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Florin Lucian Catalin Dumitrescu
Hello, is it possible to download photoview 360 appearances, other than the preloaded ones ? I am running SW 2018 and I read on forums about downloading lxo files but it seems it is not available any more.
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Steve Kunz
Click to view contentTopic: Net Render Client SW 2013 - Is Not Running!   I have been excited to try out the new 2013 PhotoView 360 Net Render Client, I even put in a enhancement request for it over a year ago. Boy have I had to be patient after a process of over three weeks of off and on tech support and sharing my workstations (via GoToMeeting) with SolidWorks… (Show more)
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Axel Dahmen
Click to view contentHi,   from the editor I'm trying to figure out what a camera's rendering area will be, but to no avail.   I want the render image displayed below to be 1200 * 300 pixels in size, with the model right in the center of it.   How can I see from the editor window what area is supposed to be rendered? What is the meaning of the purple left and… (Show more)
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Dan D.
This has been asked but never answered. My rendered animation stops after 100 images all the time. On the 100 image it jumps to a different view and the camera stand still fro the rest of the animation. I use SW 2020 SP.2 When not using PV360 for rendering it completed the animation properly. With PV360 it never does. I made sure it… (Show more)
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Tom Brosz
Click to view contentA model that I successfully rendered under older versions of Solidworks is giving me trouble in SW 2020. The parachute, which shows normally in the regular display image (left) is missing chunks when rendered (right), either using Photoview, or simply selecting "Integrated Preview" from "Display Style."  
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Ron Bates
Apologies for the long delay since the last posting.  I really do try to get these up as often as I can.  And my mic input on my desktop is still out of commission so I'm still recording via my laptop mic.  Quality may not be great...   Anyway, this week I wanted to try and finish off a few points about backgrounds/environments and cameras.  … (Show more)
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Rob Rodríguez
If anyone is interested.......I've posted the presentations and supporting files for both mine and Ron Bates PhotoView 360 presentations from SolidWorks World 2015.  You can find them here.   Downloads - Axis Cad Solutions
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Julian Araneta
Click to view contentI have two front panels/doors of a piece of furniture I am rendering with the unfinished oak 2d material. I normally select the part in the tree, Edit Appearance, and apply the material - no issues, always works just fine. Sometimes if it doesn't render out, I adjust the mapping until it works (larger or smaller texture size, orientation of the… (Show more)
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Thomas Nielsen
Hello   I'm fairly new to Solidworks 2017, and have begun experimenting with the render function of Photoview 360. I have encountered a problem where the floor shadows (as seen in the Solidworks view window) are not showing once i render the assembly.    I have attached an image to show the shadow that i wish to render along with final render… (Show more)
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Matt Juric
Click to view contentI'm trying to get a meshed fence to work.   This is what I want and how it appears, sometimes, in the part.   This is what I get in the assembly.   ...and then after I view this and switch back to part I get this in the part. In order to get to go back to the first picture all I have to do is to edit appearance.   What am I doing wrong?
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