cut question. Everything was ok, I defined the pockets then created opp plan and selected the endmill tool that they told me to select and then then… (Show more)
in CAM
Pepe Hamilton
Having issues with issues with cadcam Im using a pocket out with ramping in method.  But unable to get the tool to pass the boundary of the job. 
in CAM
Craig Merrill
Id like to find a postprocessor for SolidWorks CAM that will allow me to output in a format for my Centroid M400 Mill control.
in CAM
Devon Willett
When I have monitors connected to my laptop, the primary way I work, I cannot access the machine setup for Solidworks CAM. Any way I try(Clicking define machine in the solidworks cam tab, right clicking and selecting edit definition, double clicking, etc.) it will not open. The second feature tree opens and all the CAM functions grey out but the… (Show more)
in CAM
Andrew Haney
Click to view contentOk here is another question. I have a 3/4 inch hole I need my machine to mill out instead of drilling. My question is this. If I have an 1/4" end mill can I have the software mill just the outside perimeter and let a remainder material fall? or does it have to mill all the material out of the hole? the material is a 1 3/4" x 3" .120 thickness tube… (Show more)
in CAM
Jon Bradford
Im using Solidworks 2018   I am unable to open Solidworks CAM NC Editor on it own. Meaning if I want to edit an NC file at a latter time, I have to launch Solidworks and from Solidworks CAM Operations tree post (or repost)  a toolpath in order to launch NC Editor. Then once the editor has launched open the file I actually want to edit.  When I… (Show more)
in CAM
Brian Graves
This is a very typical operation for a router on sheet goods. I want to ramp to depth, cut around part with a .010 allowance, then lead in without retracting, and do the finish pass contour. Every time I try to do contour operations that are dead simple in HSMWorks I stumble and fall flat on my face.    Ramping to depth and doing a part contour… (Show more)
in CAM
Nikita Zuravliov
Hello, for 2 weeks i'm trying to make machining file for my detail but i cant due to lack of experience. and i dont know there to find it, because the simplest parts that are created in youtube cant help me. The last hope for student, that solidworks community will help.
in CAM
Ajit Mujumdar
Hello: I am trying to set up a tool path for laser cutting operation. I have added the tool Flat endmill to the TechDB and used AFR to detect Irregular pocket. Now when I generate the operation plan and toolpath, I see there are multiple passes of the tool on the rectangular pocket. I want the tool to go around only one pass. How do I do it? Any… (Show more)
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