• Elbows will not change type

    Routing strikes again. I have almost a whole job knocked out, and they decided the pipe needs to be Sch 80 not 40 so I run through "Change route diameter" and switch to Sch 80. Worked great. Till I realized all of my ...
    Kyle Taylor
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  • Cannot Replace Routing Components

    So I'm designing a plumbing system for a customer and i have completed the 3D model but I looked back over their spec sheet and realized that all the threaded elbows need to be #3000 rather than the #2000 that I did m...
    Tyson Hueppelsheuser
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  • Routing Tube Fitting Part Validity Issue

    Hello, Quick background: SW CSWP, 16 year user, less than a year Routing user. Expert in design tables & Configs.    I have created a massive library of all of our parts, configured in sizes and m...
    Jaymes Kyle
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  • Pipe mass in BOM

    Hi, does anyone know why BOM is showing pipe mass in grams instead of kilograms in BOM. The routing part has set grams in options. However pipes are generated with mass set on kilograms.   Another thing is whe...
    Damir Galic
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  • How to do this in Piping

    Hi Guys,   I would like to ask you're expertized on piping. How do you start creating Routing with this ISOMETRIC. I can't tilt the flange in an angle position. How do you do it? see attach jpg
    Wehlee Arolf
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  • Upgrade to 2019 from routing prespective

    I know few of you folks already took this brave step. I wonder what is the ultimate conclusion, is it safe to do it? I have few complex projects I am working on and not yet fully completed and I am not sure whether I ...
    Patryk Halczak
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  • Rounding up wire cut lengths

    Anyone got any idea on how to roundup a cut length?   Got a bunch of wires running through some conduit and each comes out with a slightly different lengths - each to 2 decimal places. Was trying to figure out o...
    Peter Swan
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  • Routing Elbow with uneven legs

    Is there a way to create a custom elbow for routing that has uneven legs? Some sanitary fittings ie:Clamp x Weld elbows have different length legs... how can you create a functioning elbow for routing?   Thanks ...
    Kris Yates
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  • Combine piping and tubing

    I do use piping routes and between 2 piping routes I do use flexible tubing. However SW does sometimes put up a fight me  when placing the tubing, with the following message:   Do any of you use flexible ...
    Marco Janssen
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  • How are grooved couplings (victaulic style) handled in routing?

    I am a seasoned SolidWorks designer and Admin but I am new to setting up routing, I am trying to set this up as I transition my company from AutoCAD to SolidWorks.  We use a mix of flanged and grooved components....
    Andy Casper
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  • Flex pipe route doesn't show up

    Long story short, I didn't load SW2008 on my computer until late last fall. My employer decides everything is working fine with it so they don't renew our SW contract this year in order to save $. So this month my com...
    Trent taylor
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  • Routing flange/pipe problems

    Hi, first time posting on here. I am having some problems with getting the routing library working properly. I have had to create a new library as the one supplied with Solidworks has nothing like we use at work. As f...
    Tom Burrows
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  • routingMultiple pins one Cpoint

    I am currently using SW 2018 Premium Routing and I am having a problem with creating a connector with a CPoint with multiple Pins. I have followed the instructions given in the SW Help documentation stating that under...
    emile nel
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  • Help with starting a route with NPT fittinigs

    I am trying to use routing, using the NPT threaded fitting supplied with SolidWorks. I used an extrude on a tank to create a half nipple that is welded into the tank by the fabricator.  I've been trying all day t...
    Thomas Huemann
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  • Routing Library Manager stopped working

    SW2019 the Routing library manager window opens blank for about 2 seconds then goes away. Cannot open within SW or outside the application at all. Anyone else run in to this issue?
    Kyle Taylor
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  • Multiconductor connector and multicable splice?

    I am using Solidworks Routing - Electrical (I do not own Solidworks Electrical, my routing is only part of the Routing Add-In) to create manufacturing drawings for custom cable harnesses.  My company designs, bui...
    Nate Hayes
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  • Where is the link for the SW routing manual that they use for the courses

    We have purchased SW Premium, specifically for the routing add-in. I have access to the customer portal, and have down-loaded the training course, however I can't find the book that goes with it. I would like to go th...
    Mark Jones
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  • multi pin multi cable connector, how to

    We use a lot of large (44 and 78 pin) custom made connectors here for avionics. These connectors often have multiple 2-wire, 3-wire, CAT 5 and discrete wires connected to them. I have the solid models in which I have ...
    perry leets
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  • Pipe Routing Assembly Pack and Go

    Hello I am looking to create a new pipe routing assembly using an existing assembly.  All of the parts (flanges, elbows, etc.) come from 1 library folder.  What is the best way to achieve this without modif...
    Miranda Corvera
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  • Making Custom Electrical Table

    Hi All, I am working on making manufacturing drawings for Cables using SW Premium Version 2018. I am mostly working on DWGs for cables and harnesses. I am using the "Create from FROM-TO List" feature to create these c...
    S. M. Abu Kasif
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