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Luke Scorsonelli
Hi guys, I'm having an issue exporting an animation using the PhotoView 360 renderer. For some reason it will not allow me to select PhotoView when I go to save my animation. In fact, there is no drop down menu at all as you can see in the attached screenshot. I have been troubleshooting all day and can't get it to work, I definitely have… (Show more)
in PhotoView 360
Ramez Mekhail
I’m trying to render an animation video of a camera moving inside a closed aircraft cabin showing specific components on the seats. I have the camera and the lights all set up perfectly, animation video prepared, solidworks animation works fine but when I try to render using photoview 360 by selecting a series of BMPs, it renders fine up until… (Show more)
in PhotoView 360
Sabine Van Der Werff
Hi all,   I have been trying to render a quite large assembly with only the cartoon outlines. This all goes very well, untill I try to export it as a png file. The striking part is that all renders with cartoon shading and renders with cartoon edges and shading export without any problems. I can also export it as a jpg file for example, this will… (Show more)
in PhotoView 360
Matthew Filippelli
Hello all, as mentioned in the title we just upgraded a few of our machines to Solidworks 2020. Immediately following this update we have been unable to launch PhotoView360 in any way. Clicking Preview or Final Render will result in the preview window opening for a split second, closing, and then nothing happens. SW does not crash, it just fails… (Show more)
in PhotoView 360
Graham Harrower
Hi, I'm doing a college assignment designing a core mould for injection moulding. I have designed the core mould tool but when I try to create a render of it, the "base block" is missing. As such the render only shows the tool face as if it were sheet metal and not a block of steel. Unfortunately the "base block" is important as it has a… (Show more)
in PhotoView 360
Chase Evans
Click to view contentHaving trouble getting to properly light my part on all sides. It will light the one side just fine, shadows and all, but on the opposite side it washes it out. Changing the brightness, ambient light, etc.. does not change this. I have moved the lights to point at each side the same way, as well as unlocked them from following the model so they… (Show more)
in PhotoView 360
Joao Neto
Click to view contentHello   I am trying to render substrates with layers of clear plastics or glass but when i use the flex feature the bending creates lots of refractions that make the image really bad. Is there a way of removing this effects? I tried changing all the parameters on the materials and lighting but nothing really changes it. The flex is on the top… (Show more)
in PhotoView 360
Lindsay Wilson
When I choose "Render Region" from the Photoview360 menu, the region normally appears in pink and I can adjust it.   However, for some reason, it has totally disappeared and I can't find a way of getting it back. When I DO enable it, and do a render, I just get a black screen.     Is there any way of resetting the render region?   Thanks!
in PhotoView 360
Christian Chu
Click to view contentAs adding an image for decal, I check the option to store the image to the file  - see below image I check the part into the Vault and others can open the file and seeing the decal ok However, when they try to render the part, SW always asks for the bitmap file?  
in PhotoView 360
Michael Graham
When I render one of my files with decals the decals do not appear in the rendering. They are there in the part and they show up in the Property Manager but I can't figure out why they don't appear in the preview or the final render. The decals are small. Could they be too small? Any thoughts?
in PhotoView 360
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