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Tam Deo
Got a Morris coupler that connects to the ends of a components.The coupler is then connected to a hollow tube. The hollow tubing comes in several standard length. Thus, if the tubing is quite long, it will need intermediate Morris couplers.   In the Routing Component Wizard, what should I select for "Route Type" and "Component Type" to… (Show more)
in Routing
Benjamin Faulkner
Click to view contentHi    Can someone explain to me how the standard tube in SW has a hole in it?   In the sketch, it has an outer and a construction inner so how can the extrusion have produced a tube like cylinder as oppose to just a cylinder?  
in Routing
Michael Groenen
I've opened a file from someone else's project, and saved it as a different file name in order to make an edit to it without disturbing the original (which is in a number of drawings and assemblies). I replaced a few components before changing the hose to a different size/type whatever. Only now, the tube doesn't show up at all? I can see the… (Show more)
in Routing
Kyle Taylor
I'm losing my damn mind right now. I have a fairly large route that was almost perfect... Well, I had to add in some splits for grooved connections and/or field welds. Now EVERY. Single. Piece... on either side of these route splits have changed to Schedule 10.  There's no reason for this. Not one. My entire route is Schedule 40. The route… (Show more)
in Routing
Paul Woodland
Click to view contentI am trying to modify and existing route and add pipe between two fittings on a completed route. I need to move the pipe runs away from the tank and didn't realize that until the route was finished.   The only way I know how to move the elbows is to delete to coincident relationship at the connection point.     After that I do not know how to… (Show more)
in Routing
Kin Wong
Hello All, This is my first Question in Solidworks Forums. I want to create a flexible hose using routing. I have few limitations to design this hose   1. I have both the end connectors and they are same. 2. Length of the hose connecting both the end connectors is fixed. 3. I need this part with no external references & should be solidworks… (Show more)
in Routing
Matteo Quirino
Hello, I am struggling with the pin selection during a cable routing. After I have created the path of all the wires, I press "Edit Wires" and assign a wire to the path. When I select the first connector, the software allows me to select one of the PIN from a top-down field,so far so good, BUT then when I select the second connector the PIN… (Show more)
in Routing
Jason Lieving
Solidworks seems to keep pushing how great splices are now in the electrical package using 2020; however, I am finding nothing but frustration when it comes to flattening a 3d manufacture and annotation route containing splices. I have tried multiple scenarios using a test harness I created (see attached power point); everyone leading to the same… (Show more)
in Routing
John Henrie
Click to view contentI have an assembly in which I start a new electrical routing subassembly by clicking "Start at Point."  I then click "Add Point" to add three more C points.  After this, I click "Auto Route" and make the path that I want.  SolidWorks add the splines properly and I can see the wires correctly in the assembly when I am in the "Edit Route" mode. … (Show more)
in Routing
James Justin Barrios
When I'm doing wiring in my SOLIDWORKS, dragging electric components and do an Auto Route then accept exit the sketch and exit sub-assembly. The wire don not show. what should I do in this matter? please help me.
in Routing
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