• Tube Routing

    Hi    Can someone explain to me how the standard tube in SW has a hole in it?   In the sketch, it has an outer and a construction inner so how can the extrusion have produced a tube like cylinder as o...
  • Elbow piping routing problem..

    Hello, I want to create my own elbow on solidwork piping routing. I follow this tutorial to do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GL0cL7MxCqA     But I have a problem, with...
    Remi Durand
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  • Tube Routing

    Hi,   The standard tube in the design table has multiple configurations within the design table and when you click on each different one, the pipe changes as expected but then I opened the design table, altered ...
  • Zoom to fit issues

    Am I the only one who has a problem with this setting? I keeps turning itself back on. This is the most useless "feature" in Solidworks and just need to go away. Same goes for inserting a part into a part.  /ran...
    Kyle Taylor
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  • Microsoft Excel must be installed to access 'Design Table Check'

    When adding a part to the solidworks routing library, I receive this error message. This part has a design table and last time I ignored this message, the design table was deleted. Any tips? 
    Angie Ramseier
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  • Solidworks Routing

    More strange behaviour in Solidworks Routing     Why is the pipe turning at right angles?
    Benjamin Faulkner
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  • Is there any default settings which can make the notes without leaders?

    Every time when I flattened the route to make the drawing, the dimensions of the wire length were shown with leaders, so I changed the leader style under NOTES to "No Leader" manually and then saved, but all the leade...
    Alex Li
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  • Piping -  wall thickness changing

    Hello everyone. How can I change the pipe wall thickness in routing in existing assembly?  I tried to change the route properties -> base configuration, but it doesn't work.
    Piotr Badzynski
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  • change route diameter

    I can't choose routing path......,how to use " change route diameter " 。
    莠 茹 邱
    created by 莠 茹 邱
  • SolidWorks Addin P&ID

    Dear All,   We have created addin P&ID for solidworks. It contains 2d symbol library as per ISO standard & creates Intelligent P&ID digrams project based which can be tagged, modified & updated ...
    Sanjay Phadke
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  • Routing Component Creates Separate Pipe

    I use Solidworks 2019.   I've been using Solidwork's routing feature for months now. I've learned to play around its peculiarities and create functioning custom route parts that clip on to a route and continue t...
    Joan Madera
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  • Routing components - design table

    Is there some tutorial or documentation where it describes headers in table for design table. What are all possible headers for piping and what are they needed. For example I see some have $prp@Weightperfoot, Nominal...
    Damir Galic
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  • Ribbon cable does not appear in electrical BOM

    Hi, I have built a ribbon cable and made a drawing of it from the flatten route. When I insert the electrical BOM, I only see the configuration name of the cable ''Default'' in the part number column and nothing e...
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  • When routing starts to flip

    Have been using Routing now for close to 10 years. I have seen some improvements but it sure needs lots more TLC.   Just had the following happen :   On openingen a bit of routing I got to see this Alth...
    Peter De Vlieger
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  • More 2019 Routing Issues

    I've seen some weird stuff in my SW days, but this just takes the cake. Hopefully someone sees this. 2019 on multiple occasions has changed dimensions in a route. This is absolutely unacceptable by all means of the wo...
    Kyle Taylor
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  • Flattening a Cable With A Connector & Back Shell

    I have a question pertaining to flattening a cable route. So I have a cable with a back shell and connector on each end. One back shell is straight the other is 90 degrees. So I have connection points on the connector...
    Jason Henke
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  • Really ?

    Not a question, just an observation. And yes I know I'm pushing the envelope so to speak by creating a bend pipe but nevertheless.....   This is what I'm working on and what it shows while in editing mode Bu...
    Peter De Vlieger
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  • Solidworks 2017 Routing Tabs poorly designed?

    I noticed in the SW 2016 there was a drag and drop option for piping as well as electrical and tubing now only tubing has a drag and drop option and it just seems odd to me that they layout change has eliminated the d...
    Tyson Hueppelsheuser
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  • Routing parts with configuration publisher - config manager not showing up (SPR 748785)

    Some time ago i figured out that configuration publisher is not working with routing parts. When you create it, everything looks OK. Even when you preview it, everything seems in order. But once you save it and try to...
    Mladen Pavlovic
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  • Circuit summary table

    Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to edit the circuit summary table in order to have the pin ID of a connection point in the ''from'' and ''to'' column? For example, the table I built show the part name in...
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