• Please Fix Routing

    I'm losing my damn mind right now. I have a fairly large route that was almost perfect... Well, I had to add in some splits for grooved connections and/or field welds. Now EVERY. Single. Piece... on either side...
    Kyle Taylor
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  • How to add a coupler to existing elbows in a pipe route

    pipe route Hi, I'm new to SW, basically self taught.   I have two things I'd appreciate some help with. 1. I have successfully created a 4000' non-orthogonal pipe route, with settings as shown below.  All...
    Janet Staddon
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  • How to add a pipe between fittings on existing route?

    I am trying to modify and existing route and add pipe between two fittings on a completed route. I need to move the pipe runs away from the tank and didn't realize that until the route was finished.   The only ...
    Paul Woodland
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  • Configuring Oil Hose in assembly

    Hello All, This is my first Question in Solidworks Forums. I want to create a flexible hose using routing. I have few limitations to design this hose   1. I have both the end connectors and they are same. 2. L...
    Kin Wong
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  • Flatten route with splices

    Solidworks seems to keep pushing how great splices are now in the electrical package using 2020; however, I am finding nothing but frustration when it comes to flattening a 3d manufacture and annotation route containi...
    Jason Lieving
    created by Jason Lieving
  • Electrical Routing Shows Only Sketch (But No Wires)

    I have an assembly in which I start a new electrical routing subassembly by clicking "Start at Point."  I then click "Add Point" to add three more C points.  After this, I click "Auto Route" and make the pat...
    John Henrie
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  • why my wire don't show?

    When I'm doing wiring in my SOLIDWORKS, dragging electric components and do an Auto Route then accept exit the sketch and exit sub-assembly. The wire don not show. what should I do in this matter? please help me.
    James Justin Barrios
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  • volume

    I am using Routing to build spools of plastic pipes and need to report internal volume of the spool. These spools contain pipes, elbow, reducers, tees, valves etc. Pipe lengths are already calculated and need to be ...
    Serguei Charamko
    created by Serguei Charamko
  • Schedules in Routing

    I am struggling to understand Schedules. In generic sets Schedules are in the configuration names and In $prp@Specification, when I configure template I cannot edit Schedule field and it's automatically filled by stri...
    Patryk Halczak
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  • Adding C point to part disables freeze bar

    Hey, found some bug. Adding routing C point to part, hides freeze bar (deleting returns it) I'm working on heavy files and very useful for me using freeze feature but with C point I simply cannot do this. More wire...
    Alexei Kositsin
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  • PDM & Routing

    Hello, I use this forum quite a lot when trouble shooting as admin. This is my first time posting. I've been tasked at my company with redoing our PDM system as well as the library. We do a lot of piping both PVC and...
    Justin Snyder
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  • 'Drag and Drop failed' Electrical Routing

    Please help..   I'm trying to put an PLUG-SMA connector onto female connector,  and got this error. please see picture attached   Thank you
    Do Brach
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  • Could anyone with some experience in using Routing in Solidworks please help me out?

    Hi, I'm trying to create a routing assembly using my my own parts but I'm getting the following problem   My elbows disappear, leaving just lines.    The pipe i designed was 25mm outer diamter and ...
    Benjamin Faulkner
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  • ROUTING: Is it possible to create and use a custom piping fitting with three different diameters?

    Hello! I'm struggling with an issue, let's see if there is something to do: Routing add-in doesn't seams to like when a custom component has more than two diameters. (three in my case, this kind of ''reducing tee'' is...
    Nicolas Duguay
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  • Routing component wizard gives an error after selecting type

    I'm trying to create an electrical connector using the routing component wizard, but whenever I try it gives the error "To progress to next step, please launch SOLIDWORKS and open a part first." The part file is alrea...
    Robert Olomon
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  • The missing 5% functionality: Routing

    Here are my suggestions for a new chapter of "The missing 5% functionality": The missing 5% functionality - All Chapters    Database/Settings Management How to select a default Routing Propertie...
    Sandy Scott
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  • Custom Route Assembly

    I built a simple gate valve adding two flanges from the ruoting library and wuth Routing Library Manager tried to make it a custom route assembly. Automatically it selected "assembly junction" (I 'don't know if it is ...
    Stefano Tiburzi
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  • metric pipe

    solidworks routing metric pipe in mm where how to convert to mm      
    Arif Akbas
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  • Yellow ''guideline'' after rotating a fitting in routing

    I have a strange problem. When I'm rotating a fitting in a routing edition, a yellow guideline appears, splitting up my route... How do I get rid of this? Routing appears to be very irritating, a lot of problem, very...
    Nicolas Duguay
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  • help file routing snafu

    Now that's a first. A regression not of the program but of the help file.   this in 2012 help files gives you this Not great. Not much detail but at least it hints to some things.   However, in the 2...
    Peter De Vlieger
    created by Peter De Vlieger