• FOF dimensioning issue

    The more I'm trying to use FOF dimensioning the more I seem to notice that it has limitations.   Namely in my experience you'll see things going awry if you happen to use a dimension from one face of flange to a...
    Peter De Vlieger
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  • How to make/edit a flattened electrical route?

    My question is not flippant. How can you flatten an electrical route and edit the flattened route? SW help has maybe 20 words to say on these subjects - none of them beyond repeating what is written in buttons and men...
    Ken Lux
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  • Adding Slope to Pipe routing AFTER the pipe route is done!

    Hi all, i would like to ask how can we add a slope to a pipe segment after i finish that pipe route.    To be more specific, i finish a pipe route a few months ago, without any slope. My client just contact...
    Khoi Le
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  • Routing Library

    Dear All, Will any one or more of you like to share the routing library other than the existing solidworks Routing Library. I will also share the same with you. If any site like http://www.3dcontentcentral....
    Sandip Darveshi
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  • Routing Manager Extremely Slow

    Hey,   I'm trying to add a few parts to my routing library. I open SW, add in "Routing", then open the Routing Library Manager. Once I click routing and begin defining a new component, every button click r...
    Seth Haddix
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  • Solidworks keeps asking to re-import the from-to list

    Solidworks 2010 Routing   I have a routing assembly with two ring connectors and one wire.  I used a from-to list to create the harness.  It behaved well for quite some time.  Now it keeps asking ...
    Sandi Southard
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  • Modification of P&ID data in SolidWorks possible????

    I know we can use the P&ID data very succeessfully in SolidWorks for making the piping and tubing connections, but my query is if I want to make some modifications or generate new   P&ID data will it...
    Yash Bhaskar
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  • P&ID Videos

    Anyone knows good source for videos & tutorials about creating P&ID and how to import it into SolidWorks.
    Mohammad Darabseh
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  • Configuration publisher does not work properly on routing

    Heads up if soemone was having this problem as well.   I encountered this problem recently. The problem is that, when you have routing add-in turned on, configuration publisher is not displaying. It shows the st...
    Mladen Pavlovic
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  • End length adjustment

    Hi   I doing some tube routes, and noticed that I must of had the end length adjustment set to .400". But did not need any at all, and where the tube seats in the weld on flange fitting is now too long.   ...
    Jason Williamson
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  • How to add a non-pipe component to a spool?

    Anyone know how to add a non-pipe component into a spool? Is it even possible on Solidworks though?
    Khoi Le
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  • How to change OD of wires/cores and cables after routing?

    Using SW 2017. I'm getting weird extremely large OD and bend radius of my cables in a test assy I'm working on, to learn routing. Could be some messed up unit conversion, I don't know. Anyway, I'd like to change the ...
    Daniel Lovas
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  • Elbows will not change type

    Routing strikes again. I have almost a whole job knocked out, and they decided the pipe needs to be Sch 80 not 40 so I run through "Change route diameter" and switch to Sch 80. Worked great. Till I realized all of my ...
    Kyle Taylor
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  • Cannot Replace Routing Components

    So I'm designing a plumbing system for a customer and i have completed the 3D model but I looked back over their spec sheet and realized that all the threaded elbows need to be #3000 rather than the #2000 that I did m...
    Tyson Hueppelsheuser
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  • Routing Tube Fitting Part Validity Issue

    Hello, Quick background: SW CSWP, 16 year user, less than a year Routing user. Expert in design tables & Configs.    I have created a massive library of all of our parts, configured in sizes and m...
    Jaymes Kyle
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  • Pipe mass in BOM

    Hi, does anyone know why BOM is showing pipe mass in grams instead of kilograms in BOM. The routing part has set grams in options. However pipes are generated with mass set on kilograms.   Another thing is whe...
    Damir Galic
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  • How to do this in Piping

    Hi Guys,   I would like to ask you're expertized on piping. How do you start creating Routing with this ISOMETRIC. I can't tilt the flange in an angle position. How do you do it? see attach jpg
    Wehlee Arolf
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  • Upgrade to 2019 from routing prespective

    I know few of you folks already took this brave step. I wonder what is the ultimate conclusion, is it safe to do it? I have few complex projects I am working on and not yet fully completed and I am not sure whether I ...
    Patryk Halczak
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  • Rounding up wire cut lengths

    Anyone got any idea on how to roundup a cut length?   Got a bunch of wires running through some conduit and each comes out with a slightly different lengths - each to 2 decimal places. Was trying to figure out o...
    Peter Swan
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  • Routing Elbow with uneven legs

    Is there a way to create a custom elbow for routing that has uneven legs? Some sanitary fittings ie:Clamp x Weld elbows have different length legs... how can you create a functioning elbow for routing?   Thanks ...
    Kris Yates
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