• Unable to render animation with PhotoView 360

    Hi guys, I'm having an issue exporting an animation using the PhotoView 360 renderer. For some reason it will not allow me to select PhotoView when I go to save my animation. In fact, there is no drop down menu at all...
    Luke Scorsonelli
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  • Photoview 360, why does camera view goes off at exactly frame 100 when trying to render an animation video?

    I’m trying to render an animation video of a camera moving inside a closed aircraft cabin showing specific components on the seats. I have the camera and the lights all set up perfectly, animation video prepared...
    Ramez Mekhail
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  • PhotoView360 Failing to Launch after SW2020 Update

    Hello all, as mentioned in the title we just upgraded a few of our machines to Solidworks 2020. Immediately following this update we have been unable to launch PhotoView360 in any way. Clicking Preview or Final Render...
    Matthew Filippelli
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  • Solved: Final render not showing whole component

    Hi, I'm doing a college assignment designing a core mould for injection moulding. I have designed the core mould tool but when I try to create a render of it, the "base block" is missing. As such the render only sh...
    Graham Harrower
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  • Photoview360 render region not shown

    When I choose "Render Region" from the Photoview360 menu, the region normally appears in pink and I can adjust it.   However, for some reason, it has totally disappeared and I can't find a way of getting it back...
    Lindsay Wilson
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  • Missing decals in rendering

    When I render one of my files with decals the decals do not appear in the rendering. They are there in the part and they show up in the Property Manager but I can't figure out why they don't appear in the preview or t...
    Michael Graham
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  • How much radiance does a 22 Watt LED bulb give?

    I would like to use Solidworks to simulate the radiance of a 22 Watt LED bulb in a machine compartment.   The bulb is expected to give out 2000 lumens in a space of 3.8m by 3.8m (11.4 m2) with a height of 2...
    Jing Hui Thomas Lum
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  • Pause an in progress rendering?

    Is there anyway to pause an in-progress rendering and do something else in solidworks? As it right now Solidworks is completely unusable while a rendering is in progress and it would be nice to stop a render midway, d...
    Ryan Krauskopf
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  • Segmenting surface for application of differing materials

    Hi Having made a rudimentary model of a ship for presentation purposes, I'd like to color the thing. Now, the hull is made of two lofts; one for the aft section and one for the bow section. These lofts comprise sever...
    Kjetil Øie Kristiansen
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  • SW 2015 SP0...  Edited: How do I get PhotoView360 to render Over Remote Desktop connection?

    When I click Preview or Final Render, the preview window shows up for a couple of seconds then quits back to SolidWorks. Integrated preview does nothing. Just upgraded to 2015 SP0 from 2014 SP4, which was rendering p...
    Richard Barber
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  • Please help! Remove floor shadows or shadows that aren't on the object

    Hello: I'm using PhotoView to render a part that needs to have a transparent background without ANY shadows around the part (the part needs to be isolated).  Even with floor shadows turned off Solidworks renders...
    Garrett Bentley
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  • How to render absolute colors for a logo in PV360?

    Odd question for something I used to do all the time.  How do I get absolute colors when I render?  I have geometry for a logo in SolidWorks that would be faster to simply render at high resolution in black ...
    Jeff Mowry
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  • "Failed to Run Solidworks"....is there a bigger kick in the nuts?

    Is there anything worse and more frustrating than spending several hours scheduling a few hundred renderings only to have (for reasons i still can't figure out) PV360 "Fail to Run" the renderings (it's the mesage you ...
    Nathan Sanko
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  • PhotoView 360 Adds duplicate and offset components to assembly after rendering

    SW 2017 SP 5.0   Assembly loaded. Render in PhotoView 360. Now model has duplicate components from a subassembly. Duplicates are slightly offset from the actual components - all the same amount in the same direc...
    Ken Lux
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  • PhotoView 360 not working in 3013. I have deleted the CFG file to no avail.

    Hi All,   I tried to render this morning and none of the 306 buttons respond except for options. I have deleted the CFG file but this has made no difference.   What else can I try?   Michael
    Michael Lycett
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  • Photoview 360 Crashing

    Hello everybody, I've got Solidworks 2013 sp.3 x64, but when I'll push preview render immediately exit a pop up where solidworks crashes. I had try repair the installation of solidworks but nothing change. What can ...
    Enrico Todaro
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  • Using PhotoView to remove all non-visible parts

    [Newbie Alert]   My task is to convert this very detailed mailbox:   https://grabcad.com/library/united-states-postal-mail-box-1   into an object that can be used for animation. A YouTube video shows...
    Ramon Herrera
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  • features bleed through on final render for some textured appearances

    Example, in the render below you can see the shadow of a boss that is on the inside of the part.  The wall that it is bleeding through is not even very thin - it is 0.100" wall thickness.   Appearance: blac...
    Alex Rich
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  • Photoview 360 Batch Process - can this work with different configurations ?

    At the moment I have a task request which is as follows: Set up a few configurations of my model where there are some items with visibility on or off. This should result in a series of configurations showing the mode...
    Jed Ferreras
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  • visualize 2016

    I'm finding a lot of general flakiness using visualize 2016 sp1 with solidworks 2016SP5 and functionality that soesnt seem to work properly. It is pretty osuicure what is not available in std compared to the cost adde...
    Gordon Rigg
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