• SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten List – Last chance to submit your new ideas before Voting begins on December 16th

    Hello Everyone,   New idea submission will end on December 16, 2013 when we will transition into the voting phase (which will end on January 15, 2014).   Before the December 16, 2013 submission deadline,...
    David Hensel
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  • Routing Manual and library

    Hello: Can anyone pls tell me from where to get the routing manual? I just got the premium edition today and I'm pretty new to routing stuff. Also does anyonje knows where is the library of the electrical parts ple...
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  • Electrical Routing Enhancement request

    My company owns a license of electrical routing.  I have beentrying to go through the process of creating an electrical drawing,and I am extremely disappointed so far.  Granted, I amprobably approaching this...
    Mike Barber
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  • CircuitWorks - *.emn importation bug

    Hi I Have a problem with emn and emp files for import : all and circle radius are inverted Emn files are exported from protel 2004 I think Normaly the circular bosses on top and bottom must be drilled in...
    Nicolas Beguin
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  • Routing in Assemblies with multiple parts and space constraints.

    Good afternoon, I have started to use the routing command for the first time. Since I have no flanges I start with the start from point. I pick all the necessary sizes for the tube (diameter, wall thickness, stub leng...
    Bianca Trociewitz
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  • Stability

    Is it only us here or do others too suffer from a very noticeable diminished stability of the routing module ?   It seems to have improved with SP2 but it's still no where near where it was with SW2011 S2 (let a...
    Peter De Vlieger
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  • Connector Tables

    I am wondering if anyone knows how to modify the connector table template to show something besides the part file name in the header. I would like to have the part name be the connector custom properties descript...
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  • 2010 electrical routing and EPDM general fail with internal flattened parts

    Disappointingly, for already made routing subassemblies, there is no workaround or learning of a different procedure for checking in routing subassemblies with flattened internal parts into an epdm vault in the 2010 v...
    Kevin Corr
    created by Kevin Corr
  • Tag Numbers for Parts used in Assemblies

    Does anyone know how to add a unique tag number to a part that isused multiple times in an Route, I need the tag number exposed atthe BOM. I can not create an configuration for each time the partis used, I have an ass...
    Ross McEllhiney
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  • Solidworks-Routing

    can we generate parts list /MTO / BOM directly from P&ID
  • Piping Route not constructing correctly

    I have noticed a problem when cnstructing pipe runs, I say sometimes because this does not happen every time and it it quite baffling. I will start a pipe run by right clicking on a flange connectin point and sele...
    Clive Dorling
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  • Start route at point not working

    All,   Just a heads up for you early adopters who are running SW2011 SP0. When you "start a route at point" it no longer brings in a sketch/stub or populates the sketch with pipes.   The only workaround I'...
    Tony Greising-Murschel
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  • SW2009 SP2.0 ROUTING -virtual pipes and routes

    Andy, Please, explain why do we need the virtual pipes and routes? I copied from SW2009 Help: Virtual components are saved internally in the assembly file in which they are created, instead of in a separate ...
    Lana Antiperovitch
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  • Very Large Part file size created by Routing

    We have routing creating piping part files in the routes that are90MB these routes are very slow to open , I don't understand whythis simple piece of pipe is such a large file size?? The file has21 configurations in i...
    Ross McEllhiney
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  • Electrical routing tutorials

    I am new to electrical routing and wire harness generation in solidworks. Are there any useful tutorials on routing on the net regards Ashok
    Ashok Kumar
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  • Electrical Routing Tutorial

    Does anyone know if there is a tutorial available in the Solidworks Tutorials for electrical routing? I found one for pipes and tubes, but I don't see anything for electrical.
    Ken Brown
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  • Routing

    I am curious to know if anyone is using the routing API to automate pipe routes? Thanks
    Vincent Nesbitt
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  • Tutorial Routing

    Does anyone know if there is a tutorial available in the Solidworks Tutorials for electrical routing? Can be sites , ebook for download.
    Paulo Casari
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  • SolidWorks Routing - survey links to help guide development

    Hi Everyone,   We are requesting your input to help shape the development of Routing in SolidWorks 2012 and believe it or not we are working on this now.   We have emailed some people requesting input but ...
    Eric Leafquist
    created by Eric Leafquist
  • Component Orientation Electrical

    I'm new to using routing. I have created cable/wire library and am building a component library. Here's my problem. When I drag and drop connectors into an assembly to create a wire route subassembly, I can't orient...
    Guy Jones
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